Only in this feckless Cubs season could they have a benches clearing incident that amounted to little more than a war of words between their bench coach and the Nationals’ third base coach (seriously, that happened – the two started arguing, and the benches and bullpens cleared), where their coach was ejected and the other team’s wasn’t.

Of course, that was before the real brawl broke out after Lendy Castillo threw at Bryce Harper for some reason. The details of it will be fully explored tomorrow (it didn’t appear like there were any *serious* fights, but lots of shoving and maybe some swings), but the short of it for tonight is: when you’re getting pounded by the other team, and a fight breaks out, it looks like your fault. And you look petty. That’s not “showing fight” or “showing heart.” It’s OK to be frustrated that you’re losing so badly, but that’s not the way to handle it. Take your lumps, and hit the batting cages extra early the next day.

Did I mention the Cubs got stomped in the process yet again, completing a four-game sweep for the Nationals? I tend not to get too down about the Cubs this time of year, but it was hard not to tonight.

  • Fastball

    OMG people are getting worked up over a coach yelling at another coach and then our pigcher throwing at Harper. This isn’t a girl scout meeting! Its baseball beyond T ball.

  • Deez

    I live in DC. I was at Tuesday’s night game & I’ve watched the series. Check my post from that game’s enhanced Box. The Cubs should’ve thrown at the Nats Tuesday night. They are a day late & a dollar short.

    Has nothing to do w/ hitting the Nats, you have to back player’s asses off the plate. Nats averaged about 8 Runs, 13hits, & 4HRs a game in the series. LaRoche looked like Babe Ruth! He was 9/15, 5HRs, 8RBIs & raised his overall aveage 10 points!
    Gotta teach Young pitchers not to be intimidated.

    I’d like to add another sidenote. I go to Nats game ocassionally, but this week it was really humid. The ball was jumping off guy’s bat. The stadium played very small even smaller for the Nats!

  • Cedlandrum

    All I’m going to say is that Bo Porter is not the guy I would want to pick a fight with. He would have killed Quirk.

  • Ogyu

    I guess the quality of the Cubs’ play was not embarrassing enough, so they needed to complement it with embarrassing conduct, as well. Unless “the Cubs way” means whining like a baby when you’re getting your butt kicked on the field, Theo should be having some serious words with Sveum today.

  • willis

    I didn’t see it (i’ve pretty much stopped watching), so it’s hard to have an accurate opinion on things. I don’t like Sveum, at all. So if he ordered the hit, then I hate it.

    I don’t mind seeing fights. In fact, I kind of like it from time to time. But when you are a billion games under .500, are literally the worst team other than the Astros, in the world, and have been embarassed 4 straight games, starting a brawl is completely useless and uncalled for. If it did come from the bench, it further shows that Sveum isn’t ready for this stage and is as baseball ignorant as people come.

    This year has been a complete and utter embarassment. I agree with the EBS on this one.