“Justin Germano goes again for the Cubs, looking to keep up his streak of hey-those-are-pretty-decent-starts-despite-the-lack-of-strikeouts.”

That’s what I said in this space last week when Germano faced these Brewers. He did not continue his streak. Hopefully tonight goes more smoothly.

Josh Vitters gets the start on his birthday. Neat.

Game Info

Milwaukee Brewers (59-67) at Chicago Cubs (49-77), 7:05 CT on CSN.

Game Thread and Series Preview

The Game Thread lives here. You should participate in the madness. And, of course, for those who aren’t into message board-style game threads, please feel free to use the comments on this post for your in-game commentary/outbursts.

The Series Preview for this series lives here.

Starting Pitchers

Justin Germano (2-3, 5.40 ERA, 3.00 K/BB)


Marco Estrada (1-5, 4.23 ERA, 4.80(!) K/BB)

Milwaukee Brewers Lineup

1. Norichika Aoki, RF

2. Rickie Weeks, 2B

3. Ryan Braun, LF

4. Aramis Ramirez, 3B

5. Corey Hart, 1B

6. Jonathan Lucroy, C

7. Carlos Gomez, CF

8. Jean Segura, SS

9. Marco Estrada, P

Chicago Cubs Lineup

1. David DeJesus, RF

2. Josh Vitters, 3B

3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B

4. Alfonso Soriano, LF

5. Starlin Castro, SS

6. Steve Clevenger, C

7. Brett Jackson, CF

8. Darwin Barney, 2B

9. Justin Germano, P

  • Jay

    Not sure I like Vitters in the two hole. How does everyone else feel?

    • Spencer

      I’d sorta like BJax there.

    • hogie

      I think that it is more about increasing the number of at bats he gets, since he is sharing starts.

      • Patrick G

        I think it’s more for him not to have to much pressure In the middle of the line up, but I guess swapping bjax and him wouldn’t put pressure on either. Also agree with the more at bats too and bjax been seeming more comfortable so y move him

  • Jay

    This line up is going to look a whole lot different in maybe just 2 years.

  • AB

    I watched Segura in-person in Coloado and for his first go-round in the major leagues he is as smooth a fielder as you’ll see.

  • Stu

    Attendance starting to fall off.

  • Jason

    I’d like to see Castillo become the full time starter. Having Clevenger out there is like having another pitcher. And that’s even though he’s supposedly an “offensive catcher”.

    • Scotti

      Clevenger does not have a rep as an “offensive” C. He plays very well behind the plate and his offensive weapon is the single. He is a rookie feeling his way. I wouldn’t worry.

  • notcubbiewubbie

    castillo brutal defensively.

  • Brian Peters

    What’s this about the Cubs maybe going after Pedroia?

    • Carew


  • Brian Peters

    Mlb trade rumors……….google cubs rumors

    • Spencer

      it’s some dude’s opinion that Pedroia would be a good fit in Chicago. That’s pretty much it.

      • Brian Peters

        I know. Just wondering what folks think.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          Shrug. He’s already 29, and he’s under contract only for two more years (his 2015 option is voided if he’s traded). I don’t really see any value there for the Cubs, and certainly not if they have to give up a ton in trade (which they would have to).

          • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

            Also, his game plays REALLY well at Fenway, but not nearly as well on the road.

            • Brian Peters

              Yeah, I forgot how poorly he plays on the road.

    • cas-castro

      Its just some Guy pining for DP and that he thinks the cubs should go after him. There is no reason to believe the Cubs are looking into a trade.

      • Carew

        It would still be awesome…the guy’s still relatively young too…but it probably wont happen

    • MikeL

      Read it again:


      It says they need to go after pedroia….not that they are…..it is a total opinion piece.

  • Andrew

    Soriano to white sox for Gavin Floyd? What you guys think. Cubs obviously pick up good portion of sori contract, just a thought i had. I like Floyd’s upside and think he would thrive in national league. Am I crazy?

    • Carew

      No Cubs player shall play for the black sux

    • cas-castro

      How is Gavin nowadays? I heard he got pulled from his last start due to elbow soreness.

    • Pat

      I don’t know where Soriano would fit in for them. They have DH covered and I don’t see where he would fit in the outfield there.

  • mark

    just checked the smokies box score. each of their outfielders–ha, silva, szczur–has an outfield assist. kinda cool.

  • cas-castro

    Aoki ~~Fukodome. Very similar players.

  • cas-castro

    A-Ram is killing us today._

  • Cubs1967

    BJax goes deep again. He’s getting the hang of this. Vitters look horrid. How much longer before you have to stop the kid from losing confidence!…ouch!

    aram giving the big ” FU” to team theo today………..better to be smarter than everyone else and trade 15 homer guy like colvin for punch and judy stewart!……….SWING AND A MISS……..team theo strikes out.

