The game was close until the 9th inning when the Brewers erupted, and the Cubs’ bullpen imploded. Lendy Castillo and Alex Hinshaw were the primary culprits, and the Brewers hit five homers (two from Aramis Ramirez).

Ugly night. Very ugly …

  • Steve

    I hope none of you let your children see this….

  • Quintz

    If a marginal (at best) big league outfielder closes out the game for a bad team after the pen gives up 9 runs in a frame and nobody was tuned in to see it, did it actually happen?

  • Melrosepad

    So, why haven’t we heard anything about trying a minor trade with Philly to keep Castillo and send him to the minors already? I’d much rather do that if the FO liked him enough. As for Hinshaw, I think I’ve seen enough. DFA him.

    • Ced landrum

      At this point does it matter?

    • Brett

      Eh. Not too much sense in trading for him at this point. The wins/losses don’t matter for the Cubs, and they can keep him if they just let him sit in the pen for the rest of the year. Rosters are about to expand, so he never has to throw another inning this season if the Cubs don’t want.

      • Melrosepad

        It was more of a question as to why we never heard anything about it all season. If we could have made a small trade early on to keep him it would have made more sense. At this point yes, it doesn’t really matter, but it was more of a why didn’t we ever hear it at all.

        • ssckelley

          But who was Lendy blocking? This team was not going to win this year anyway and perhaps the Cubs did offer the Phillies something but the price was to high. The 40 man roster is not overflowing with talent right now so using the spot on a upside player that is still learning how to pitch did not hurt the Cubs at all.

        • Brett

          I’m guessing we didn’t hear about it because the Cubs didn’t like him enough to want to pay extra for him in a season when they knew they could keep him for nothing without risking extra losses (because the losses didn’t matter).

  • fortyonenorth

    Overshadowed by that abysmal ninth, was the Cubs team RISP: 2-11. Can’t win ballgames like that.

  • RY34

    Can we all just agree that Castillo is horrible and Hinshaw, hell he looks like he will fit right in with all the other trash in the bullpen. So ready for this shit to be over with this year. Team is a pain in the ass to watch.

    • JR

      Well Castillo obviously isn’t ready to be in the majors. It would be like the Cubs putting Duane Underwood in the majors. But they have no choice with Lendy. He’ll be back in the minors next yr where he belongs. Hinshaw looks really bad..

      • Flashfire

        Honestly, if we’re gonna be worried about guys at this point, let’s be worried about Rizzo and Castro. Castillo and Hinshaw are such a minor part of what’s happening overall.

    • ssckelley

      I disagree about Lendy, the Cubs got him in the rule 5 draft so they have to keep him. The team is not winning anyway so using a roster spot on him and give him some big league experience hurts nothing. Lendy is a converted shortstop and has only pitched 131 innings total in the minors, none of them at AAA. Next year the Cubs will be able to use him at AAA and hopefully this experience he is getting will pay off down the road.

      • RY34

        good points.

      • scorecardpaul

        I would look for the Cubs to pick up a player or 2 in next years rule 5 draft also. That is how bad teams try to improve. Chance we steal someone good.

  • BD

    Add Mather to the bullpen battle for spring training next year- he’s got the lowest ERA on the team! :)

  • Jim

    So mather is gonna become our new set-up guy?

  • http://bleachernation loyal100more

    you know mather…show you something good, and get you thinking. but then never delivers.

  • bbmoney

    Is Castro starting to walk more, or is it just me? He still seems to swing at too many balls, but I’ve seen a few more good ABs from him laying off boarderline/pitcher’s pitches.

    Hopefully a positive sign, but maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see when I watch.