Today’s game went a little more like yesterday’s was probably supposed to. Plenty of “good games” to throw around, from starter Justin Germano to Brett Jackson to Starlin Castro to Carlos Marmol (who looked rather nasty, in fact).

But there was a clear, and obvious star in today’s game.

  • rbreeze

    Thank god for the Astros! I know we would like the first overall pick next year. But it feels nice to win a series!

    • Diesel

      Thinking about that. For all of those clamoring for the number one pick next year, why do you complain about volstad so much? He is giving the cubs exactly what we need for the number one pick. Lots and lots of losses.

  • Mat B

    What!? No ponies!?

    • Brett

      Didn’t need ’em …

  • Zogie

    Advance Box Score
    The cubs played well today all around which helped them sail to another W. Germano pitched a great game today with 6.1 strong innings with 6Ks. Russell was not great out of the pen and had some luck on his side to get out of his outing. Camp and Marmol had a good outing out of the pen. DeJesus 4-4 2HR 3 RBI 1BB CS had an amazing game today. This is one game he will remember for a long while, a career day. He was CS on a 3-2 count (Hit-Run). Vitters 1-5 2K had another rough day at the dish. He expanded his zone a few times again today, but he is having better ABs here and there. Rizzo 0-5 2K had a rough day as well. He had one hit taken away from him, but he had a rough time laying off a few pitches. Soriano 0-2 2BB 1K did a good job getting on base. Castro 3-4 HR 2RBI 1K had a big day. He had a great approach today. He showed good selectivity resulting in a huge day. Valbuena 1-3 1BB played well, but he may want to avoid so many jump throws on defense. Jackson 2-4 13B, 12B, 2K looked good today, but he still needs to work on selectivity. He did not chase many pitches today, but he did take a few very hittable pitches. (An example) He took 2 hanging breaking balls in his second AB before striking out. Clevenger 0-2 2BB showed great patience at the plate, but I have not seen him make great consistent contact since the start of the season. Mather 0-1 K still can’t get out of his slump. I would rather have Cardenas or LaHair get PH opportunities. My shout out goes to David DeJesus. Amazing day for The Jesus. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @Zogie to talk anything cubs.

    • Flashfire

      Theo on the subject of Rizzo falling off in August: “Paging Dave Magadan. Please report to Boston West as soon as possible.”

  • TWC

    Wow. New EBSes are enhanced for the visually impaired, eh?

    • Brett

      If there’s a visual issue, I need to know. New computer = new software = me trying to approximate them from before. Details, please.

      Is it a size thing? Are they a lot bigger than before? Or grainy?

      • Sandberg

        The text is bigger, but I think it’s more readable.

        • Brett

          Ok, thanks – the blue text is bigger? How about the rest of the box score – pretty much look the same? (I checked on a couple computers, but couldn’t see a huge difference – but they were all Macs.)

          • HoustonTransplant

            The whole image is bigger, I think. I like it better this way, anyways. Easier to read.

            • CubsFan4Life

              I like the bold text enhancement to the EBS. It looks good and it definitely makes it easier to read. I think you should keep this bold font.

          • FFP

            Looks good on a droid. I guess the enhancement is a thicker line. Not so fine, but just fine.

          • TWC

            The actual box score is larger and slightly fuzzier, and the enhancement, too, is thicker. It almost looks like the whole thing is scaled up by 25-30%. I think it looks graphically a bit messier than it used to.

            • Brett

              The unfortunate thing is that it’s actually scaled way DOWN. The screen on the new MacBook Pro is so huge, and the resolution is so big that what used to be a 400×1400 type image is now as much as 1000×3500 (which has to be scaled back down to the previous size (and that’s after already viewing the source page as teeny-tiny)). I’ll keep tinkering.

              • TWC

                I put a comparison on the Message Board for you.

                • Brett

                  Thanks, TWC. That was perfect. (Now I just have to see if there’s anything I can do about it…)

                • TWC

                  Come to think of it, it looks like your browser is increasing the size and/or cramming the text together. The spacing between each of the stat lines is significantly reduced. Did change the way they show their box scores? Considering your EBS starting point, that would probably explain it.

                  • Brett

                    I think it’s because I’ve shrunk my viewing down considerably on the new computer (for the reason mentioned earlier – if I don’t, the box score is too big to even use in GIMP and then scale after using). Maybe I can find a happy medium where I do more of the scaling in GIMP, and less in the browser.

  • Matty V

    I’d love to see a few more quality starts from Germano. If he keeps this up he could be a nice back end of the rotation guy next year.

  • rcleven

    Cubs send 31 men to the plate today. 10 K’s.

    • bbmoney

      31 AB’s. But I believe with 7 walks they had 38 PA’s. Still 10k’s kind of sucks.

      Brett Jackson still struck out 2 times….

      • Drew7

        I couldn’t care less about 2 K’s when they come with a double and a triple.

  • someday…2015?

    Congratulations to King Felix on an amazing performance! I love Starlin but if Seattle was interested and needed to move Felix Thoyer better at least consider it.

