In the same vein as the Seth McClung signing, today the Chicago Cubs signed pitcher Horacio Ramirez to a minor league deal, and assigned him to AAA Iowa.

The 32-year-old lefty had been pitching well in the independent Atlantic League – 1.96 ERA over 36.2 innings – and the Cubs are need of depth at AAA thanks to a rash of promotions and injuries. Ramirez last pitched in the big leagues in 2011, and last pitched well in the big leagues back in 2008. He’s a strike-thrower type, but not a strike-outer type, walking 3.5 per 9, and striking out just 4.2 per 9, over the course of his career.

Not a lot here, but at least the Cubs will get a close look at him to see if there’s anything in the tank.

  • Njriv


  • Carew

    Any signing like this is a good signing in my book. Speakin of low risk deals, what happened to Kuo?

    • Brett

      Great memory. To my knowledge, he hasn’t seen any game action. Must still be trying to come back.

      • hcs

        according to bbref, cubs released him July 6th, after only a month.

        • Brett

          Well there you go. (And he hasn’t pitched anywhere else since.)

        • Carew

          Bummer. That would have been a great story if he came back

  • rcleven

    More insurance. Germano type filler. ugh.

    • Carew

      Well Germano seems to be doin well

    • Ben (BG2383)

      Yeah, not sure what more you wanted to see from Germano. He has far exceeded my expectations and filled in to the back of the rotation nicely. My opinion could be skewed because of how bad Volstad sux though

  • Luke

    Iowa is gather quite the collection of independent league guys.

  • cubmig

    The limited independent league stats you cite Brett don’t look bad. Any info on just what kind of offense hitters a pitcher faces in that league? Would it hint as “resurgence” hope type evidence or mean nothing at all?

  • Danny Ballgame


    • Carew

      Goes the dynamite?

  • die hard

    sometimes no deal is better than a deal like this one….promote from within and fill the bottom..dont clog up the top ….shouldnt be surprised I guess

    • Carew

      Or maybe the younger pitchers are not even close to being ready for their next big callup…and this guy has had success before

    • Drew7

      Tell us, oh wise one- which 18 yr old should skip 4 levels up to AAA?

    • hansman1982

      yaif only dick tidrow were GM the cubs would be signing Felix and CC on minor league deals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hee Seop Chode


    How does Independent League ball stack up competition wise? Low A? High A?

    • Luke

      Badly. It varies depending on the league, but it isn’t all that great in any of them. The best teams in the best leagues are likely around decent AA, low end AAA level. The bad teams in the weak leagues probably come closer to short-season caliber.

  • jacob


  • ripitrizzo82

    I like justin. Has better stuff than volsted

  • mdavis

    I used to work for the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs of the Atlantic League. basically a lot of former minor leaguers that washed out, and some old MLB players just lookin to play a little more. carl Everett for example. several guys get signed and usually go to AA. I’d venture to say most of those teams are AA type, with some as A+. just from my personal experience