Those of you who listen to the Cubs radio broadcasts are likely already familiar with this fantastic series. All baseball fans should be.

The Voice of the Cubs, Pat Hughes, for several years now has worked in the off season to produce an audio series called Baseball Voices. The goal of the project is to preserve the legendary voices and calls of some of the greatest radio men baseball has ever heard. Red Barber, Jack Buck, Milo Hamilton, Harry Carey, and of course his long time partner Ron Santo, have all been immortalized in this way, as have several more.

To a great extent these broadcasters form the soundtrack of the national past time. They also, like the players on the field, represent a large number of lesser known broadcasters who labor in the minor leagues and never make it to a major league microphone, let alone to major league prominence. Baseball, more than any other sport, grew up on the radio. From the majors to the minors, it was radio that popularized the game. That means to some degree we owe the success and popularity of this sport to the men who sit behind the microphone and bring to life the game on the field, regardless of if that game is played before tens of thousands in the majors, or simply hundreds in the minors. I am glad to see the cream of that vast radio crop promoted through a project like this, and I cannot think of a better man for the job than Pat Hughes.

Scores From Yesterday

Iowa – Iowa’s offense came to play, but so did Las Vegas’s. The Cubs lost 14-7.
Tennessee – The Smokies enjoyed a day off on Monday.
Daytona – Daytona had yet another day off yesterday, but at least this one was scheduled. They will hope the weather allows them to resume play this evening.
Peoria – An eighth inning rally was not enough for the Chiefs. They lost 3-2.
Boise – A disastrous 8th inning led the Hawks to an 11-4 loss.
Arizona – The AZL Cubs pounded out 25 hits in this 17-7 win.

Performances of the Day

  • [Iowa] Tony Campana, the only Iowa hitter to enjoy a multi-hit game, finished this game 3 for 4 with two more stolen bases. He now has 12 in Iowa.
  • [Peoria] Yao-Lin Wang was effective through six innings. He allowed just three hits, but two of those hits were home run.
  • [Peoria] Jorge Soler was the only Chief to enjoy a multi-hit game. His 2 for 3 performance included his first Low A double.
  • [Boise] Willengton Cruz and Su-Min Jung both pitched well in relief for the Hawks.
  • [Boise] It was the infield that led the Hawks offense in this game. Third baseman Jeimer Candelario was 3 for 4, second baseman Gioskar Amaya was 2 for 5 with a stolen base, and shortstop Marco Hernandez finished 2 for 4.
  • [Arizona] Chad Martin struck out two in two hitless innings. Dillon Maples allowed two hits and struck out five over three scoreless frames.
  • [Arizona] Nearly every member of the Cubs had a good night at the plate. Albert Almora led the attack with five hits, including a triple. Carlos Penalver had four hits. Joining the three hit club were Trevor Gretzky, Justin Marra, and Shawon Dunston (who also tripled).

Other Minor League Notes

  • The Tennessee Smokies are in last place, but they are also only five games out of the playoffs. They can still make a run and sneak into the field, but they need to do it now. Their regular season ends on September 3.
  • The Boise Hawks have built a four game lead as the first place team. They may need that all of that lead when they hit the road for a long, eleven game road trip starting Thursday. The Hawks have had some trouble on the road this season, and that road trip will visit every other team in their division.
  • In Arizona, the Cubs remain in second place by half a game. However, they are the wild card team and lead the rest of that pack by five games in the loss column.
  • As these potential playoffs teams head into the home stretch, remember that you can listen all the games for all the Cubs’ minor league teams (except Arizona) for free online.
  • Fishin Phil

    “The Hawks have had some trouble on the road this season,”

    They need a better bus.

    • Luke

      That too.

  • generation y

    almora went 5-6!!! he’ll probably reach the majors in 2015

    • Luke

      He did go five for six, but it was also in a blowout. Putting too much stock in a single game’s performance is always dangerous, and all the more so when the game is abnormal like this one.

      • Brett

        Think Almora will get a taste of Boise or Peoria to end the year? I could see it.

        • Mike S

          I will be at the September 1st game: KC Cougars vs Chiefs. Hopefully Almora will join Soler there by then!

          • Brett

            Fingers crossed!

          • Chris

            My guess is he might see Boise. Then if he has a good spring, maybe he starts in Peoria. I think there’s a better chance we see Vogelbach during that last weekend series in KC. I haven’t seen the injury report yet, but I thought I read that Hoilman was hurt the other day. Perfect time to move Vogelbomb up another level.

        • Drew7

          Boise? I’d say it’s definitely possible. Peoria? I don’t see it.

          • Brett

            For those end of year cups, the difference between Boise and Peoria is pretty much non-existent – it would just be a matter of whichever spot they felt best about displacing another player.

            • Cedlandrum

              Next year should be a fun year in Peoria- Almora, Vogelbach, Amaya, Candelrio, Maples? Johnson and a ton of other good young players could start there.

  • Jeremy

    5/6 with a SB for Almora

    This kid is so exciting. He has my favorite skill set in the minors right now.

    Love seeing Maples pitch again. Wonder if they will give him a start or two at Boise before the year is over. He is pitching really well. Luke, do you have any idea if his mechanics have improved at all?

  • MoneyBoy

    Luke, Brett, AZPhil … anyone … How is Maples looking in these short stints? Motion, easy arm action, snap on breaking pitches?

    • Andy

      No one here will know the answer to that question I don’t believe. The AZL games are not broadcasted and usually only have a few people in attendance. The only guy I have seen that regularly attends these games is Arizona Phil over at The Cub Reporter.

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  • HackAttack

    Ugggggg, Hayden Simpson.

    Is there any hope for this guy?

    • AB

      Cubs should do him a favor and release him so he can get a fresh start somewhere else.

      • Jim L.

        I don’t understand this line of thinking from fans, it reeks of the previous regime, why not see if he can be used in relief or try to fix his approach. Just tossing him away is foolish, if he ever develops in another system, you’ll be howling that the Cubs gave up on him too soon.

  • Alou and Vinegar

    Pat needs to put out a cd on Jack Brickhouse. Harry Caray is always talked of as the voice of the Cubs, but that distinction really goes to Brickhouse.

    • Jim L.

      I agree, Brick was the guy in the 60s and 70s we all listened to…the Tribune marketing company effectively cut Jack out of the history of the Cubs. Then as an afterthought after Harry’s statue they erected that crappy “Hey Hey” sign on one of the foul poles.

  • North Side Irish

    Almora promoted to Boise today…excited to see how he responds.