In a 10 minute span – literally – the Cubs announced Brandon Hyde’s promotion, the AFL rosters were released, and the Indians announced that they had claimed Scott Maine off of irrevocable waivers from the Cubs. I elected to write the Maine piece last, which, like, sorry Scott.

Maine, 27, was designated for assignment, and ultimately placed on irrevocable outright waivers (i.e., the kind that allows you to send a guy to the minors after taking him off the 40-man roster), last week to make space for catcher Anthony Recker. It’s tough to lose a lefty with stuff like Maine’s for nothing, but his control issues sealed his fate with this front office. While he always struck out a bunch of guys – including 11.3 per 9 at the big league level this year in 20.2 innings of work – he always walked a bunch of guys – including 5.2 per 9 at the big league level this year. You just can’t have that, especially not on a roster serving at the pleasure of a GM (Jed Hoyer) who has said K/BB ratio is his favorite pitching stat.

At AAA this year, though, Maine’s BB issues seemed to have reached the best level of his career (walking just 3.4 per 9), but it came at the price of his strikeout stuff (he struck out just 7.6 per 9). His WHIP was a nice 0.990, but the Cubs obviously decided he wasn’t going to reach that level of effectiveness, or even close to it, at the big league level next year.

Maine becomes the Indians’ version of all of those guys the Cubs have been picking up off the waiver wire – a lottery ticket with a really low rate of paying off, but a really low price tag. Why not?

  • cubmig

    Jed Hoyer says a deal in the next few days is possible, if not necessarily likely.

    Guess this is what Jed May have seen coming……

  • jr5

    Eh. I never missed Neal Cotts. This isn’t a big deal, at all.

    • When the Music’s Over

      You’re right, taken alone, it’s not a big deal.

      However, when viewed in conjunction with some of the other guys hanging around on the 40 man trash heap, it’s a bit of a head scratcher (eg, at least Maine has upside). Why not dump Corpas, Mather or perhaps even Coleman?

      • Earl Cunningham

        Agreed, I liked Maine more than Coleman and Mather is a waste of a roster spot.

        • WGNstatic

          Dude, get your facts straight:

          Mather’s ERA: 0.00 with 0BB!!!
          Maine’s ERA: 4.79 and he walked 5.2/9 IP


      • Chris

        I think they are going to try to unload Corpas as a veteran bullpen guy that can turn into a fringe prospect. While I don’t disagree with you regarding Mather, he’s one of the few right handed bats on the bent you have. And he’s versatile and makes no money. Despite his showing, I think Coleman has more upside than Maine. At the end of the day, none of these guys will be on a contending Cubs team, so who cares? There are probably other moves that could have been made. But it comes down to Jed seeing something he didn’t like with Maine, so now he’s gone.

      • AB

        If Maine is out options next year it makes more sense.

        One more roster spot for protecting someone like McNutt, Batista, or Rosscup

        • Chris

          I think he was out of options this year, given the fact they had to designate him before they decided to waive him.

          • AB

            has he been on the 25-man or on the DL/rehab all year??

            I guess I haven’t been paying that much attention.

  • tom

    could have packaged Maine with Soriano to Indians and get SOMETHING !!!!!

    • JR

      No way Sori would have ok’d a trade to Cleveland. Thats the problem.

      • hansman1982

        “tom” would have gotten it done…seriously, Theo, hire that man.

        • Njriv

          Haha I know, like if Jed and Theo didn’t think of that or it slipped their minds. C’mon man!

    • Chris

      The Indians are 19 games under .500. Why would they want Soriano? Maine is clearly better than Hinshaw, but with Russell, Beliveau, and maybe Rusin next year, I think the bullpen is going to be stacked with lefties enough to absorb this “loss”.

  • Njriv

    Doesn’t bother me, Beliveau will most likely take his spot and stay with it, instead of constantly being sent up and down.

    • hansman1982

      I think Maine’s spot has already been filled – Beliveau will probably be called up as soon as Iowa is done playing New Orleans, which will be after Active Rosters expand.

  • elizarudi15


  • Brian

    Here is a fun dream, if you could build the team without a thought of money considerations and the teams not exercising options who would you choose??

    My roster

    C Brian McCann
    1st Anthony Rizzo
    2nd Robinson Cano. OMG I would KILL to have him at 2nd!!
    SS Starlin Castro
    3rd David Wright
    LF Juan Pierre Legit lead of man please….
    CF Brett Jackson
    RF Josh Hamilton

    1. Matt Garza
    2. Anibal Sanchez
    3. Jake Peavy (starting to come back around)
    4. Zack Greinke
    5. Travis Wood

    Have to trade for one.. Not too keen on any impeding free agents and Marmol just can’t get his control down. It’s too bad cause when he is on, he’s one of the best.

    Let the games begin… Who would you all choose??

    • Ryan G

      Silly excercise. And no Samardzija?

  • http://Bleachernation Oliver dehart

    The jury is still out on the new management
    Team and there plans.
    It will only work if they bring in lots of
    Free agents next year.


    • DocPeterWimsey

      It will only work if they bring in lots of Free agents next year.

      There will not be many (if any!) major free agents available this winter, so that clearly is not the plan.