[I’m somewhat out of pocket today, and the EBS’s for today’s double-header will likely be delayed until tomorrow in one, combined, super-EBS.]

According to Enrique Rojas, the Chicago Cubs and Starlin Castro today agreed to a seven-year, $60 million extension, with an additional option year for 2020 worth $16 million.

That report hasn’t exactly been refuted, but Castro’s agent won’t confirm that things are done. Fair guess? It’s done as far as the agent and Cubs are concerned, and it now just needs Castro’s sign off.

I’ll have more on this once it becomes official, but, right now, it looks magnificent. Castro gets a ton of cash guaranteed, and the Cubs lock him up through his age 29 season (with an option (presumably a team option) for his age 30 season, which, given the changing landscape of salaries, could be a steal by then). The deal buys out his four arbitration years, and three free agent years.

  • nkniacc13

    biggest thing they get is cost certainity at a premire position

  • Luke D

    Cassie’s family can eat now.

  • Carew

    I love this

  • Featherstone

    What a great deal for both sides. I know most of us have been clamoring for a long term extension for Castro to cement him as a cornerstone of our franchise. This year he took a big step forward in his defense although he still makes mistakes like any other 22 year old would. Im thrilled to see the Cubs make the commitment to Castro in terms of dollars and length while also its great to see Castro leave money on the table for the team that drafted him.

    Quick question, anyone have an idea what he would have garnered this off-season through arbitration should it have went that route?

    • dw8

      I’m pretty sure that the first year winds up being 20% of his value on the free agent market so if he finishes the season at 2.5 WAR it’s pretty safe to assume that his first year arb salary would be between 2.25-2.75 million.

      • dw8

        pardon me its 40 percent so between 4.5-5 million conservatively.

    • King Jeff

      Jeter topped out at 5 million for first time eligible shortstops, that was almost 15 years ago. I think Castro would have topped that if he was allowed to hit arbitration.

      • dw8

        That’s possible. Although that 5 Mil Jeter got was after seasons of
        bWAR of

        Castro’s so far

        • Scotti

          Castro was up for only a partial season in his rookie year and, IIRC, younger than Jeter to boot.

  • dw8

    source: http://www.insidethebook.com/ee/index.php/site/article/arbitration_rule_40_60_80/

    Castro’s estimated arb payments (based on 2.5 WAR seasons)
    2012 4.5 million
    2013 6.75
    2014 9
    2015 more than 9 million

    extremely estimated

    • Featherstone

      Castro put up a 3 WAR season last year due to the strength of his offense.


      He’s nearly put up a 3 WAR this year, but half of the contribution is coming from his defense. Which shows a lot about the improvements to the defensive side of his game which was expected with age and experience.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Is it just me or is 7 yr. at $60mil a steal for a young, good hitting SS!! As long as he performs up to expectations, or over .300 and .330-.340 obp and 15-20homers a year hes worth every penny!

  • Flashfire

    It’s not just you. But not completely out of line with what similar contracts for similar players are going for. This is a ton of money for Starlin, and if he lives up to expectations he can still get the $250 million deal at 30. If he doesn’t, he still has $60 million. I’d happily take that as a 29-year-old.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    haha i really hope there is not a no trade clause included lol. Im done with having to deal with that stuff as a fan

  • Kevin

    Does anyone know if Castro’s contract includes a no trade clause?

    • Timmy

      hah funny

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    I doubt it but he I think in the last year he will earn 5 and 10 rights which is crazy because he’ll only be 29-30 years old

  • TKO

    I like this deal as long as that option isn’t a player option. I would erase the term “player option” from the Cubs’ vocabulary if I could.

  • IndyCubsFan

    Great question, Kevin! I was going to ask the same thing!

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    I think its possible that he would get a no trade clause included but it would most likely a partial no trade clause to a couple teams. For example if he really does like Cleveland (Who does lol? Sry joakim noah joke.) he could have that as one team and then maybe dodgers, Yanks, BoSox? You ask why those major city teams? Because they are the teams that are always expect to be in contention and he could squeeze a couple extra dollars from them or the cubs to go there. A lot if players have partial no trade clauses, Justin Upton for example, has a no trade clause to the dodgers, yanks, cubs, BoSox and a couple other teams

  • Kevin

    I certainly hope it’s the Cubs option too. Overall, appears to be a decent contract for both sides. Regarding 5/10 rights it’s only in the last year so that’s not bad either. I hope the FO never agrees to a NTC, that just paralyzes the team.

