The Cubs came back from an early deficit, only to lose late. Carlos Marmol had his first really bad outing in a long time, and Travis Wood was hurt by a particularly costly Anthony Rizzo error. Darwin Barney, Alfonso Soriano, and David DeJesus had nice games, but Brett Jackson, Anthony Rizzo, and Starlin Castro had tough games.

It happens …

  • EB

    Only Carlos Marmol could nearly throw a strike when trying to throw a pitch out

    • Homer

      Marmolade won’t be back next year.

  • Mark

    Marmol has to go. Wood deserved a W today.

    • Homer

      I didn’t get to see much of the game. I heard Riz made an error on a throw that cost Wood a couple of runs. I fell bad for both of them. Riz is just so good at first, but shit happens. I think Riz only has 3 errors with that one included.

    • Diesel

      Even had Marmol not screwed things up in the 9th, Wood wouldn’t have gotten the W seeing how corpas gave up the lead much earlier in the game. I agree Marmol needs to go but don’t blame him for Wood not getting the W today. Corpas screwed that up.

      • RY34

        Corpas sucks, he needs to go more than Marmol.

    • cubzfan23

      Hey Mark… I guess Rizzo should go also since he committed the erro hat would of on the game also… What a stupid comment…

  • IndyCubsFan

    Probably should’ve begged Cinci to take Marmol instead of Marshall. One of my favorite closers that played for the Cubs back in the day… Randy Myers.

  • ColoCubFan

    Still waiting for the next Lee Smith!

  • JR

    So another offseason of Marmol and Soriano trade rumors.. Can’t wait. Their value will suck in the offseason.

    • die hard

      don’t forget Sveum……he will be gone day after season mercifully ends…

      • Flashfire

        Not a chance. He may not be here long term, but no way he gets fired after one season given what he had to work with.

      • ColoCubFan

        Highly doubtful!

      • Njriv

        No way in hell Dale gets fired, why wold they bring him in, if they were rebuilding and knew they were going to bad and fire him because they are not winning? He’s going to be here for at least two more years until his club-option.

    • Carew

      I dont think Sorianos value would be all that bad. And Sveum will not be fired

  • willis

    This game was a little brutal. But I was at a Cubs bar (yes there is one here in Memphis) and when Soriano tagged that HR off of Cain the whole bar, right when it left the bat, went bananas. It was a pretty cool moment.

    Then they peed it away. Damn.

  • Tim Mo

    Who honestly is better than Soriano? I have no issue with having Soriano in left field next year.

  • Twiz

    Fun watching marmol blow it in the ninth. Im now 0-7 in games I have been at.

  • Big Joe

    The Cub’s website listed the other 9 players Soriano joined, when he hit his 25th homer of the year — guys who hit 25 in four straight seasons, I believe. There were some Hall of Famers on that list. I’m not saying Soriano is HOF material at all. Unfortunately, he is judged by his contract. If he’s a bum, the so are Sandburg, Santo, Banks, and Williams. I, for one, love the guy. I applaud his effort, his playing through pain, and the above average production he brings to the plate. He’s played well in the field, also. Not only would I be ok with him being the team,s LFer next season, I truly hope he is.

  • Stu

    I thought the Cubs were preaching fundamentals, the little things, etc.

    Rizzo cannot do that again. Ever. No excuse. Good teams will take advantage of that and they scored 2 runs.

    Clevenger can’t backhand a wild pitch in the dirt with 2 outs and a runner at 3rd base. Ever. No excuse. 1 run scores.

    There’s the difference in the game. There’s the difference between good teams and not so good teams.

    • fortyonenorth

      Agreed, but unfortunately this is what you get when you field a team of twenty-somethings. You look at a guy like DeJesus and you don’t see too many mental errors.

  • Stu

    Unfortunately, it will be shrugged off as just one of those things.

    What should be done to instill discipline would be to run drills on all of the mistakes like Rizzo and Clevenger’s over and over again.

    Get a coach out there with a bat, bunt it down the first base line and have Rizzo through it CORRECTLY to Barney at first base. And then do it again. Then do it another 50 times.

    Same with Clevenger. Through a wild pitch in the dirt with a base runner on 3rd base. And then do it again. Then do it another 50 times.

    Do you think they would make the same mistakes again? That’s what real attention to detail and discipline would be about. The current way is just all talk. Sad.

  • die hard

    would Soriano agree to go to Baltimore?…they could use a little more offense

  • Kirby

    I was very disappointed with B Jackson arm in the 9th inning throws to the plate. Teams will run on him after those throws yesterday.