What a crazy game. The Cubs looked dead in the water several times before coming back big in the 6th (six runs), and then again in the 9th (three runs to win it). No sweep! Can you imagine what that win would have felt like to watch if the Cubs were in a playoff race?

Brooks Raley’s season ended ignominiously, as he was tagged on a couple bombs that took his day apart. He’ll try, try, try again next Spring. He wasn’t the only Cubs pitcher to get ripped today, obviously – and it happened to Brewers pitchers, too. Also, I’ve said it many times before, but it remains true: Jonathan Lucroy just kills the Cubs.


Lots of Cubs had great days offensively, including DeJesus, Valbuena, Castro, Rizzo, Jackson and Soriano (who didn’t even start).

Perhaps the only pitcher who looked good on the Cubs’ side was Carlos Marmol …

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