Today, to open up a spot on the 40-man roster for Chris Rusin, the Cubs transferred injured pitcher Matt Garza to the 60-day disabled list, effectively ending his season.

It was already an extreme longshot that Garza would be able to pitch again this year – he’s out with a stress reaction in his pitching elbow, and the recovery time for the injury was simply not going to allow a reasonable period of rest before the season would be nearing a close. Technically Garza could return this year, because his DL stint will be retroactive to the last time he pitched, July 21. But it would unreasonable to believe he’d come back for the last 10 days of the season only.

I’ve already expressed my feelings on this (in short: it sucks, and it makes Garza almost completely untradable this Winter if the Cubs wanted to explore that possibility), so I won’t rehash.

Instead, I’ll offer 1000 appropriate words …

  • Spencer

    Pandas are awesome.

    • stillmisskennyhubbs

      Brett, I never thought you’d lower your standards to be…panda-ring to us.

      • Brett


      • hansman1982

        well as long as he doesn’t bamboo-zle us with catchy headlines and poor stories

        • TWC

          You spent a whole hour working on that, didn’t you, Joe?

          • TWC

            … ’cause that joke was un-bear-able.

            (Damn that missing edit button.)

  • W_Francisco

    Any news on roster moves to open a spot for Hinshaw?

    • Brett

      Only needed a 25-man spot for him, and it’ll be Beliveau and Cardenas going out for Rusin and Hinshaw.

  • Flashfire

    Justin Turner better not become a legit #2, or Theo will be hating himself for a long time on this one.

    • Flashfire

      Sorry, Jacob, not Justin. Not sure where that came from.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      When did the Tigers ever offer Turner for Garza? What little consistency I saw in the various rumors was that the Cubs were demanding prospects like Turner and other teams were saying “um, not yet….”

  • EQ76

    So help me understand something.. who’s the GM of this team? Is Jed just a yes man? Everyone gives Theo all the credit/blame/attention on all trades and moves but isn’t Jed the GM? Shouldn’t his name be associated with all things trades and moves?

  • Mysterious4th

    I knew garza wasn’t pitching again this year, but damn! Maybe this means we can extend him for a lil cheaper then it would have cost had he pitched again this year. Maybe a few million off each year?

  • When the Music’s Over

    Will Garza’s injury impact his arbitration payment?

    • Brett

      Excellent question. Yes, some. I’ll have to give thought to how much, but definitely has some impact.

  • cubsin

    Garza can demonstate his good health to other interested teams in Spring Training. There’s no way he could pitch enough effective innings this season to eliminate the doubts of other GM’s, but he could re-aggravate the injury.

  • Fastball

    I doubt we are getting any breaks from Garza on the $$. When he signs it’s going to be for a lot and for a bunch of years. I hope we extend him though. We need some quality pitching. Having to rebuild from not having Garza and getting a few prospects in return would be terrible. Without Garza we might be looking at a lot less wins than this year for 2013. And it can’t get any worse.

  • EB

    I can’t wait to hear Garza’s quote for this one lol

  • Jim W

    Let’s face it, Hoyer-stein (or is it Jed-eo) will move right on with their thinking.
    Now they get to see what offseason brings and then the draft in june (where we will have a solid draft level) and then look at trading Garza at the halfway point next year.
    Obviously the hope is he is healthy and pitches well and while you most likely will not see the same return (demand can be a funny thing though) the GM’s will defintely have a better handle on the state of the minors and what they feel is needed. That may mean less pitching and more positions or they may feel that re-signing Garza makes sense at that time. Guaranteed though that you don’t get where they are by worrying about what could have been but instead adjusting to whatever reality you now face.

  • die hard

    Any trade would have been voided or the Cubs asked to cough up other players or compensation etc…so to try to reconstruct what ifs is meaningless..the Commish would not have allowed damaged goods to pass from one team to another even if the Cubs didn’t know or reasonably should not have known…Why?..His version of protect the integrity of the game like banning a player only 50 games for getting caught in substance abuse…or keeping Petey out of the Hall when players with worse vices are in…or winking at what Braun did..Cubs luck would have found them having to give up Rizzo instead…you know, no double standard here from the former (wink wink) owner of the Brewers…Like Dick Cheney having all Haliburton stock in blind trust…as Romney said, those are easy to manipulate…he as the Commish should know..

    • MikeL

      “Any trade would have been voided or the Cubs asked to cough up other players or compensation etc…”

      Wrong (as you usually are….sorry but you have comments like this coming sometimes).

      See the Michael Pineda-Montero trade….almost right after Pineda was traded, he was out for the year with an arm injury. Not to mention he was just arrested for a DUI to boot.

    • rcleven

      Peavy to the White Sox? The old Comish Didn’t block that trade.

