Well, the weather ain’t lookin’ so good for me and my buddy taking in today’s game. Given that it’s due to Hurricane Isaac, I can’t really complain – there are worse things.

  • Obviously Alfonso Soriano was not traded yesterday, and he reiterated his stance on not going to the Giants, the one team that really wanted him. “It’s very hard to play on the West Coast, especially on that field,” Soriano said. “It’s nothing against the team – they have a very good team. It’s more the city, because of the weather. They have a very good team that’s in first place. I know if I go to San Francisco, I won’t feel comfortable in the city. I’d feel comfortable on the team, but not in the city.” Shrug. I still can’t be mad at him. I may not fully understand it, but it’s his decision.
  • The Giants, however, are calling BS on Soriano’s stated reason for not going to San Francisco. “I’ve been in pretty much every division and when you play in a place like San Francisco your body lasts longer,” Giants outfielder Angel Pagan said, according to Doug Padilla. “When you get to September you feel a little bit of tiredness but it’s not as much as when you play in a humid place. It’s good, I like it.” Ryan Theriot agreed that the temperatures in San Francisco actually leave you more fresh, and added, “it is a big ballpark …. The National League West pitching is pretty dang good, too. From a hitter’s standpoint, there are a lot of things stacked up against you when you go out there.” In other words, the Giants think Soriano was scurred.
  • The Cubs’ goal for September? Don’t lose 100 games. On the season, that is. Not just in September. “I know it’s something I don’t want to be part of,” Rizzo said, per Paul Sullivan. “The magic number is down to 12 wins now. I was talking about it today. We’re not going to lose 100 games. It’s something we’re all motivated not to do.” Goals!
  • Ryan Theriot is back, and at least he’s not a Cardinal.
  • And, since I biffed on getting you an EBS last night after the game due to travel difficulties, you get it this morning as a part of the Bullets …

  • OkieCub

    Am I being a fair weather, hop on the band wagon type fan if suddenly I want to keep Marmol?

    • Njriv

      You dont want to keep Marmol, trust me.

      • Zach R.

        If he keeps up this kind of pitching everyday, yes we do.

        • Njriv

          Based on his history, how likely is that?

          • mudge

            How likely was Soriano’s improved defense?

            • Eric

              I think the thing to get excited about is Marmol’s return to form might really help make it easier to trade him. We might actually beable to get a really good prospect in return for him now. He’s only got one year left, he’s not part of our long term future. If you can nab someone in a team’s top 5 for Marmol, you do it. I’d say go for a SP prospect for a team desperate for a closer. There’s gotta be some magic theo and jed can do this winter.

            • Jimmy james

              Well it simply required him to actually try to get better, he never had worked on his defense

    • The Show

      I can’t believe you guys, not to long ago you guys were ready to send a angry mob to chase Marmol out of town, he was bad all last year and now this year up until August, and now you guys are talking about keeping him? I can’t believe you guys, it’s like you forgot that he is wildly inconsistent. Like Eric said, since he’s doing well the Cubs can possibly trade him., there is no way in hell he’s in the long term plans.

      • mudge

        Marmol did have a bad year last year. This year is closer to his career stats, which are: ERA 3.41, WHIP 1.31. He has 24 blown saves in his career, 10 of which came last year. He’s been “wildly inconsistent” enough for his 135 saves to put him in 4th place on the Cubs all-time saves list. Not saying they should keep him if they can get value back, but it’s also not really true that a closer is a luxury on a bad team. Every team needs one. Kudos to Bosio for reviving what looked like a lost cause. The more I watch this manager and staff, the more I realize they’re smarter than I am about the game. That’s what makes a season like this worth watching.

  • Smith

    Patrick Mooney tweeted last night: Soriano clarifies anti-San Francisco weather bias: “With the program I have with my knee, it’s not going to help.”

    That is how I took his original comments.
    You may not agree with his concerns, but at least, he was honest and upfront with the Cubs about it.

    • Eric

      As someone who has crappy joints that act up from time to time, I can confirm wet, muggy weather (which san fran is probably like) is not very good for the joints at all. Barometric pressure increases joint inflamation for people with tendonidis or other joint problems.

  • Chad

    I think Bob hit the nail on the head last night when he surmised that the reason Alf won’t go to San Fran is because playing left field there would really expose him for what he is. I know that he has had a statistically better season this year in LF, but he would look like a clown playing left field in that big ball park.

  • Picklenose

    It doesn’t matter f Soriano doesn’t want to go to San Francisco because of his knee, or because he thinks he will not succeed in their ballpark. Either way, he is saying that he is aware of his limits and is going to keep himself in a position to succeed instead of exposing his weaknesses. That sounds wise to me. And honest.

  • anotherjp

    The Z for V swap is becoming a wash at this point if you look at WAR value of the players. Also consider that Zambrano has pitched 128 innings to Volstad’s 81 and we don’t have the drama to deal with. For all the grief Theo took for eating some salary that move has turned out to be pretty good. I think you have to be a decent pitcher when a team hangs with you for 24 starts going winless.

    • Boogens

      “I think you have to be a decent pitcher when a team hangs with you for 24 starts going winless.”

      Not so sure I agree with that one. It’s more like there wasn’t anyone else to turn to after Dempster was traded and Garza was DLed. That being said I still hope that Volstad keeps it going.

      • anotherjp

        Volstad’s problem was more mental IMO– it was always the one inning per game that he couldn’t get past. As far as winless streaks go, some pretty good pitchers had similar bad luck- Dempster went something like 19 w/o a win and Matt Keough holds the record with 28 winless starts in 78-79. Keough had a 4.17 lifetime ERA and went 16-13 the season after he went 2-17, so I can see Volstad turning it around. Point is we’re no worse off with him than Zambrano this year and I think he could easily out-produce Z the next several seasons.

  • Carew

    You can do a whole lot worse than Soriano…im kinda glad hes stickin around

  • IndyCubsFan

    I like Beliveau! I think he has a ton of upside! But goodness, what game was Camp playing in yesterday? A Whiffle Ball game? Dude got smashed!

    • CubzFan

      I was wondering if maybe Camp is losing some movement on his pitches. He may be getting tired here in the final 2 months of the season. Which could certainly cause lack of movement. He has been used a lot.

      • EB

        I agree. Camp’s arm is due to fall off any day now

  • http://bleachernation loyal100more

    i think big V could be effective in the bullpen… ya know given he can put a couple of solid innings together each start. i think he could potentialy have alot of value if used in the right role. unfortunatly i just dont see it in the starting rotation.

  • Carew

    Brett, i don’t know you, but you’re the man

  • Josh

    I didn’t see the Tigers traded Jeff Baker to the Braves. So the Tigers essentially traded 2 unnamed players for 1 unnamed player and 15 games of Jeff Baker