Travis Wood wasn’t too bad today, with all of the damage coming either by virtue of a broken bat bloop (Corey Hart) or by virtue of a juiced-up donger a superstar (Ryan Braun). And thankfully, James Russell and Shawn Camp managed to get another appearance apiece – don’t want them to get rusty.

The offensive story – outside of a long-awaited Bryan LaHair homer – was the same today as it’s been all series …

  • rcleven

    71 k’s last 6 games.

    • Flashfire

      And that’s just Brett Jackson.

      • Spencer

        boom roasted

  • Spencer

    That’s a legit drawing.

  • jim

    Yeah, fire rudy jaramillo! Cubs dont need good hitting coach. Ya got four seasons theo trio. I dont think youll make it. Certainly not like this.

    • Featherstone

      Swallow the losses and take the pick. That’s the way its going to get done. Deal with it

    • Jimmy James

      um….you can’t make somebody something they are not….you can tweak them but no hitting coach is going to make this bunch strike out at significantly less a pace, it ain’t happening….its called rebuilding for a reason

  • Zogie

    Advanced Box Score
    The cubs continue to struggle offensively. Travis Wood pitched a good game, but it was not enough to win. Russell and Camp were both good out of the pen as well. It was a rough game to watch. The cubs constantly stuck out looking and it was mostly on fastballs. With a young ball club you will have this happen. The cubs are going to need to sign a few veterans in the offseason so they can be a bit more consistent. David DeJesus is one of the only cubs who consistently has good at-bats and makes all the plays. We could use a few more just like him. DeJesus 1-3 HR RBI BB. Valbuena 0-4 K did not have terrible at-bats, but he just could not find a way on base. He has been playing well lately and has shown some ability to get on-base and produce, but yet his batting average shows is inconsistent contact. Castro 1-3 2K BB played decent. You can say a lot about Castro’s inconstancy this year, but then again, I am pleased with his improvement. Of course he makes constant mistakes, but his improved defense has shown he is willing to learn and he is still learning at the young age of 22. Rizzo 1-4 2K is struggling obviously, but again he is still learning how to hit in the show. He shows great ability to drive the pitch the other way, but has a few holes in his swing. Down and in, Down and away, and fastballs up. You could say many hitters have these holes, but lately, Rizzo has struggle with his plate discipline on those type pitches. LaHair 1-4 HR RBI 2K has looked better the last few weeks. Right now, he is trying to time the fastball and let everything else go. Clevenger 1-3 K, BB. Jackson 0-4 3K. He did hit one ball hard, but it turned into a linedrive DP. 45.6% K% wow! Start swinging big guy. 2 of his K’s came of the called variety. I wonder how many called strike 3’s he has had so far this season. Even with all the bad, I still like his approach. He fouls off all the good pitches he gets, so he needs to work on CONTACT. Barney 0-3 K. My shout out goes to Travis Wood. Even though he did not win today, he kept the cubs close only allowing 3 runs. Feel free to follow me @Zogie on Twitter.

    • TWC

      Feel free to follow me @Zogie on Twitter.

      And now this kid is ending his comments with self-promotion? Who does he think he is, MichiganGoat? Lulz.

      Thanks for the analysis, Zogs.

      • Zogie

        Thanks TWC, Just trying to help out the cubbie faithful.

        • Turn Two

          I think I fell asleep reading

  • Dave H

    This team will try every fan’s patience. I don’t think we should get very mad at BJax k-rate. He seems to be the norm on this team.

  • HoustonTransplant

    Nice picture of a hand. That’s far better than I could do.

    That’s the best thing of that box score, the series, and the Cubs this season.

  • jim

    The CUBS remind me of my favorite COLLEGE FOOTBALL
    TEAM- NOTRE DAME. Us fans look forward every year
    only to be let down. And remember, while the CUBS are
    in a RE-BUILDING era, there is NO guarantee that this
    team will actually be very competitive in the next 2-3 years.
    PRAY very hard my fellow CUBS fans!
    p.s. At least NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL “will” be exciting
    this year! :)

  • paul

    I hate JIM H.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Gaining a firm grasp on the second pick…

  • Chris B

    Why won’t we be competitive? It’s not like all we will have is our current minor league system. We are still a large market team! Imagine what our payroll will be like in 3-4 years! Maybe 40-50 mill? Give me a mediocre team with somewhere around 50-60 mill to spend in FA or add via trades and I’d be very happy!