    • Flashfire

      Yeah, Hernandez may have had the best of the perfect games, as funny as that sounds. I don’t think the Rangers could have gotten a hit off of him today. That curve ball was falling off the table.

      • Flashfire

        You know, he’s 26 years old and that was his 96th career victory, on a very average team. He’s a guy that might just be the next to join the 300 win club.

      • calicubsfan007

        @Flashfire: I thought that it was against the Rays.

        • rylan

          I think he is suggesting that not even the best offensive team in the league could have gotten a hit off him today.

          • calicubsfan007

            @rylan: Oh, that makes sense. My bad.

          • Flashfire

            That was in fact the point.

            • calicubsfan007

              @Flashfire: Sorry for doubting ya. (=

    • J R

      Well… Considering Felix is making 20 mill. the next 2 years and Starlin is making peanuts (in MLB terms), Starlin has WAY more value. It’s actually not even close. As good as a Felix for Starlin trade sounds, you have to look at the fact that Felix makes 50x more than Starlin right?

  • CF

    Fun fact…the last Mariner to throw a (CG) no-hitter was none other than Chris Bosio on April 22, 1993

    • Flashfire

      Think we can trade him for King Felix?

      • Hee Seop Chode

        Felix Heridia?

  • elizarudi15

    You can never go wrong with a Big Lebowski quote! I just fell out of my chair.

  • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

    Anyone think the Angels could have interest in Marmol? Their bullpen is in shambles and ownership is going all out. Could be risk worth taking.

    If i am Theo and can get a decent piece or two, given Marmol’s inconsistencies, I am moving him.

  • Segal27

    I was at the game today and i watched Brett Jackson very closely. The first time he came up he seemed some what unsure of himself, then after the triple he seemed very confident and it looked like he was comfortable which showed when he got the double. He still has some work to do on hitting some pitches instead of taking but I feel like he has improved a lot since he has came up. In the field he looked fine, no problems there. All in all it was a great day for Brett and hopefully he starts to heat up a bit.

  • Mysterious4th

    OMG Vitters got a hit!

    Wait…..add 2 more strike outs

  • Curt

    Brett I really do understand you have to make money for the site but really political ads not wild about that see it everywhere else , guess I didn’t expect here though it’s ok just don’t care for it.

    • Luke

      If you’re talking about banner ads, you may be operating under some bad assumptions. Websites don’t approve ads individually. They don’t really have much say at all over which individual ads run on their site, when they run, how they look, what they say, what they represent, or anything else (withing certain reasonable and legal standards).

      What websites do is basically rent out ad space to an advertising firm that then provides the ads when you load the page. Website owners, like Brett, can no more stop political ads from appearing in the banner spaces than you can stop them from appearing on billboards that line the road on your drive to work.

      • Brett

        This is the gist, unfortunately. And it’s election season, so folks in swing states will probably see more and more. Billz.

        • Leroy

          yup, like I said the other day, me being in England gives me all kinds of English adverts on bleacher report.

  • die hard

    AL teams are salivating over the Astros…meanwhile wait til we play a major league team and watch how well we do…at least the two new kids are playing

  • Drew7

    Just saw Almora went yard in Boise. It’s kinda sad having to look to SS-A Ball for solice, but I’m not ashamed.

    • Flashfire

      There’s more than Almora to take solace in with that team: they are absolutely stacked. And the AZL Cubs underneath them are just a step off of them. Most of the prospects will fizzle before Chicago, but if they can keep bringing that kind of talent in, this team is going to be just fine.

      And then there’s Javy Baez in Daytona… actually, let’s just ignore that for the time being.

      • Drew7

        Oh I’m well aware of all that, mainly just wanted to highlight the kid’s bomb.

        That said, it does make me a little sad having no elite prospects above A+. I know all about some of the good talent in AA (Watkins, Szczur, etc), but none of them are likely to be high-impact players.

        Next year will be a big year for a large number of guys currently in those lower levels.

        • Flashfire

          Yeah, we have a while to go. Realistically (as sad as it sounds), Houston is substantially ahead of us in their rebuild. Brett’s BCB bullets this morning pointed out that Houston had sent a letter to their season ticket holders pointing out their upper minors were doing quite well. The Cubs, unfortunately, can’t send out the same letter. We’ll see what happens this off-season and next season. Hopefully we can dump Garza next July for a haul. But, the long term prognosis is still pretty good.

          • Featherstone

            The difference is that I don’t recall Houston having a couple cornerstone players to build around like we do with Castro and possibly Rizzo/Shark. I know Altuve has shown a lot of promise but beyond that I can recall anyone else. Having a good farm system is great, but you can’t count on them to build around until they produce at the major league level. I would rather be in the find shoes than the astros.

        • Luke

          Do we count Vizcaino as being above High A? He’s been on the DL all season with arm surgery, but had he been healthy he would have been no lower than Triple A. And he definitely has the potential to be an impact guy.

  • someday…2015?

    Almora 2-5 and his 1st HR as a Boise Hawk tonight.

  • butlerdawgs

    glad I benched DeJesus this week

    • Patrick W.

      Yeah, I benched Felix.