The free, one-day fantasy baseball contest runs tomorrow, so you’ve got just a little bit of time left to sign up and select your team. Do it! You can win cash, have some fun, and support Bleacher Nation by doing it.

I just set my lineup, and, with it, I will destroy you. This time, instead of just blindly picking “superstars,” I gave heavy considering to the ballparks at issue. In fact, that was my primary consideration in my selections.

So, this is your reminder: sign up here, pick your team, have some fun, win some cash, and support Bleacher Nation. It’s easy. The games start a little after 6pm CT. May the best Brett win.

  • the jackal

    hey can any one join the fantasy game and if so i dont seee it on there

    • Cyranojoe

      Sorry, jackal, you’re ~5 hours late, looks like…

    • Brett

      Yes, anyone can join (subject to the exceptions noted in the original post). It should show up when you join.