I’m sure this was not the homecoming Travis Wood was looking for. The Reds hit him plenty, and, as I feared, the long-ball bit him several times.

And, as if that weren’t enough indignity …

  • Derrick

    Season is getting longer and longer Go Cubs Go

  • Zogie

    Advanced Box Score
    The cubs had their chances early, but they made a couple baserunning errors and fielding errors keeping the Reds in the game. Then, the reds’ bats got going and Wood was hit hard in the 5th inning. Bowden and Cabrera both had good relief outings, but it was not enough. DeJesus 0-5 ran into some really tough luck. He hit the ball hard consistently but right at defenders. Barney 1-5 had a great game defensively. Rizzo 2-5 had a good game and had a good opposite field approach tonight. Sotiano 0-4 1BB, 1K had a bad night. He had a big baserunning error early. Castro 2-4 seems to be coming out of his slump. He looked like the Castro of old with a solid up the middle approach. Valbuena 3-4 2B, HR, RBI had a great game. Look out Vitters, Valbuena wants some playing time. Jackson 1-4 2K showed some great baserunning skills, but you have to get on base to use them. Clevenger 1-2 2B, 2BB had a good game getting on base. Lahair 0-1 and Cardenas 0-1 K. The reds bats were too much to handle, and with the cubs weak offense, they could not keep up. My shout out goes to Luis Valbuena. Great Game by the kid. Feel free to follow me on twitter @Zogie.

    • FFP

      Thanks, Zogie. Hope it’s for a W next time. (Loved Wood’s RBI at least)

  • Mysterious4th

    Love the garza reference! Such a sucky game to watch, well except for valbuena’s bomb. And the catch castro made early on. He def is very smooth with plays he doesn’t have time to over think.

  • http://bleachernation.com ramy16

    Yes totally agree with ya Brett, Luis Valbuena had a great game…like i figured Travis pitched liked crap leaving the ball up, and in that ball park as we all know thats a no no! only thing we can hope for is a top 2 or 3 pick in this years draft!
    Is it me or has Adrian Cardenas fell off or what? He looked horrible at the plate! As much as i love Rizzo his base running blunder didnt help our cause or should have we blame Pat Listash for bad 3rd base coaching?

    • Zogie

      Rizzo did not have a blunder. Soriano overran second because he did not pick up Pat Listash.

    • Tim

      it probably doesnt help he gets 1 at bat a week either

  • Cubs1967

    gotta love that marshall trade! hey travis……..your on THE Cubs now!

    • farmerjon

      Go troll elsewhere dude, the season is a big enough bummer without you bummering everything all the time with your general bummerocity

      • Carew

        i like your uses for bummer

  • http://bleachernation ferris

    the ball wasnt up enough it was middle in the whole inning,other than bp that one inning it wasnt bad,same thing that volstad does,they cant get out of there own way..these guys dont throw real hard so local is more important and movement other than when it leaves the park would be nice….we still got a decent deal for marshall…wood has time to get better and we got two more guys who arent that bad in the system. right now lehair needs to play everyday period sorianos is taking ab’s from him and his thing isnt a pinch hitter…..sori would except a trade or sit if i were running this team(he’d then except a trade)and to interested teams on soris contract hey we pay 20 m for these prospects or 30 for those……it needs to happen an i wish sori well but he cant stay here…lehair has been relegated to spot starting an bench roll……rem. he was an all star he’s done nothing since,they seem to forget he’s still learning an still a prospect,he’s 29 not 36…he makes 450k not 18m………m2c

  • Carew

    BOWDEN AND CABRERA, and uh perhaps Valbuena…positives man positives

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    Castro seems to be out of his slump, which is great.

    I definitely don’t want to complain about Rizzo, but he seems to be hitting nothing but singles lately. Better than not hitting at all though, right?

  • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

    Only one big, eye popping game tonight from the minors. Dave Sappelt went 3-4 with 1HR, 1 double, and 4 RBI… Soler went 0-4 with 3SO in his return to the lineup. Baez went 1-4 with a run. Villanueva had two hits to bring his average to .300. Hendriks did ok with a line of 4IP, 3H, 1BB, and 2ER. He had 2SO. Lake went 1-3 with a triple and a walk. Vogelbach went 3-5 with a TRIPLE!!! Yes he made it to third! Almora had another 2 hits, one being a double going 2-4. He is now 6-14 in his first 3 games since being promoted. The Boise Hawks got one hell of a team!

  • Shawn H

    One account I read, said it was a standup triple for Vogelbach.

  • cub2014

    can vogelbach play leftfield. at least as good as soriano?

    • Chef

      Maybe in a little league ballpark, but there’s no way he has the range to be anything but an embarrassment at the major league level. He’s a wide body with one tool. Hopefully that tool can be developed enough to make him useful as a trade add on next season.

      • Scotti

        Vogelbach isn’t an OF but your post is wrong on so many levels.

  • Doug Dascenzo

    It’s gotten to the point where I’m paying attention more to the progress of our minor leaguers than what the big clubs is doing nowadays.

    • Chris S

      For intents and purposes, our Big League Club IS a minor league club these days, no? Okay… maybe AAA 1/2? 3/4?