  • Gabriel

    For those concerned – the final $16MM option will NOT be a player option. It is reported to be a Team option and a worst-case scenario would make it a mutual option. Also, I would be stunned if they gave him a full NTC but I’d be somewhat surprised if he didn’t get a partial NTC as a show of commitment to him as our long-term SS.

    Any way you slice it, this is probably will be viewed at the end as the greatest Cubs contract since Hendry took over & its the first true long term commitment that Theo & the new regime have made. I could not be happier!

    • Scotti

      In don’t think that this contract could possibly hold a candle to the contract when Hendry first signed Castro.

      • Gabriel

        LOL – well I meant MLB level signings but yeah, Starlin for $5K can’t really be topped.

  • Tommy

    Love this deal. Any idea if a player can relinquish his 5/10 rights if its written into the contract or not?

    • Dave

      Carlos Lee’s contract contained a clause that game him a partial NTC that superseded 10/5rights, its why he couldn’t block the trade to the Marlins but could still block a deal to the Yankees after going to Miami.

    • Scotti

      I seem to remember it happening but they rarely do.

    • Flashfire

      Doesn’t make a ton of sense to worry about 10/5 rights with this deal. Castro’s debut was May 7th, 2010, so 10 years will be May 7th, 2020 — or in the option year of this deal. It’s any potential extension to this deal where 5/10 will become important.

  • Harry Ramirez

    Dave Kaplan says no no-trade clause.

    • Flashfire

      I believe this, because Theo loves his flexibility. (Let’s say a Jurickson Profar-esque talent suddenly lands in the Cubs minor league system in the next few years, in 2018, he will be the starting shortstop, and Theo will want to be able to move Castro for maximum return.)

      However, there’s an implicit no trade clause here for at least the first few years. These types of deals are becoming very important to teams looking to compete in today’s baseball economics. One of the reasons Castro took this is because he wants to play on the Cubs and build a life in Chicago. If Theo turned around and traded him tomorrow, when they approach Rizzo or Baez or Almora or fill-in-the-blank with a similar deal, the response would be something about “long walks” and “short piers.”

  • http://bleachernation.com ramy16

    Way to get it done Theo! Hes doing it the right way “Cubs Way” now when is Rizzo ready? Now we need good pitching!

    • Flashfire

      Doesn’t make any sense, IMO, to give Rizzo a deal like this yet. I think he’s going to be great, but let’s see where his numbers are in a year. He’s been struggling for about a month; if this is the real Anthony Rizzo, no need to lock $60 million up on that. Even if he was still ripping the cover off the ball, you want him to do it for longer than two months before opening the checkbook.

    • Quintz

      May want to let Rizzo counterbalance that horrendous 1/2 season (which I’m confident he will) before we open up the vault. I love the guy, but he’s still a .232/.313/.381 career guy.

      • Carew

        You cant really say Rizzo is a .232 hitter yet…i believe you haveta play at least 2 years, maybe 3…

        • Carew

          I meant as in career..

  • koyiehillsucks

    Awesome! I think its a great deal!… If he is as great as I think he will be resigning him at 29 years old is not bad at all.

    Let’s hope he lives up to his potential!

  • Curt

    great for the cubs, but really what has Castro done to deserve this contract I think his offense has regressed a little, his def while spectacular at times is erratic also and has mental lapses , I guess I have mixed feelings about the cubs giving this kind of money to Castro.

    • Mitch

      Name me two major league shortstops you would rather have then Castro for the next 7 years.

      • Flashfire

        If I can go minors, I take Jurickson Profar without a second thought. Majors, can’t think of anyone. Maybe Andrelton Simmons and Elvis Andrus as sidegrades.

        • Mitch

          I figured he would be brought up hence the majors part but he hasn’t proven he can play at the majors so that would still be a gamble. Simmons and Andrus won’t have near the bat as Castro, maybe better defense but I will take the stick that I feel defensively will keep getting better. Castro is also younger then Simmons, just crazy for a third year two time all star ss.

          • Flashfire

            I think the ceiling is lower, but so is the floor (all 3 are still developing). That’s why why I called them sidegrades.

            If it was a forced either/or, I might take Baez or Machado over Castro, but since you can in fact push Baez over to third, that’s the clear choice.

            • Flashfire

              that should say the floor is higher

        • Jeremy

          Why would you take an AA level SS over a two time all star SS who’s only 22?

      • Quintz

        Andrus……maybe…..then……….I think you made a good point.

        • Mitch

          The only one I was really thinking of was Tulowitzki, still young but has had injury issues.

    • Jimmy james

      Honestly the regression may have led to the deal…..made the price more acceptable to the cubs

      • Jeremy

        What? If he had taken off to another level this year he still would have gotten an extension.

