Bad news for any ‘Dark Tower’ fans among you. After reviving the proposed three-movies-plus-TV-miniseries idea from Universal, Warner Brothers has decided to pass on the Ron Howard project. It’s not completely dead yet, but we’re running out of big money landing spots willing to take a chance on it.

  • Chris Rusin was solid in his first start in the big leagues, showing only a few jitters. “I was pretty nervous the first inning but after that I settle down and took it from there,” Rusin said. “I couldn’t get my secondary stuff over for a strike so that kind of put me in a hole,” Rusin said. “But I was able to throw some changeups to get them to swing out of the zone and get some ground balls.” All in all, it was solid, but obviously you’d like to see how a kid does on his third time through the order.
  • We won’t get a chance to see that until September at the earliest. As expected, Rusin will not stay in the rotation for now (his call-up was required because no starting pitcher was going to be available on normal rest yesterday thanks to the weekend doubleheader), but could return when rosters expand. Then the Cubs might go with a six-man rotation, which, like, whateves. Fine with me. In the interim, Rusin could pitch out of the bullpen, or could head to Iowa to make another start or two there.
  • Alex Hinshaw – the lefty reliever the Cubs snagged off of waivers from the Padres – is excited to be with the Cubs, and happy to have prior relationships with Justin Germano and Darwin Barney, which eases the transition. “I’d love to be able to be considered for something like that,” he said of the possibility of sticking long-term with the rebuilding Cubs, according to ESPNChicago. “Chicago is obviously a very historic franchise. Even when I played in Wrigley as a visitor it was always nostalgic for me to be able to touch the ivy and everything. Now I’m honored to be able to contribute to this organization for this year and hopefully for many years to come.”
  • More from Sveum on using this time of year as an evaluation period, knowing that the Cubs have Jeff Samardzija and Matt Garza in the rotation (probably) to begin 2013, but then a whole lot of question marks. But we have to remember (and Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have said this before) – relying too much on September stats to make decisions for the following season can be a tricky business. Given the number of teams out of contention, and the September call-ups, some games end up playing a lot like Spring Training. And you know what we think of Spring Training stats …
  • Dale Sveum has confirmed that both Jeff Beliveau and Adrian Cardenas, who were shipped out yesterday to make room for Chris Rusin and Alex Hinshaw, will be back up with the big club in September.
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  • MLBullets at BCB look at the hilarious suggestion that Nick Swisher could match Jayson Werth’s 7-year, $126 million contract in free agency. The short version: no, no, no. Naw. No.
  • BN’er Aaron Vandermause took in the Peoria Chiefs game yesterday, and created a video of all four of Jorge Soler’s at bats, if you’d like to give them a look. Yesterday, at least, he saw a fair number of pitches, and seemed pretty comfortable batting with two strikes. Also, he doesn’t get cheated on his swings early in an at bat.

  • hansman1982

    Holy cow…Hinshaw just went up and touched the ivy as a visitor? I have something in common with a big leaguer!!!!!!!!!!! Just bet he didn’t almost get tossed and embarrassed his host.

  • Sandberg

    Cool vid, thanks!

  • JR

    Good Video of Soler. So I guess the Cubs won’t be going after Swisher.. That’s crazy money. And that Werth deal was absolutely ridiculous from day 1.

  • JulioZuleta

    I laughed at the #s being throw around for swisher too. Thy equate his value to Werth, but ignore the fact that Werth’s contract is one of the worst ever

  • Patrick G

    I’ve played at that stadium before, I knew it looked familiar

  • TonyP

    The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

  • EB

    If any of you guys are looking for a good read this morning I have linked a great story from ESPN’s Outside the Lines about Greg Halman, the Seattle Mariners player who was killed by his brother last year. It is really long and hard to follow at times, but I thought it was a fascinating and sad story. It has nothing to do with the cubs, but it is a great read nonetheless.

  • notcubbiewubbie

    did anybody out there notice that castillo is brutal when it comes to catching and framing our pitcher’s pitches. he costs the pitcher 5-10 calls every game. too bad len doesn’t pay attention to the game he is calling. he is more worried about monkey’s balls playing at the house of blues tonight. also does anybody out there know who controls the showing of the pitch box.

    • Cedlandrum

      Len and Bob have actually done a whole segment on framing pitches before. At this point in the season you can’t pick on every negative. I have been watching the Cubs enough to know that when they are this bad the announcers feel like they have to be a little creative to get people to stay tuned in.

    • JR

      Yeah Castillo sucks at framing, and doesn’t look that good behind the plate at all imo.. At least he’s hitting ok though..

    • Norm

      Len does play by play. Bob does analysis.
      Bob’s talked about it.

    • rcleven

      Don’t care much about the framing. He has improved in moving his body to block balls in the dirt. Still a work in progress but seems to be improving. Now if they can strap a rocket to his butt while on the bases.

  • Joker

    I had forgotten that Rusin was a product of the vastly improved University of Kentucky baseball program. One of the main UK blogs did a piece on his debut:

    They have the same opinion as Brett – good debut, but we won’t see more until September. In fact, the write up is so similar it’s almost as if they read Ace’s article and then…nah, couldn’t be…