Report: Castro and Cubs Agree to Seven-Year, $60 Million Extension

[I'm somewhat out of pocket today, and the EBS's for today's double-header will likely be delayed until tomorrow in one, combined, super-EBS.]

According to Enrique Rojas, the Chicago Cubs and Starlin Castro today agreed to a seven-year, $60 million extension, with an additional option year for 2020 worth $16 million.

That report hasn’t exactly been refuted, but Castro’s agent won’t confirm that things are done. Fair guess? It’s done as far as the agent and Cubs are concerned, and it now just needs Castro’s sign off.

I’ll have more on this once it becomes official, but, right now, it looks magnificent. Castro gets a ton of cash guaranteed, and the Cubs lock him up through his age 29 season (with an option (presumably a team option) for his age 30 season, which, given the changing landscape of salaries, could be a steal by then). The deal buys out his four arbitration years, and three free agent years.

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