The Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox are, according to multiple reports, on the verge of the biggest August trade ever – indeed, it’s one of the biggest trades of any kind ever. The deal will reportedly send Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett, and Nick Punto (otherwise known as “the Red Sox”) to the Dodgers for Rubby De La Rosa, James Loney, Jerry Sands, Ivan De Jesus, and a “top prospect” (thought to be Allen Webster, the pitcher the Cubs so desperately wanted for Ryan Dempster). Based on that return, the presumption is that the Dodgers will be taking on almost all of the remaining dollars on the contracts for the Red Sox players – which, combined, total more than $250 million *after* this season.

The Dodgers have gone outside their mind.

I understand that the new Dodgers’ ownership wants to flex their financial might, and I understand that they have a nice age 29/30-ish core (Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Chad Billingsley, Hanley Ramirez) plus Clayton Kershaw. But you’re talking about a 32-year-old Beckett, a 31-year-old Crawford, and a 30-year-old Gonzalez, all of whom are going to decline in the near term. Indeed, Beckett is already a disaster this year, and Crawford is now recovering from the Tommy John surgery he just had yesterday.

Make no mistake, the Dodgers are going to look loaded after this deal, and for the next year or two. But those contracts and the aging curve are going to take their toll, and sooner rather than later.

Consider this: the last time folks looked up and down a roster and remarked how absurdly stacked it was? The 2011 Boston Red Sox in Spring Training.

We still have to see how the money part of this shakes out, but this is looking like a brilliant stroke by new Red Sox GM Ben Cherington. The Red Sox will now have to rebuild, but this will give them an absurd amount of money to work with, and they could be right back into things in 2014. Heck, they could be back next year.

  • FFP

    Girlfriend said, “So who’ll play first?” (Doesn’t know ‘other league’ Loney)

    Sister said, “Can they get LaHair?”

    My people really don’t care about baseball. So, this goodnight interchange was very sweet to me. My family loves me.
    (And, goofy-though-it-is, I’d love to get LaHair home.)

    Sabermetrics can’t measure some things.

  • macB

    why can’t someone else do the yankees’ thing? It might be distasteful (especially to us), but it worked pretty well for the last 15 years or so.

    LA has a big enough market, you just gotta go all the way. the cubs came a step short of all the way and are now paying for it with a rebuild.

  • Kev

    The Gary Busey photo works amazingly well with this story.

  • dob2812

    I don’t think the book is written on Crawford yet. He could still be a really good player. He is over 30, sure, but guys with his athleticism can go on being useful for a long time. Course, the kness could go, a la Soriano, but that’s probably rarer than you think.

    Beckett, I don’t know. Cost of doing business I suppose. If his velocity stays away, then he probably does too. Could be a good reliever for the Dodgers though. No, that’s not a joke.

    And Gonzalez is still really good. That contract has never been questioned much. Plus he’ll be replacing James Loney! Talk about a swing.

    It looks like computer game GMing in LA right now. Gonna be a pretty cool race in that division for sure. And hopefully this is the first step in the media ceasing to talk nonsense about the Red Sox over and over and over again. The world needs that. This corner of it definitely does.

  • paul

    and the dodgers are the yankees of the west

  • FFP

    Via @GordonEdes: “Sox-dodger deal will be official Saturday, according to a highly placed source.”

  • thejackal

    even i LA gets them players it dont mtter beckets washed up caword is hurt gonzalez the only good player plus them payers are past there prime ill bet n e amount of money te dodger stil dnt win the wrldseries

  • Quintz


    What is Rogers angle on the Cubs and Ellsbury and/or Lester? I’m assuming this ( is just headline catching non-fact based interest mongering on his part. Why in the world would the Red Sox be moving affordable, fairly young (28), productive guys after the massive dump they already made?

    • Norm

      Sounds like he’s making shit up.

      • JR

        Ha.. That’s exactly what i was thinking. Is it reporting when you just throw a bunch random crap out that’s going thru your head?

        • Quintz

          I’m glad I’m not alone. I think it’s fine to speculate, but while using the headline….

          “It’s unlikely the Cubs will get the claim on Jon Lester and Jacoby Ellsbury, but would Theo Epstein pursue them?”

          …… factually correct it sorta kinda makes me think you know something, then you read and it’s clearly a sensationalism driven title with not a grain of insight. To his credit, it worked, I read it.

    • Brett

      Trust your gut.

  • JR

    I don’t think Gonzalez’s contract is that bad at all. It’s a lot better than other all star first baseman’s contracts. I think Beckett could be really good in the NL West, and if the Dodgers are getting some cash back for Crawford I like this deal for them.

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  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    I can now openly cheer for the Dodgers to crap themselves in September and miss the playoffs, just as I did for the Red Sox last year. I’d be surprised of Carl Crawford ever amounted to anything the rest of his deal.

  • DocPeterWimsey

    Sands is not listed in the Sox official announcement, and that worries me. He has the potential to be an above average OPS 1Bman or LFer. Loney is a complete disaster: he’s easily the worst full-time 1Bman in MLB. Indeed, the Dodgers just add by subtraction by deleting him, just as they did with Cesar Izturis 6 years ago.

  • Fastball

    Why do we care about the Dodgers? They have a plan. They can do what ever they want. If they want to be like the Yankee’s they might just be smart enough. You can hate but dont that Yankee system works and it continues to work for a very long time.

  • ramy16

    The Dodgers farm system is depleated! Due to all these large contracts Fastball… I agree why worry about the Dodgers? Becuz when their in debt over these 260 million dollars they took on and were putting a young and competitve team year after with getting to the World Series i can sit back with a big smile and said i told you so!

  • die hard

    Has the league signed off on the money aspect? I understand that Boston to eat some salary under certain Crawford going south…Beckett more damaged than thought etc…this deal is not over by any means in terms of scrutiny by Commish or other teams….

  • nkniacc13

    they had to becaise Gonzalez played last night for LA