  • DocPeterWimsey

    I just watched the Condensed Game on MLB. The home plate umpire was all over the place. It probably didn’t help him or the players that the visibility was so poor, but, sheesh, that was ugly. (The Gamecast was putting red dots outside of the box all game but it was even more obvious watching it.)

  • Bren

    So whats the prognosis on the 2013 draft anyway? Hopefully we can get someone who will ride the pine behind a future incarnation of Luis Valbuena

  • lou brock lives

    What happened to the concept ” after 2 strikes cut down on the swing – make contact – put the ball in play ” ? These guys look like they are hoping to get a walk when they get in the box. I’ve never seen such a bunch of clueless, unprepared, & poorly coached hitters. Vitters, Jackson, LaHair and anyone who takes a fastball down the middle for strike 3 should be sent back to the minors now.
    When I was in high school if a batter took a called strike 3 he would run until he could not stand the next day. Time to put the fear of God in these kids heads. Hell – you get 3 strikes each time you go to the plate – if you ain’t swinging you ain’t trying.

  • mudge

    bad ump (badump)

  • yoga master

    Gone in 2013 – Marmol, Dejesus
    maybe gone – Sori, Garza
    Is rock bottom July 2013?

  • cb4

    I really am amazed at how many “fans” are jumping all over Theo and co. for not pulling a Hendry and overpaying for long-term bad contracts just to win some more games now.

    I have been a Cubs fan since I was 4 – 1980. In that time, I’ve weathered a lot of shitty seasons, barring mostly 84, 89, 03, 08 – 1st 2 were shocks to me, the latter I thought we had a shot. I would love to see us actually put out a solid system and have good players when they’re in their prime, instead of bringing in 10-year vets+ at the end of their careers and paying them outrageous amounts of money.

    Then, the same people whining about “omg Theo hasn’t put out a winning team yet!*#&%*#*%#” after less than a year would be moaning because there’s 12 Soriano/Zambrano players out there at 15mill/year and we haven’t made the playoffs in 4 years.

    FFS let’s do things right.

    • Scotti

      In Boston they would call it “Pulling a Theo”. Crawford and the rest are well documented. Hendry is the only GM in Cub history to take the team to the playoffs three times. He did that all while being handicaped first by the Trib budget, then by the long, drawn out sale and finally by the Rickets budget. He had all of one year where he could actually spend like a big budget team (Theo was able to spend every year in Boston and if he goofed up there was even more money the next year). This obsession with Hendry is like an obsession with an ex-wife. You’ve remarried already–move on.

  • florida Al

    brett jus sayin….love the reality/sarcasism on the strikeouts…fwiw i went to see baez last night in clearwater…really looks overmatched…dear in headlghts…doesnt have a clue offensively anyways…

    • fortyonenorth

      Regarding Baez, it doesn’t help that Daytona’s played only a couple of games in the last two weeks. I don’t think he has more than a handful of games under his belt at this level.

    • King Jeff

      I watched Baez a few times over the last couple of weeks and “deer in the headlights” is the last thing that would come to mind when I see him hit.

  • Fastball

    The change in hitting philosophy has completely hosed all these guys minds. Right now they are all a bunch of mental midgets!
    The K rate is evidence of that. You talk to a kid to much and he forgets bhow to play baseball. Rowand IMO is not working out.
    Send Jackson and Vitters back down before these jamokes completely ruin them. All I see is failure day afrer day. Now Rizzo has lost his flair kor is close to it. Lahair flamed out. Castro lost his edge but is going back to being more aggressive. This passive approach to hitting is f-ing stupid. These guys are hoping for walks. They have their bats on their shoulders.

  • Fastball

    I predict the cubs break the 20k record held by the Astros before the season is over. The defenders of the regime will make excuses. The’d honeymoon is over. These results refldct no progress being made except for Barney and Castros defense and a Rizzo call up and the league has him scouted now. See through the trees its a flipping mess that you get fired over. If Theo can’t have ghis turned around by this time next year he will get fired. Ya got to show more results than this. We are the laughing stock of baseball.

    • baldtaxguy

      Do you see any progress with Jeff Smardja?

      The Astros are not THE laughing stock in baseball over the Cubs this year?

      You believe a GM should be fired in year 2 of a 3-5 year development plan?

  • Fastball

    Theo put this roster together. This is not Jim Henry’s responsibility. Theo is not our savior
    I have to suppott him. But it doesn’t mean I have all my faith in him. He hasn’t proven anything yet. I won’t turn on him but he better start earning some stripes in Chicago or the wolves will smell blood. He needs to follow his own creed. Pay for what your going to get not for what someone has already done. Boston is old news Theo! You had good and bad. When do we see something good in Chicago. Time isn’t on your side.