    • fortyonenorth

      Yeah, I don’t dread BJax coming to the plate anymore. My kids think he’s the coolest. They were planning on dressing as Barney and Rizzo for Halloween, but BJax might make a late play for the role.

      Agree, Vitters looks totally outmatched – at the plate and on the field. I’m not among the Valbuena haters and think the kid has a future. Now, whether it’s with the Cubs or not is debatable, but he can play in the bigs.

      • Njriv

        Brett Jackson is a pretty good lookin’ dude, no homo.

    • Richard Nose

      “punch and judy stewart”…ha.

  • calicubsfan007

    I wish there was a time machine so that we can be in 2014 already! But I have waited for tons of years already, I can wait again. That is definetly one thing all Cubs have in common, lots and lots of opportunities to pratice our patience! (=

  • Featherstone

    Oh shit, I just realized I share a birthday with Josh Vitters. That’s kinda cool, he just needs to suck less now.

    • calicubsfan007

      Hey, my cousin’s bday was yesterday! Agreed, he just needs to work harder on not sucking. (=

  • Njriv

    Report: Alex Hinshaw released by the Cubs and was told he can come back once he finds and brings back the Ryan Braun home run ball.

    • TWC

      Is there ANYONE left at Wrigley at this point?

      I’m thinking even the ushers looked around and said, “Aw, fuck it, we’ll sweep tomorrow,” and shuffled off home.

  • Mr.Boring

    Hello Cubbies. Hope the end to train wreck is coming soon. We all knew it had to happen. Here is my thought as we transform into football season.

    Why does MLB allow Kansas City and Pittsburgh to have teams? Maybe not so much the cities, but why allow these owners to just suck up cash and screw the game and their fans?. Add the number of years without a winning record for both teams. Then look at how long professional baseball has been alive.

    It’s quite funny actually. How can anybody stay in business that long for stinking that bad?

  • Jeff

    Getting really tired of watching these bottom of the barrel, wavier wire, DFA’s, PTBNL, 13th round draft picks, guys out of options with their previous club so we will move him for one of our crappy guys come up here and stink up the joint. Painful!!!

  • Mr.Boring is an idiot

    So you come to a website where a Team hasn’t sniffed a World Series win in over a 100 years and whose Front office refuses to sign Big Name Players and is hoping fans will show up to see no names win a series in 2yrs and it’s not gonna happen and you come here to complain about KC and Pittsburgh…………..I got news for ya………….Pitt and KC are alot closer then the cubs are to winning a series………..They both have winning Minor League Teams and have stock piles of these no names there that you cubs believe will win a series…….

    • AB

      winning minor league teams?? you have to be kidding me.

      The Cubs minor league teams had the best combined record in all of baseball a few years ago….how did that turn out???

      • Steve Lazrus

        be consistent with what you want………..All you want to get on theo’s badwagon of lies ab and say that having a young talented Minor League system with no names is how you win a series and then The Royals system top to bottom is a winner and it has been for quite a long time and don’t just look at the paper to try to judge the minor league systems………..I lived in Omaha for work and I had season ticketts to the Omaha Royals and the Storm Chasers nd I watced how they handed Iowa Cubs there ass every year over and over agian ad and yes I am not a little kid like most of you on here and I am from Des Moines and I worked and sat in the Stands at Sec taylor Stadium and I watched how the Iowa Cubs haven’t had a winning season agianst the Omaha team in years……….Even in the Triple A Championship year in the 90’s Iowa got it’s ass handed to it by Omaha……….Then I moved to chicago where I live now and I actually had season ticketts to wrigley untill this worthless owner hired [Epstein] who has showed us all his system doesn’t work and I told ya it won’t bring a championship untill Ricketts steps over Theo and makes him go get Big name Fre agents…………This is what Henry and Larry Luchino did in Boston and thats why theo left because they we’re the brains in the 2 series and not him………..He wants to dream that this money ball thing actually works and ya leys count how manhy teams won with no names………………………..None……….before ya try to bring up the Florida marlins.they had Al leiter on there team and cone and Mike Lowell and cabrera and even though young we all can see a future hall of famer when ya see one………..So keep watching the games on TV while you live in Ohio and keep thinking that you know the cubbies,because unless you live here youdon’t know shit……….

        [Ed. – This is your one and only warning: racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, or bigoted comments of any kind are not tolerated.]

        • cjdubbya

          So much win here. No clue where to even start. That, my friend, was a train wreck.

        • Tommy

          How many different names do you post under, dude? Your poor grammar and use of ellipses belie you.

