Chris Rusin’s debut was, on the balance, quite successful. (You know, even though he was most of the Cubs’ offense.) You’d like to see him go a little more than five innings, but a nice start.

There weren’t many hits to be had tonight, but the Brewers got most of the ones that mattered. The Cubs did that 9th inning teaser rally thing that I’d thought they abandoned months ago.

But the Brewers managed to lock it down with some serious managing.

  • Joepoe321

    1st comment!

  • Alec

    Isit me or is cabrera like a clone of marmol with better mechanics.

  • MightyBear

    I thought Chris Rusin looked pretty dam good. If I’m running the Cubs, I give him starts the rest of the way.

  • BluBlud

    This is where the Win/Loss rule sucks. Rusin gets an L, despite the fact he only gave up 1 run and his team scored 2. I understand the current rule, I just don’t think it makes since.

    • Flashfire

      They should stop tracking them.

  • Spencer

    I honestly can’t even watch this team anymore. The young players aren’t even playing well. What fun things are there to see?

  • Dustin S

    Rusin looked pretty good I thought, very Maholm-like. I’d run him out there before Volstad or Casey Coleman for sure if given the choice. The throw by Rizzo to get the lead runner at second was also a minor defensive play but good to see in a game of few highlights. I know it’s grasping at straws, but plays that show good decisions like that stand out for me this season.

    And on the Garza 60-day move, the big positive is that it saves us from an offseason of trade rumors on him. If he’s traded it will be at the 2013 deadline. Although it’s technically possible, I see pretty much no chance of it this offseason or even early 2013. Any other team will want to see him throw without health problems in regular season games for awhile before making an offer.

  • Jeff1969

    When was the last 1 hitter debut for a Cubs pitcher? Didn’t Jeff Pico debut all crazy good too?

  • Jeff1969

    Answering my own question, Pico debuted with a complete game, 4 hit, shutout win vs. the Reds.

  • Robert007

    I don’t understand Cubs managing. Rusin was ONLY around 80 or so pitches. and he had gaven up 1(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) freakin’ hit! He’s been a starter his whole career in the minors, jeez.

    • Diesel

      They were probably hoping to have that sucessful bit of pitching and then let the bullpen take it from there so he could exit feeling confident as opposed to running him out there for another inning or two and getting lit up. Might have been one of the better managing decisions made this year.

    • hansman1982

      and I bet in his minor league starting career he hasn’t thrown much over 80 pitches in a game

  • steve

    I too like what Rusin did pitching tonite. I’d like to have seen a few more innings out of the kid,however he pitched well enough to merit a few more looks. In fact how about we just give Rusin all the remaining starts we’re gonna hand to Volstad. Hell even Raley. I am intrigued by all of our young left handed pitching we suddenly have at or near the majors. Rusin, Raley, & Wood all look like solid types for the rotation. Wood has the most experience, hopefully he’s using all these starts he’s gotten this year to take a whole big step next season. Rusin could possibly surprise, as the same can be said for Raley

  • steve

    I also want to say we have some promising left handers in relief we’ll be getting more looks of. Hinshaw is one guy,but really just a guy. From what i read he has good stuff but his command isnt always there. Nonetheless with his ridiculous strike out rates, he cqn be a possible lefty in our pen next year, we’ll see. Scott maine is similar to hinshawwith his strikeout numbers, except hes a bit younger. Belliveau is very promising, needs experience though.

  • Eric

    I don’t want to get anyone too excited yet. But we have overtaken the rockies in the fecal league! We are currently standing at the 2nd draft pick and 2nd highest draft budget in 2013!!!! WoooOOOOOOOOOOOOooOOoOoOOOooOOooOOoO!!

    • fortyonenorth

      I had a nightmare that we had been overtaken in the reverse standings by the Twins, Orioles, KC, Mariners and the Padres. We had dropped into a tie for the 6th pick. It was terrifying.

  • Myles

    Let’s not throw a parade quite yet. Didn’t Rusin hit 3 guys? Also, Vitters did his best BJax impression.

  • Mush

    I don’t know about the rest of you I am sick of losing. This team is unwatchable. Strike outs looking on fastballs down the middle. Relief pitchers who can’t throw strikes and managers just sitting there and leaving him in. I am going to watch the Sox for the rest of the year. Hopefully they will collapse with a LOSER Cub fan watching them. Wait until 2015! I am done.