    • Eric

      Really? Catchers, Hendry, Pitchers mostly Hendry, Rizzo Theo, Barney Hendry Castro Hendry Valbuena Theo (but he’s just a placeholder) LF Hendry CF Hendry RF Theo. You CAN NOT judge GMs and front offices until atleast 3 years because the MAIN way you judge them is by their drafts. And draftees usually take 3-5 years to reach the majors. Three years from now MAYBE you can make some reasonable judgements. Like let’s see where Almora, Soler, Johnson, Torreyes and other are at that point. If you want to honestly judge Theo and an open and honest way, then pay close attention to the farm system talent he gets from drafts and trades, and follow them closely and see how successful they are.

    • baldtaxguy

      The quality of players Hendry drafted, good or bad, are Theo’s responsibility? How?

      How long do you think it would take to incorporate Theo picked players 100% into the starting line-up? Did you think it would happen this season? If so, how?

    • bbmoney

      Fastball that’s just crazy. Theo & Jed didn’t put this roster together of the guys on the team he’s brought in personally maybe what a handful? The rest of the guys were brought in under Hendry’s watch and Theo & Jed is re-working it as we speak. At least give him a couple years before calling it “his” team, but really to rebuild the mess we had it’ll take at least 3 or 4 years.

    • Edwin

      I don’t care what you say I’ll suppott Theo forever!

  • Fastball

    He would love to have 3 years but he doesn’t. I would love for him to have 3 years. I’m not judging. Just need to see better results from what he has in place today. No excuses can be made for this performance on the field. They are baseball players and they need to produce. 67 K’s in 6 games is unacceptable. If they put the ball in play anything can happen. Nothing can happen when they don’t even swing the bat. Don’t blame the umpires. They aren’t behind the plate to issue walks .

    • baldtaxguy

      How does Theo not have 3 or more years?

    • Cubbie Blues

      1. Theo’s contract runs for another 4 years
      2. Umpires are there to call balls and strikes accurately. So, yes if 4 balls are thrown they are there to issue walks.

      Are the strikeouts frustrating, Yes. Everyone knew this was going to be a difficult year. It helps no one to get worked up over it.

  • Fastball

    All these K’s add up to 22 1/3 innings of outs without putting tge ball in play over the last 54 innings. That is god awful. That equates ro our offense only putting the ball in play about 5 innings a game. If I’m gonna pitch against us right now I can’t wait to get out there.

    • baldtaxguy

      Last three games, yes. Do you think that’s a small sample size?

      Hey, look here: Cubs team strikeouts per game are less than 13 other teams? Teams like Atlanta, Washington, Pittsburgh, you know, teams competing for playoff spots. They too must be “God awful.”

    • beerhelps

      Just asking, but are you trying to have 1 post for every strikeout? If you are you’re getting close.

  • Steve

    I’m a Cub fan. We suck this year. Probably the next two. I’ll still go to Wrigley and buy a hat / tshirt off Internet and buy MLB Extra innings
    A lot of whacked out posts this morning…was there a breakout at the mental facility in Chitown?

  • The Raptor

    Brett Jackson should be sent down and not to Iowa, but to the North Avenue Beach Ball League … I’m certain he will make contact down there …

    • Flashfire

      I’m starting to wonder if Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters are just part of Theo’s master plan to keep Rizzo from getting too much criticism for his .600 August OPS. (I’m KIDDING!)

  • Harry Ramirez

    Why do people have so much hate towards Braun?
    He is proving he can hit even without the juice, and I’m not even sure he used it anyway. He won the appeal and said that he has passed over 25 drug tests in his career, including at least three last year. I believe him. I think it’s stupid how baseball fans boo him and hate him for nothing knowing that he is Innocent.

    • TWC

      Why do people have so much hate towards Braun?

      Because he’s a donger.

    • hardtop

      he’s not innocent. his successful appeal was based on a testing protocol snafu. he got off on a technicality, that doesnt mean he wasnt cheating.

      but mostly hes a donger.

      • Harry Ramirez

        fair enough, thanks for explaining.

    • baldtaxguy

      You think that fans who boo him “know he’s innocent?” And that they are booing him for “nothing?”

      They boo him because he got caught cheating and he did not have to pay the consequences.

      And because he’s a donger…big time….