It’s always fun to be at Wrigley Field, but yesterday’s game didn’t quite go as enjoyably as it could have. Justin Germano didn’t have great stuff or location early, and the Cubs couldn’t do much with Big Time Timmy Jim. And, with a long drive after the game (and the attending late night arrival), it’s an early morning EBS.

I did get to see Jed Hoyer briefly, and the hat Jon Lovitz threw after singing the Seventh Inning Stretch landed at my feet. I did not see it, however, and it took a crowd of folks staring me down like my fly was open for me to realize the hat was just sitting there. Because I hadn’t even seen it, I didn’t feel like I had “earned” it, so I gave it to the first guy who pointed it out to me (there weren’t any kids immediately visible).

If you watched yesterday’s game from the second inning on, it would have looked like a great Cubs effort. Unfortunately …

  • Mysterious4th

    The cubs page on has a headline ‘sveum doesn’t expect let down as season winds down” or something very close to it (can’t remember exactly since its still early)

    My answer is, ya can’t get let down much more from this season, since this season will probably rank in the top 10 or 20 of worst cub seasons!

    But I am still a loyal cubbie fan, not even 100 loss season can change that!

    • Josh

      As long as we win 12 of our final 30 games, I’ll be happy

  • Josh

    30 games to go. Any chance we ge hot an finish the year .500?

  • CubsFan4Life

    The hit by pitch with the bases loaded in the first inning that gave the Giants their first run was definitely a gift. I watched the reply several times and the ball did not hit him. It didn’t even graze his baggy uniform. Unfortunately, that hit by pitch changed the game as it forced in the first run, and was followed by Nady’s 3 run double.

    Len and Bob talked about how MLB should change the HBP rule so that the ball actually has hit the batter and not just graze his baggy uniform. I completely agree with Len that this rule needs to be changed. It definitely cost the cubs yesterday’s game.