    • Scotti

      FYI, MLB has zero control over who the Baseball HOF allows on the ballet (they are two different entities) and even less control over who the media vote in once someone makes the ballet. Selig is not keeping “Petey” out of the HOF. Selig HAS banned Rose from working in the game (i.e. for teams). That is the correct choice. The guy was betting on games he controled. The guy was deep into debt with the mob. Fans need to know that the game is being played fairly.

    • AJB

      That didn’t happen when Chris Carpenter needed elbow surgery immediately after being traded to the Red Sox so I don’t know why you think it would have happened in this case or is ever MLB’s policy

  • DocPeterWimsey

    …or winking at what Braun did..

    You do realize that Selig (or his people) fired the arbiter who decided in Braun’s favor, don’t you. Or is that part of the “winking at Braun” conspiracy?

    Ironically, you are correct: it was pretty slimey behavior!

  • mudge

    How about calling Hoyer & Epstein Hoyer & Epstein? None of the cutesy-ass combo names seem to be gaining any traction.

  • notcubbiewubbie

    thanks again jim hendry we had to have a starter NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scotti

      The drive thru at McDonalds just screwed up my order. DAMN THAT JIM HENDRY!!!!!!!

      • OlderStyle


  • notcubbiewubbie

    the only thing worse than jim hendry is listening to kasper the friendly ghost every night. love the people that love jim hendry.

    • TWC

      You know, kid, there’s a difference between “loving” Jim Hendry and simply thinking he’s not the reason for every ill that might possibly plague the Chicago Cubs.

      • Cubbie Blues

        I blame Hendry for plagues too.

        • JR

          Why would anyone hate Jim Hendry? The man was a genius..

          • Cubbie Blues

            I didn’t say anything about hate. I said blame. Nothing wrong with a good plague. It weeds out the weak old and feeble.

            • JR

              Sorry, I was being sarcastic. I hate Hendry, and not afraid to admit it.

              • hansman1982

                Hendry paved the way for Theo…just think, if he had more success using the same tactics, would he have been fired?

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  • Steve

    Jim Hendry just spilled coffee all over my desk.

    FML I cant catch a break from this guy!!!!

  • OlderStyle

    Any thoughts on how this may change the whole Cubs/Garza/extension or trade partner dynamic? He will be virtually untradeable over the winter. A spring training trade would probably not net the kind of return the Cubs FO would want (at least wanted). Starting next season with Garza and one less year of control for a team means his trade value diminishes with each tick of the clock.
    On the other hand, will it make an extension for Garza a more realistic possibility since both Garza and the Cubs find themselves with more common ground-Garza may not be able to snag a big free agent contract and the Cubs can’t trade him for a big haul?

    • Brett

      I don’t think the Cubs are going to want to commit the kind of money Garza is going to want until he shows he’s fully healthy. So, I think the trade and extension things run on parallel tracks.

      • OlderStyle

        Gotcha. I suppose it was wishful thinking that if Garza was viewed by other teams as damaged goods now, a big FA contract in ’13 would greatly diminish and therefore he’d be open to a more team friendly extension with possible incentives.
        He still has the ’13 season to prove he’s healthy and worthy of a big contract. The Cubs can still move him before August but the return won’t be as bountiful.

        • Brett

          It’s certainly possible. But, if I’m him (and knowing his competitiveness), I figure I’m going to be awesome in 2013, so why would I sell myself short now?

          • hansman1982

            And, if you’re the Cubs, you are half banking on this early shutdown being beneficial so his arm is fresh next year and he trains with a chip on his shoulder all winter ala Shark

        • Edwin

          Another question would be, why should the Cubs sign an injured pitcher to an extention? It’s just as risky for the Cubs to commit to an injured pitcher as it is for other teams. The only difference is that the Cubs might have slightly better information.

          • OlderStyle

            because they would have much first-hand info on the injury and whether it was a serious concern or not. They would know exactly what they were getting.
            The risk of an extension would be mitigated by the “team-friendly” part of the extension’s description.

      • CubFan Paul

        Do you think Theo&Co will settle for a Greinke to the Angels type of haul? Or settle on getting back just 2 prospects? Garza won’t have max value til next year’s trade deadline is what I’m saying.

        Now that Garza is hurt and doesn’t have the Danks-like extension he turned down, he may revisit talks and sign for $13-$15M a year. But low

        • Edwin

          I don’t think any team would ever offer the Cubs that kind of haul. Grienke had much more value at the deadline than Garza.

          I think that when the Cubs trade Garza, they’ll get a similar or slightly better better package than the Dempster deal.

        • Brett

          If the Cubs wait until the deadline to move him, and even if he’s pitching very well, I don’t see them getting more than what Greinke netted (and they’d probably get even less).

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  • remmy94

    I’m going to the game on Saturday vs Rockies. Any idea who’s pitching for the Cubs? Thank you.