    • baldtaxguy

      I think just the opposite – very watchable from the standpoint of individual performances, watching new players encounter new situations. I pretty sure I have not missed one Rizzo at bat (with the help of a DVR). I’ve been following Barney’s error-less streak play by play. Rooting for Castro to reach 80 RBI’s. Watching Rusin, Raley starts. Watching the competition between Castillo and Cleavenger. Watching Vitters and Jackson deal with failure. There is plenty to watch beyond the win-loss record. Further, all of this is included within the minor affiliates X 10. You are just a fan of the success of the team, not its development. You’ll be back.

      • Mush

        I hope you don’t think the Cubs future lies with Raley, Rusin, Vitters, Jackson, Castillo, Clevenger, Cabrera, Believue, these are all stop gaps until the young guys develop. This like what Pittsburgh, Kansas City, etc had to endure all these years. I am just pisses that it has come to this as a big market franchise. Plus the fact, we don’t get shit in return for the high priced players we trade.

        • baldtaxguy

          Did I state that? I’ll re-read my post to make sure, but I don’t believe I did.

          That said, I’d like to see how they develop, if at all.

          Further, I’d like to see the players we received at the deadline after 2-3 seasons before I label them “shit.”

        • willis

          Having to act like KC or Pittsburgh is ridiculous. But it also probably is the right thing to do. I think the FAs will come and the pocket book will be reopened eventually, but I do believe that the FO just realized how badly things were and had no choice but to break it down completely and rebuild from within.

          It’s ugly and very frustrating. And this club should have never been put in this position, but it was and now we have to take our medicine for awhile. Sucks.

    • JR

      I don’t know why the Cubs sucking is surprising Mush. I thought it was common knowledge that the Cubs were going to be train wreck bad for the next 2 yrs. All signs were and still are pointing to 2015 and maybe 2014 if some things fall right (which they haven’t thus far). They are going to be terrible for the next couple yrs with the hopes that it can lead to year after year playoff appearances. It is what it is..

  • ssckelley

    I am tired of all the strikeouts and taking hittable pitches right down the middle of the plate. But the good news is out of the 24 strikeouts the Cubs have had the past 2 games BJax has only had 2 of them.

  • OCCubFan

    An oddity: the Brewers had just 3 hits, but all were with runners in scoring position.

  • paul

    things will look a whole lot better come 2014 so what if you lose 100 just fix it in the next 2 years the old FO made this mess I can wait 2yrs been cub fan 46yrs

  • Fastball

    One of the reasons we are looking at so many pitches and the K rate is so high on a daily basis is the new hitting philosophy being pushed out by Rowand and the Theo administration. They have gotten into these guys heads so far about taking pitches and working counts that they now have their bats on their shoulders. They are thinking too much. Which is to be expected because management is implementing these fundamental changes. You can change behavior but it doesn’t mean there will be results immediately. When ever you make a fundamental change in any organization it generally takes a full year for that change to show results. We are going through phases of the change. The phases are painful and we are watching the pain. Hopefully the time it takes for this integration of philosophy is shortened by a lot of these players showing up in winter ball and continuing to practice these fundamentals.

  • JR

    Obviously BJax’s contact issues are well documented. But that dude needs to get the bat off his shoulder. He’s not afraid to take a 3rd strike without swinging even in 0 and 2 counts. Apparently if the ball isn’t exactly where he wants it, he won’t swing even if he has 2 strikes. Weird approach..

  • DocPeterWimsey

    Apparently if the ball isn’t exactly where he wants it, he won’t swing even if he has 2 strikes. Weird approach..

    It is not a weird approach with less than 2-strikes: that’s the approach that the best hitters take. However, most of them do expand their trigger zone to include the entire strike zone once there are 2 strikes.

    • JR

      That’s what I am saying Doc. I think it’s a great approach with less than 2 strikes, but when you’re down 0/2 you can’t wait for the perfect pitch. You have to swing at all strikes. That’s all i am saying.

  • notcubbiewubbie

    sorry mush no real cub fan would ever switch to watching the white sox!!