Jeff Samardzija turned in yet another great performance, allowing just a couple earned runs, seven hits (no walks), and striking out ten in seven innings. Mike Fiers was slightly better (or the Cubs’ bats were worse than the Brewers’), and the Cubs lost. Rabble.

The biggest moment came in the top of the 7th when, for about two minutes, Darwin Barney’s errorless streak had ended (in a tie with David Eckstein for the NL second base record) when he threw the ball away at third base. Except he didn’t throw it away – he threw it right to Luis Valbuena, who simply missed it. Fortunately, the scorekeeper corrected his mistake, leaving Barney without a mistake, and the NL record is now his. Hooray.

  • cas-castro

    Good stuff Brett. As much as I know our Cubs are bad, I get tired of watching the Brewers beat up on the Cubs. That said, Smardzjia did pitch a good game tonight. Lets get a laugher one of these games.

  • calicubsfan007

    Vitters isnt going to get better by sitting on the bench… I think I know why he is sitting, but it still aggravates me. Especially when Valbuena screws up and/ or strikes out.

    • cubmig

      I disagree. Valbuena has shown he has the glove to do the job at 3rd. He also shows he has a good eye when at bat. Too, from what I’ve seen, getting behind in the count doesn’t rattle him like other Cub newcomers. While it’s only an opinion based on observation, I think he’s going to develop into a power hitter. I know the talk is “trade him” but imho, he could develop into an asset if kept. As far as choosing between Valbuena and Vitters, I’d go with Valbuena.

      • Jimmy james

        Are we watching the same guy?

  • rcleven

    Was out and didn’t see the game. First thing I noticed in the line score was three errors.
    I know this is a kids game but this is suppose to be pro ball.

  • Dustin S

    It feels like we have to be going for the record for number of games where the Cubs have scored 1 or 0 runs in a season.

  • cubspong

    What is the major league record? How many more games does Barney need for it?

    • Leroy

      It’s something like 141. I will have the actual stats in a minute.

      • cubspong


  • Drew7

    This start puts Shark at #10 in the NL in xFIP – I think it’s safe to stop calling it the “Shark rotation experiment.”

  • Cubs1967

    time to move marmol; jansen; dodgers closer has a heart issue; not sure of extent yet. same problem last year to him missing a month while on blood thinners. if that is the case again, dodgers are a team bent on winnning; unlike P.K. mcCaskey who would rather tank the season for many more; won’t get much but dodgers are proving they’ll take contracts. not sure if the dempster mess will be a problem. wow-so demp could screw up 2 trades maybe?

    move marmol-next year only sori-castro-soler are signed for 27M; leaves team theo and PK plenty room to only spend 50M; keeps payroll lower for tommyboy!

    just do it!!!!!!!!

    • Featherstone

      Shut up already. Your needless blatant negativity on things which you have no clue is simply grating.

      • Cubs1967

        WOW—-what a tough guy you are. telling somone to shutup; any coward can sit behind a computer and say that. why don’t you provide some facts next time or look in the mirror when it comes to who is clueless.

        enjoy your day at school today.

        • Featherstone

          You make the claims, you provide the facts. Sit down son.

          • Brett

            There are ways to continue the conversation without the “shut ups” and “sons” and that kind of stuff. Let’s all be above that.

  • Josh

    This team is so bad it hurts my eyes. It got so bad I started laughing in the 8th inning during. Can’t wait till October when I can focus on the offseason. Sad thing is next year may be even worse. Almora, Soler, and Baez cannot come up soon enough. And that’s assuming they reach their ceiling.

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    I’m still on the Theo band wagon, but honesty compels me to admit there have been some mistakes at the major league level and this team at that level has very little redeeming quality,

    I understand Theo has improved the quality of the scouting and they are clearly better at the lower minors. But the mid is mediocre and the high minors is not good. And while unlike a lot people of whining about some of the trades, that’s how it works you give up to get and most no matter who does the training are huge for either side.

    What concerns me is how even the two young players who people seem to pin so much on offensively Castro and Rizzo are regressing offensively. And if people look Barney is hitting under 260. I think Theo has a lot of work to do this offseason and that doesn’t include having a 37 or 39 year, take your choice left field ” role model” so called in LF. If anyone notices since Alfonso started instructing Castro with Ramirez departure Castro has dropped over 25 point in batting average.

    The long and short of it is Sveum won’t survive another 100 losses if they occur in 2013 and Theo will find himself in a mess if there isn’t some improvement very soon at the major league level. I am still on the band wagon, but the bullpen and rotation with some of this garbage like Germano bothers me. Even more so that they are keeping 40 man roster spots for some of this junk and let Maine go like this. I have not been critical of the front office, but detest that move, LHP like that when you have more than your share of junk balling 16 inch softball types just isn’t right. It is disappointing in my view. I don’t think they have to win more than 70-75 games next season maybe not that many, but they can’t put this kind of crap out and not expect really revolt from the fan base and advertisers. They are already seeing empty seats.

  • Leroy

    Placido Polanco holds the MLB record for second basemen with 141 in a single season. Kevin Youkilis has the all time record at 1B with something like 238 games.

  • RY34

    6-22 over last 28 games, scored 2 runs or less in 11 of those games 3-13 against the brewers this year, pretty much sums things up for this miserable season!

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