  • cub2014

    vogelbach would probably be iffy in outfield, but in scouting reports they had him listed as IB and secondary as OF (thats when he weighed 288lbs). he does have 3 triples in 190 AB.
    he can hit! have you seen his 30 homers in home run derby and the 510′ homer he hit.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      It’s not even iffy. Vogelbach is not an outfielder.

      • Eric

        In any case, if he keeps proving himself, in a couple of years if he’s at AAA at 1B then we will have a very nice trading chip to fill a hole elsewhere.

      • cub2014

        it will be interesting to watch vogelbach’s progress over next couple years.

      • http://bleachernation ferris

        then your saying 1b or nothing…..he’s 20 he can learn jus because someone is stocky doesnt mean they cant play the o.f.,I plaid it and im bigger than he is so I dont understand all the neg. about him playing o.f…..that bein said..is the plan to trade him or rizzo then?we dont have to worry bout it for at least a yr or so but still if you dont try him in the o.f. thats the alternative.but what im saying is if you have two fast o.f. then he could handle it imo..(gwynn,played o.f. kruk did at one point,ruth did,dunn did,there have been several is what my point is) id hate to do what we did in the past (palmero traded)when he was in left an grace at first that woulda been nice to have both all those yrs…jus sayin

    • hansman1982

      vogelbach seems to be the opposite example of Campana – 1 tool that is potentially exceptional but he doesn’t bring anything else to the game.

      One thing to be wary of is stats in leagues like Rookie and SS-A. They can easily be skewed by pitchers who are barely hanging on to pro-ball, small stadiums, odd scoring decisions, etc… It is good to see his power is there, but before we annoint him as the 2nd coming of Prince Fielder/Babe Ruth we need to see if he can keep the AVG/OBP up as he gets promoted.

      • Scotti

        Sigh, Vogelbach has two MLB plus tools (IMHO both are plus, plus) in power and batting for average (for me his hit tool rates above his power tool) and one MLB fringe average tool (speed) that could actually improve (unlike the vast majority of dudes like, say, Soler who will likey add bulk/drop speed, Vogelbach with conditioning, could drop bulk without affecting his power).

        The issue with Vogelbach isn’t speed but, rather, stiffness. Think Fred McGriff and then multiply that by a factor of three. He throws funny. He fields funny. Maybe dropping more fat, taking yoga and Pilates and doing every hand-eye trick in the book could improve his defense. He has such incredible hand-eye coordination with the bat that one would assume that he could become a very good fielder with massive defensive reps at game speed. His neural pathways must function the same as other human beings.

        • ferrets_bueller

          David Ortiz.

          • Scotti

            I like that. His swing doesn’t look a thing like Ortiz (he really does look like any of Kruk, Prince and, yes, Ruth when swinging (depending on the situation)). But Ortiz really has the two skills and has had to work hard to stay on the field.

            • ferrets_bueller

              I think Prince is the perfect comparison, swing-wise.

              Which is downright scary. So quick, short, and powerful.

              • Scotti

                He really does have three different looks. The HR durby swing is all Fielder. The loft, violence, even down to the look on his face. I’ve seen some of that in game video as well but mostly those durby tapes. In game you get the Kruk swing to left where he’s going with the pitch–not driving it (though he does have power to left) but just going with the pitch. The mechanics of that entire swing are Kruk’s. He also, very literally, has the mechanics of Ruth’s swing down pat (pulling to RF). I’ve seen thousands and thousands of pro, minor league, college, high school and little league players. Never seen anyone even TRY the Ruth swing. No load. Flick the wrists. Keep both hands on. No legs. Complete turn at the waist. Even getting out of the box. Ruth down pat.

  • Ben (BG2383)

    Kevin Goldstein was asked if Vogelbach could make it as a corner outfielder and he said there wouldn’t be a small enough corner…..I realize he isn’t always right and can be kind of a jerk but thought I would throw that out there….Law also said Vogelbach is only a DH in his eyes

    • hansman1982

      If he provides an insane amount of value at the plate (enough to more than make up for the lack of range) then he could be placed in a corner outfield spot, but that would have to be an insane amount of production at the plate.

    • ssckelley

      He is only 19 years old and has only made 2 errors in 42 minor league games at first base. Calling him a DH already is insane.

      • hansman1982


        Soriano has 0 errors, Castro has 18. Who is the better fielder?

        • ssckelley

          Comparing an outfielder to a shortstop?

          To funny!

          • hansman1982

            Ok, fine, ignore the larger point of my post.

            Derek Jeter has 8 errors, Castro has 18. In 2008 and 2009 Theriot had a combined 29 errors at SS (which Castro had last year).

            Which one of these three players would you rather have for defense at SS?

  • Ben (BG2383)

    Is the 12pm game on TV? I cannot find information on it.

    • Ben (BG2383)

      sweet, the first game is slated to be on CSN

  • http://twitter.com/cubsfantroy @cubsfantroy

    Glad I had to miss this game. I won’t even bother watching highlights of it, if there were any.

  • Stu

    Do Cub fans have the stomach for another year like this? If they don’t sign any FA, is this it?

    Don’t discount how empty Wrigley Field will get with $100 ticket prices. Don’t you RA RA types get a little tired of rationalizing the product out there?

    • hansman1982

      Nope, not in the slightest.