          Beyond that, how does it feel to know that all your long winded posts are merely scanned over and that you are nothing more than a joke to 99% of the people on this board.

          By the way, nice slander against Jews there, Chief. Showing your class with that statement. And lying is spelled with a y. If you’re going to insult others, you should do your best not to appear ignorant. Too late.

          • Richard Nose

            Who let him use a computer?

        • beerhelps

          hopefully after the antisemitic comment you can be banned for good.

  • TWC

    I just watched the replay. That donger Braun just fucking killllllllled that ball. Drag, man. This whole game’s been a real drag.

  • Brian Peters

    I’m sick of people thinking Chris Volstad–and the crap the Brewers have teed off against tonight–are viable pitching options from now going forward. The FO really needs to work on the pitching core. Travis Wood, Justin Germano, and Chris “one win, one win, one win” Volstad just don’t cut it!!!! Can the season just be over so theo can do whatever he thinks he can do to make us feel better about our team???

    • Njriv

      The Cubs have some SP options but the thing is that they are either in the low-minors (Johnson, Maples, Blackburn, Underwood, Conway, Figueroa, Paniagua, Whitenack, Wells) or in higher minors that really aren’t really impact guys (Rayley, Rusin, Coleman, McNutt) There is the newly acquired Vizciano but since he’s coming off TJ surgery and his young age I doubt he’ll be in the majors next year, maybe a September call-up at best. Depending on what the Cubs do with Garza this off-season (lets say they keep him) the Cubs will most likely have to get at least one SP maybe even two so I don’t have to see Volstad’s face in the majors until he’s really ready. That being said I think Wood has done a decent spot to have at least the 5th spot going into next season.

      • Flashfire

        Paniagua is older, though, and could move through the minors pretty fast.

        Vizcaino could follow the model of that guy pitching for Texas now: a couple years closing as he builds his arm strength back up, then into the rotation.


    Can’t we just end the season on a call of slaughter rule? One more month of this non sense. Tired of throwing 4/5th starters at best out there every night. Plus some people just look lost at the plate. Vitters has been awful. DeJesus is not a viable leadoff man, Castro and Rizzo have been in a bit of a slump. Only viable player on this team all year has been Soriano but you would never know that will all the heat he deals with

  • Mr.Boring

    Nope, not an idiot. Might look like one, but doubt I am one.

    Cubs have work to do. But thanks for turning this into that. FYI, whoever you are. The world is bigger then Wrigley.

    I was just saying, think about that. If I owned a business which had a loser for 25 years, at some point don’t you throw the towel in? Or, at some point doesn’t Big Brother step in and say, “what up?” Seriously, they are killing the talent levels.

    BTW, ……. team, front, big, name, and players do not need to be in caps. They are not proper names. Quick English lesson I learned in 5th grade. Good night to all.


    Joe Mather pitched tonight. I think we have officially hit the basement.

  • The Dude Abides

    Listening to Reds D Backs in the ninth and their announcers chuckling that the Cubs are having a rough night even by their standards. Nice to be the butt of every joke going for the next two or three years while we wait on the great turn around where we dominate all of baseball when the mad professor gets done. We’ll show them all we will rule the world. I just can’t wait, three short more years…

    Hey I heard a rumor that the Royals triple AAA team was thinking about releasing a 29 yr old middle reliever better get Theo on speed dial to the Royals, I think he was projected to be a starter coming out of high school, nothing to lose to sign him and hope for the best. I absolutely love that strategy it is payiing off bigtime for us.

    • Scotti

      Whoever those announcers are but they are relevant how? I don’t think I want the Cub front office making decisions because those guys do or don’t chuckle.

      • AB

        I always knew the majority of Cub fans were fickle and short-sighted, but all this whining is making my day.

      • The Dude Abides

        That’s right Scotti their team is in 1st place and they are not talking to Theo but they see it a little further away than us and the observation they make is that we are a joke even by Cubs standards. Next time your talking with Theo and your talking strategy get what his timeline is where HE WANTS the fans and media to start to hold him accountable for putting a major league caliber team on the field. 2014, 2015, 2016??? then we can show them announcers a thing or two on how you build a winner.

  • Cubsin

    Mather is our best pitcher (0.00 ERA, WHIP 0,000) and BJax is leading our hitters in OPS. ‘Nuff said.

    • Flashfire

      Mather gave up a hit.

  • Leroy

    surprise surprise last utility player to pitch for the Cubs? Gary Gaetti in 1999. The Cubs record that year? 67-95.

  • Steve

    Im getting a vanity plate…need some help deciding:


    Im not sure about a lot if you, but damnit, Im still a Cub fan. We suck…badly. Get over it. Picking at the scab won’t make it heal faster.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      If you can get HolyCow, it’s HolyCow, easily.