  • Timmy

    A good deal for everyone around; a 16M club option is nothing to sneeze at, and by then it’ll either seem wildly overpriced or a steal. We should finally be a “500” team by then too.

    • PRcajun

      The way things are going 16M may be even a bigger steal in 2020…assuming he progresses rather than regresses.

      I tip my hat to all the parties for getting this done. That makes him a key part of the “future” we all are expecting/hoping for once all the pieces are in place. Who’s to say Castro wont be playing elsewhere (maybe 3rd) when other pieces (maybe Baez) come up? Or vice versa.

      At the very least, this sure takes a different approach than what we were used to with the old FO.

  • Flashfire

    Soler has another home run in Peoria tonight, in a 3-for-3 night (so far). Great game by the Cuban Missile Launcher.

    • PRcajun

      ^^^I like this nickname

      • Flashfire

        Yeah, I was pretty proud of that one.

  • http://bleachernation.com RicoSanto

    Te Cubs are set for number # 7 , # 8 , and # 9 starters.That is what Wood, Raley and Volstad are. Plus our pen also stinks. I watched KC pen it is awesome as most MLB teams are. We need 3 or starters and 3 or 4 bullpen pitchers. This is not even a good AAA team staff !!!!!!

    • mudge

      “We need waves and waves of pitching.” A tsunami sandwich of gangling twirlers.

    • Flashfire

      Epstein has been in charge less than a year and has brought us: Rizzo, Johnson, Soler, Vizcaino, Almora, and Torreyes. Among others. Really, some patience will serve us well here.

  • Twiz

    Soler 4-5, HR, 2 RBI, 2 R, SB. Average up to .391

  • CrazyHorse – wow

    Big Theo— Great contract . Dumb agent .The only way this becomes an issue is if Castro wants to wear a gorilla suit (he cant be that dumb). Best Move by Big Theo all year . Rizzo was good but I like this contract better.

    • Flashfire

      It’s a good contract, but don’t slam the Agent too hard. He got his client a guaranteed $60 million, perhaps as much as $76 million, and a run at the REAL money while Starlin is in his prime or a year or two off. This was well done all around.

    • Featherstone

      Guaranteed money is also a big part here. Yes Castro left some money on the table, but just like any athlete he’s just one major injury away from making significantly less. Having this kind of money in the bank is huge, especially from someone coming from very little.

    • Flashfire

      Just looked up McCutchen’s deal: 5 years, 51.5 million, with a $14.75 million club option for the seventh year. So, Castro’s agent took one more year off the market (younger guy, so it isn’t as big a deal) for $9 million more guaranteed and almost $10 million more over the life of the deal.

      This is just how business is done these days.


    Love the signing. Castro is the player we need to build this organization around. We need to go after quite a few starters this offseason though. The lineup will improve over time as guys like Almora, Sczur, Soler, Baez, etc have a a chance to crack the lineup.

  • Flashfire

    Turns out the signing was just a smoke screen — Theo actually traded Starlin tonight. The good news is we got a starting pitcher in return. Name is Ernie Broglio — he won 20 games a couple years ago. Looks like a steal.

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      I truly am beginning to think people have become less intelligent as the season progressed.

      • Carew

        or a joke perhaps?

      • Fishin Phil

        Mirror, Mirror, on the wall….

    • http://twitter.com/cubsfantroy @cubsfantroy

      haha that got a good laugh out of me.

  • PKJ

    Interesting that they got this deal done while his offense was waning. I imagine that if this deal were attempted back in March, it might be $75 mil. I’d be interested to find out which side approached the other.

    • Eric

      That’s the teeny tiny little secret Hendry didn’t get. He sometimes signed and went after people when they were popular and traded some guys too late. Buy low sell high, it’s a really simple concept that works for every business. You have to sign guys when ppl say “WTF man he’s crap right now” and you have to trade guys away when ppl say “WTF man why trade him”. If the media is praising your moves you are likely doing it on the wrong end (the high end).

      • Scotti

        Any fair assessment of Theo’s days in Boston show that he signed and re-signed the guys he thought were good regardless of high/low principle. If he followed high/low he would have moved David Ortiz after having bought low. Instead he extened him. Many, many examples of Theo NOT following buy low/sell high.

        • Eric

          Not quite the point I was trying to make. You don’t ALWAYS sell high. I just meant that as a general comparison to Hendry. Ofcourse right now Theo is doing alot of SELLING high because he is rebuilding a team. He never had to do that in Boston.

  • alsongs

    I’m buying up sunflower seed stock

  • paul

    thank you FO

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