As they’ve long been expected to do, Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Marmol have cleared waivers, allowing them to be freely traded from now until the end of the season (but, recall, a guy has to be on your roster by August 31 to be included on your playoff roster).

The report comes from Jon Heyman, fresh on the heels of the revelation that San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera has tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance, and will be suspended 50 games. The connection, obviously, is the Cubs’ desire to move outfielder Soriano, and the Giants’ now need for an outfielder. Unfortunately, Soriano has already doused that connection with his no-trade rights, previously informing the Cubs that he would not accept a trade to the Giants. Sure, it’s possible that he could change his mind (or be convinced to change his mind), but he was pretty adamant that he would not consider a West Coast team outside of the Dodgers.

In other words, I’m not sure there’s a whole lot to the Giants connection right now, but we’ll have to see what develops over the next few days. If the Giants are going to act – and if Soriano is going to change his mind – you’ve got to figure it’s going to be quickly.

Heyman separately reports that, prior to the trade deadline, the Cubs offered to pay down enough of Soriano’s contract to make him a $3 million per year player (he’s owed $18 million per year through 2014), but they couldn’t get a bite. It’s hard to figure why a contender wouldn’t want Soriano’s bat at that bargain rate, but maybe the Cubs were asking for the moon in prospects in conjunction with that offer.

As for Marmol, the Cubs will continue to monitor the market, as this whole waiver-clearing thing was merely perfunctory.

  • tom

    Theo– WORK YOUR MAGIC !!!!!!!!!

    • Atfinch

      Right. This is a big test for Theo & Co. It would be great to see, and I have faith in this regime, but this is a very tough task.

  • Flashfire

    So we’ve heard that Sori has already nixed a deal to the Giants. Think there’s any chance DDJ could clear waivers and would be a Sori-lite option for the Giants? If so, he picked the perfect day to turn into Babe Ruth.

    • Brett

      Yeah, I do wonder about that (and plan to write about it). I’m sure they’d have some interest.

  • tom

    KEEP DDJ– need some veterans, He is good for rookies !!~

    • Frank

      And remember the necessary prerequisite for any trade of DeJesus–his wife stays here. He can commute.

  • cubmig

    Trading DeJesus at this time would be a mistake imo. His glove, his at bats…..both have contributed consistently for a team lacking in both those areas. Building a team is one thing, but without exemplars for youngster to model in that process is shooting oneself in the foot. I hope the Cubs keep DeJesus.

    • Travis

      I have to agree with this, here is a guy who has performed well for the team on a regular basis without being a poison in the clubhouse. A young team could always use mentoring like that, even though he is slipping out of his prime (age 32). I’ll be interested to see Brett’s take on this option for the Cubs.

  • die hard

    no surprise on Cabrera either

  • Fastball

    Sori doesnt want to play in San Fran because the weather wouldn’t be good for his legs. Its a bad place to hit and play left field. Its damp cold. I dont like it out there either. California taxes are ridiculous that would be reasln enough for me to say no. I dont think its a deal Theo needs to spin because it will be Atlanta all over again.

  • Timmy

    I hate to say it but I called it on Dempster and Garza a while ago on here. They waited too long and were too unreasonably greedy on a return and had to scramble at the last second, losing in the process.

    Soriano in contrast is a decent guy and an average player paid at a team leader scale. He just doesn’t have a competitive edge. That’s why teams won’t take him at a bargain, even those with lots of prospects–no clutch, unpredictable, they just feel like they could do better. Truth is, though, he could help a few teams at this moment who could well afford him and wouldn’t have to rely on him.

    • Flashfire

      That’s not really fair though. Because they had an insane deal lined up for Dempster — it isn’t their fault that Dempster flaked out. And then the Garza injury was just bad luck. Could they have traded him earlier? Maybe, but according to Kaplan the delay had a great return lined up from Texas — until lightning struck.

    • baldtaxguy

      Wow, you called both Garza’s injury AND Dempster’s backing out of a deal with Atlanta? Nice job!!

  • Timmy

    Demsptergate. That guy’s a fraud who messed up the team he pledged to help and in the process jinxed Texas and ruined his trade value. Never trust a Canadian. :)

    • SFC-Cubbiesfan

      Dempster, seems to have been able tp talk the talk but not able to cash in on his promises, just ask his wife.

    • hansman1982

      oh god, this is going to turn into Josh Hamilton Part Duex, isn’t it?

  • Jp

    That’s awful but very funny this morning.

  • Assman22

    Giants also inquired about Marmol, not sure of their interest level however….

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