Jeff Samardzija was not hitting his spots early, but settled down in the middle innings, and wound up turning in a great performance.

The Cubs relied on a few solo homers to come back and tie things up, finally, in the 8th before the Rockies went all yakety sax, and the Cubs took the lead for good. Carlos Marmol looked mighty good in the 9th for the save.

Joe Mather got the game-winning hit …

  • tom

    how about TRADING Soriano/Cash to Tigers for Delmon Young (contract expires this year)

    • Scotti

      10-5. He will leave IF he wants to and so far he hasn’t wanted to. The other option is dumping him but there is no point in that.

    • SirCUb

      This makes negative sense.

      • TWC

        Well, he’s trying again. No one answered him yesterday when he first posted it.

  • CubsFan4Life

    Good to see Soriano and 2 of the kids (Wellington Castillo and Brett Jackson) hit home runs to get the Cubs back in the game. That’s got to give Jackson a little confidence.

  • Zogie

    Advanced Box Score
    A crazy game at Wrigley today. The cubs win, but it was more of the Rockies giving away the game in the 8th inning with 2 errors. Samardjiza was not dominate today, but he did keep the cubs in the game. Camp, Russell, and Marmol all came out with successful outings. Mather 1-4 RBI did some damage today. I’ll be honest and say that I have been a major critic of Mather lately, but it is good to see Super Joe back in action. He still has not put together great At-bats and the RBI single came on a lucky inside-out swing. Vitters 0-3 BB. He took his first walk of the season. It only took 45 ABs. He also had a baserunning error getting thrown out at home. It looked like he was jogging. Rizzo 0-4 had another tough game at the plate. He played great defense today, but weak groundouts and flyballs won’t do it at this level. Soriano 1-4 HR RBI K. Castro 0-2 BB had some good ABs, but was a bit unlucky. Castillo 1-3 HR RBI K. Castillo’s future looks bright with the cubs. He has been consistent after being called up, and looks to be securing the starting job in 2013. Jackson 1-3 HR RBI K. That HR came on a hanging slider in a 1-2 count. Improvement! Barney 0-3. Valbuena 1-1 2B. This was an entire team effort today to get the win. It is hard to pick out one person for the shout out, but I’ll give it to Welington Castillo. He put together good ABs and also threw out a LeMahieu at 2nd base. Feel Free to follow me on Twitter @Zogie to discuss anything cubs.

    • SirCUb

      Technically the Cubs took the lead, and then the Rox imploded.

      • Zogie

        That is true

  • Diesel

    3 strike outs in 8 innings? What was wrong with the rockies pitching today?

  • ramy16

    As much as i hate the Dodgers….they just claimed Josh Beckett! Looks like our chicago buddy ned colletti is going for it all this year! I would love our Cubs get Ellsbury as hes now on the waiver wire least until Jorge Soler gets up to the show.

  • mark

    give samardzija some credit for hustling over to 1st twice. well, he was slow getting started on one, but that kind of thing is part of team effort.

  • DocPeterWimsey

    Wow, this game really was what you’d expect from a couple of bad teams!

    • SirCub

      Except for the home runs!

  • Stu

    Mather has this Dave Kingman like awkwardness to his game. He is filler anyway until 2015 when the magic happens.

    • fortyonenorth

      Boy, I’ve been trying to place that all year. You’re absolutely right – Kingman, without the pop.

    • mark

      Anyone remember the year management complained about Kingman always swinging for the fences? So he kept poking singles the opposite way, jacking his BA up, until they begged him to go back to his old ways–Low BA, high HR. Talk about stubborn–his way or the highway. Probably coulda been a complete hitter, or something like it, if he wanted to. Didn’t want to. Weird dude.

  • die hard

    Jackson and Rizzo in starting lineup next year could be fun…25 HR each ….could also spur Castro to learn how to drive the ball better….if he learns, could be most potent trio since Williams, Santo, Banks

    • mark

      Please! You’re talking 3 HofFers! Billy was one of the greatest hitters ever.

    • BeyondFukudome

      Whoa. You just compared Jackson, Rizzo, and Castro to three Hall of Famers? News Flash: Hell Freezes Over!

      • die hard

        am sick and tired of being sick and tired over this team….need a home remedy of optimisim to make it til end of season….my prediction may be too much but just think what if…

  • ramy16

    This trade between the Dodgers and Red Sox is nuts! Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Nick Punto,Josh Beckett for Ruby De larossa, jerry sands, zack lee,james loney and ivan de jesus jr

    • Flashfire

      Is Lee confirmed as the last guy?

  • ramy16

    From Lee was mentioned in the deal… stay tuned for the update… Looks like Cherrington is pulling a Theo cleaning house

    • ferrets_bueller

      That’s not pulling a Theo…that’s pulling an Anthopoulis.
      If he manages to move all three of those guys tonight…he’s a legend. Vernon Wells trade, eat your heart out.

      • Flashfire

        Perfect storm. Dumping AGonz has to hurt, but they’re getting salary flexibility back. ASSUMING this goes through. I’ve seen Boston media claim the deal isn’t done without Zach Lee, who the Dodgers don’t seem super eager to trade.

  • ramy16

    *UPDATE* allen webster not Lee is the other pitcher going to Boston

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    It really makes me sick. Here we sit with Soriano and Boston is going to dump all that dead weight, over 250 Million in one swoop. Of course, those guys aren’t role models and winners like Alfonso. Makes we really wonder looking at that deal if the Cubs are truly a story of the damned.

    • Flashfire

      No, they’re a story of no trade clauses. Much simpler.

  • ramy16

    I would take Soriano any day over Carl Crawford! Soriano has shown to be a club house leader this year! The way hes mentored Castro this year while being our major offense this year! Carl Crawford hasnt done anything to proove his contract but to be hurt! Adrian Gonzalez is the prize deal…with Adrian, Hanley,Eithier,Kemp what a line up! Crazy

  • Don

    Easy solution. Never give out another no trade contract. Give the Dodgers Marmol,
    Soriano and a ton of cash for Webster.

  • mudge

    sori might still be moved.

    • die hard

      Tigers are kicking the tires on Soriano

  • poot007

    Brett, that was the funniest enhanced score I’ve seen!!! But it’s a lot easier to laugh when we win. So the odds are stacked against you. HaHaHa.

  • Njriv

    So the only three guys that struck out all ended up hitting a solo HR, how about that?

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    Sori is clubhouse leader? Hmmm what’s he leading. I understand the mantra, but when you look at the record and facts, despite Soriano claiming he’s a winner, this season, last and the one before has been a stinker, and yes the Titanic had a leader too.

    But all of that misses the point. Soriano has no upside, and unlike the Cub’s who Soriano bit the hand of in be willing to pay most of salary to send him to a winner, Boston is paying 10M of the 270 M owed the 3. Sorry and I am a Theo fan, but Boston has to be ecstatic, they are cleaning up a mess, gaining huge salary room and getting some quality prospects in return.