Hooray! Something that was reported weeks ago as a done deal actually wound up becoming a done deal!

Today the Chicago Cubs and Starlin Castro officially agreed to a seven-year extension, which includes an option for the eighth year. Assuming the numbers reported early today are accurate (and we have no reason to believe they aren’t), this is a good day.

A very good day (and Dave Kaplan confirms the Ken Rosenthal numbers from earlier today – great deal for both sides) …

  • louis

    woot woot

  • CapnCub


  • dob2812

    Ah the Cookie Monster gif – the true picture of happiness.

    Great deal. Lots to like. If Rizzo is getting something broadly similar some time within the next two years, it’ll be a good sign.

    I’m glad this season is nearly over and while next year probably won’t be much better, hopefully we can see guys like Castro, Rizzo and maybe even Jackson develop some more to the point where we can start to see a winning team on the horizon.

  • Farley Flash

    Castro is just one piece of the puzzle. Who is to say he will be playing short for the Cubs in a few years. We have drafted a lot of talent up the middle. His position could change in the best interest of the Cubs. I like what I see in the future for the team when it comes to position players. The more the better due to the fact that most will not make it at the big league level. Extra parts will have to be traded in the future to get some pitching. I can not believe some of the never will be ready for prime time pitchers the Cubs have put out on the mound this summer. There is not much in the minors either once again due to the fact that most do not make it. It gets real scary to look at the lack of arms the Cubs have in the minors. It will take some serious evaluation of every day players to decide who to trade for pitching talent.

    • dob2812

      Pitchers break so often that we’re better off with with quality weighted towards position players. They’re also not as valuable as every day guys. You’re right in that the Cubs do need to develop pitching depth within their own system but I wouldn’t worry about the lack of superstar prospects right now. I’d rather be like the rangers – have a monster line up and then stitch together an efficient, low cost rotation and bull pen as best you can through free agency / low level trades.

    • Eric

      You look at the Cubs farm 5 years from now, and you will see guys drafted this year and next, and even some surprise late round picks. I have no doubt there will be some elite pitchers there in our top 5.

  • Dave

    A great move. While Starlin still has a lot of developing to do, I don’t see a problem with signing a 22 year old shortstop who’s a 2 time All-Star (already) to this kind of contract. Great for both sides.

  • Papi

    Awesome move for Cubs and Castro. Theology at its finest

  • crazyhorse

    This is a great contract for the Cubs organization.

  • BD

    Sweet!! Now give Rizzo something similar to Longoria’s best contract in baseball!

    • Dave

      In my opinion Rizzo needs to prove more a the major league level before the Cubs should consider locking hm up with a contract. One hot month does not make a player.
      Longoria is a bona fide super star who was a success as soon as he hit the majors so to use his name and Rizzo’s name in the same discussion is wrong..

  • Eric

    Rizzo will get one in 2014. No trade clause, about time we abandoned those. If Castro gets too large for SS atleast don’t restrict the trade list.

  • Myles

    Great day to be a Cubs fan.


  • Quintz

    ……………..Oh yea, he CLAIMS to be 22.

    • demz

      looks like he’s 16. maybe he’s younger.

  • Jay

    Your right dob, I would rather build from a strong starting every day line up. I can be patient but 5 years (holy crap!). If we are still waiting for minor league pitching to emerge in 5 years something is wrong with the system. Just a thought hear I keep looking at Volstad and cant help but wonder why he cant get it done. Then I remind myself that he is 2 to 3 years younger than the Shark and he is just coming into his own.

  • mikaylaaa

    Okay so Quintz’s comments made me think. This is a genuine question, so if I’m saying something stupid, please don’t attack me! International players cannot be signed until they are 16 correct? If I remember correctly, Starlin was signed as a 16 year old. At that point, there would be a disadvantage to lying and saying he’s younger, because then he couldn’t be signed and I’m sure he wanted that money right then (as little as it seems in the grand scheme of baseball, I’m sure it was HUGE to him). Once we’ve signed him, we obviously can keep track of his age from there.

    So I guess my question is, if a player signs at 16, is it safe to say that he’s probably telling the truth about how old he is then? So there would be no reason to question his age in the future, right?

    I’m not attacking anyone either, it was honestly just a thought I had! If anyone else has any thoughts on this, please feel free to share :)

    • Pat

      The point when they lie about age is well before that. They are signing at 16 which means they are being watched from about 13 on. The reason for the lie is that was is damn impressive for a thirteen year old could be only meh for a fifteen year old. These guys are being signed for what they might be able to do

  • crazyhorse

    It can go both ways – if a person is 15 and and agent wanted the player signed – you can move him up a year or a few months to meet that 16 rule.

  • Curt

    I guess I don’t get why an error prone I mean he makes great plays but I think is just an ok hitter, he is probably one of the better players at a traditionally weak hitting position but why does he deserve this , I’m just askin, I’m sure I’m in the minority here great deal did Castro for the cubs idk. an old askin I once heard ” you are worth what someone is willing to pay you” so I guess he’s worth it.

    • bbmoney

      My two cents.

      Yes he makes too many errors. But he has very good range and gets to a lot more balls than even an average short stop, which is probably the single most important defensive variable. If you get to 50 more balls in a season even if you make 10 more errors than the average SS, you still account for 40 more outs.

      Even in a “bad” offensive year, he’s still well above league average for a SS….at age 22 when most SS are kicking it around at AA. His body type also suggests he’ll hit for more power and won’t just be a slap hitter. He’s already hitting double digit HRs and if he becomes a 20+ hr guy as expected and continues his career batting average above .290, you’ve got a terrific SS easily worth 15-20M per year as a FA…..especially if he learns to walk a little more often.

      Of course it’s all conjecture at this point about what he will do, but he’s done a lot already for being 22….did I mention he’s 22? And if you think about it, what 7 year contract isn’t a lot of conjecture.

  • DCF

    I’m not sold on how great this deal is for the Cubs either.
    For such a long term deal, through most of which he’s (somewhat) cost controlled anyway, the team should expect a sizeable discount. Adding up expected salary during arb years plus 20 million/yr after that would amount to something int he order of $60 to $70 million, wouldn’t it?

  • die hard

    Did Theo consider that given this kid’s mental and physical make up, he may have peaked already….all that money could have found other uses….hes at most slightly above avg and soon to become avg unless someone takes him under their wing and lights a fire or switches on a light bulb…would love to see Cubs ask Don Kessinger to spend off season with this kid to get him to think baseball and to get in better shape…either lose 15 lbs and become a base stealer or gain 15 of muscle to be a 30 HR guy..right now hes in no mans land with a BMI much too high and an IQ much too low to warrant so many bucks

    • Richard Nose

      I remember how I acted when I was his age. Kid’s got plenty of time to figure it out. I’d imagine that’s why the contract is structured that way it is. Nowhere near his prime. I’ll wait for him.

    • BluBlud

      Die Hard buddy, I actually agree with some of the things you say, but really, are you a Cubs fan or what. I have my players I like and don’t like, but you seem to hate every player and executive in the whole organization.

      • hansman1982

        diehard is the OT – Orginial Troll-ster…

        • Richard Nose

          I can’t keep up, can you publish a list?

    • Richard Nose

      I just re-read that he suggested Castro may have peaked already. Yup, definitely trolling

  • Curt

    now I don’t agree with die hard all the time he’s right this time, I just don’t think Castro earned this, if he’d had a monstrous season myb u think about this, but he’s been good Idk if he’s been 60 million good though, it’s like theo said we gtta give this money to someone give it to Castro, I hope it turns out tht he does warrant this contract well see, good luck starlin.