Jeff Samardzija goes out a winner, and he has mostly himself to thank: 9 IP, 4 H, 1 BB, 2 ER, 9 K. He’s freaking good, folks.

  • ottoCub

    Great game and great season, Shark.

  • Mrp

    Can’t say this about too many games this year, but that was flat out fun to watch tonight.

  • cubchymyst

    I know it was Samardzija last start, but I think 120 pitches was too many.

    • hansman1982

      Eh considering he hasn’t been above 100 in a long time it’s ok. Now if this were his 18th time this year then you could be concerned.

      • cubchymyst

        Your probably right with this being one of the few times he went over a 100 and since this is his last outing of the season he has extra recovery time. I just think pitch counts are good to ensure that pitchers do not over extend themselves as they get tired.

        If anyone is interested I found this article about pitch counts

        Basically it says the best way to protect a pitcher is to train them properly, and goes a little into how to best train them.

  • BluBlud

    Wow. A win streak.

    • hansman1982

      This is jus two in a row If we win tomorrow that’s called a winning streak.

      • João Lucas

        Do we have a sweep on the road this season?

        • João Lucas

          OK, I checked. We don’t.

          • Rafael Meirelles

            Are you from Brazil? I ask because you do have a brazilian name! It would be awesome to find another cubs fan from Brazil

            • João Lucas

              Yes I am! Born and raised in São Paulo. What about you?

              We sure are a rare bunch!

    • Mrp

      Three in a row is a winning streak, not two. Lou Brown said so.

  • fortyonenorth

    Great game, Jeff – and credit to Dale for really playing it right and leaving Jeff in. It would have been easy to PH for him in the 8th, but he didn’t. Kudos all around.

  • Mike S

    His cutter was sick tonight…92 mph and a ton of movement. He’s definitely got Ace stuff in my opinion. Shark and Garza as 1, 2 is a decent start

  • Flashfire

    So, has Jeff already said to Sveum: “I feel great. I could easily go another 9 in 5 days.”

  • Clark Addison

    Wonder what his numbers would be without the mid season slump.

  • TWC

    Man, year after year (of late), we are the nail in the Pirates coffin.


  • João Lucas

    2013 CY YOUNG.

  • Dan

    “Jeff, how does that water feel?”
    “It’s f**king cold… I mean frikin.”

    Haha classic Jeff.

  • Ramy16

    Great for Jeff! Soriano needs some love! Everybody on here has and did write Soriano off! All the guy has done is carry our team! 27 hrs and 91 RBI? Soriano is and should be the MVP of the Cubs this year!

    • hansman1982

      I wrote him off from ever approaching a 30hr 100 RBI season which is well with grasp. For me this one season has made the next two years worth it. The determination and work that he must have displayed to the youngins is invaluable and makes the claims of him being lazy all the more ridiculous.

      • Matty Ice

        I would have to imagine next July Theoyer will be able to unload Sori for a pretty substantial haul (assuming we pick up most of the check)

      • David

        And the teams that didn’t pick him up for damn near nothing? I just don’t understand. Great season for Soriano, tho, and congrats to him for the mental toughness to know that the fan base has been mostly against him, but he worked hard at an advanced baseball age to make himself a better player.

    • Drew7

      Soriano was written off by a number of people here, but “everybody” is certainly a stretch.

    • cubzfan23

      92 rbi

  • notcubbiewubbie

    i think we should start working on an extension for sorryano.

  • anotherjp

    Soriano likes it in Chicago and is playing as if he wants to stay. Can’t say enough about his commitment this season. Shark did himself proud this year too, hope the example they’ve set rubs off on the younger guys. Am also amazed at how Marmol has turned his season around.

  • Dylan

    So who’s our opening day starter next season?

    Dempster? (If he comes back, which I hope he does on like a two-year, home-town discount contract)

    • Flashfire

      I think there’s a better chance Theo pitches opening day for the Cubs next year than he offers Dempster a contract.

      • notcubbiewubbie

        come on we gotta bring back rammy in a trade with the brewers too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mudge

    & how ’bout that 9th hitter.

    • David

      Noticed that. If ever there was a perfect position player to bat ninth, it’s Campana. And I mean that in a good way.

  • @cubsfantroy

    I missed the game and only got to read the highlights. Looks like I missed a great game by Shark. It sucks that they are shutting him down now, but it is understandable. It isn’t like were playing to get to the World Series right now. I would love for him to come back next year and put up similar numbers. Hopefully the Cubs can score some runs for him to. Love that Soriano is

  • @cubsfantroy

    Damn phone.

    Love that Soriano is going to hopefully get 30 homers and 100 rbis. I remember telling Brett on Twitter when the season began that I would love for the Cubs to keep him since he is a great clubhouse guy and is a hard worker. I’m glad a lot of fans are not trying to run him out of town now and are coming around to the fact that he isn’t always terrible. Lol

    • Josh

      Soriano is my favorite player and it makes me so mad when people classify him among the worst contracts in baseball. Has he been overpaid? No doubt. But don’t even put him in the same breath as guys like Lackey, Zito ,and Vernon Wells.

  • Josh

    According to Fangraphs Soriano has actually been underpaid by $1 million so far this season. That is why I post scathing comments on people who propose cutting him on Bleacher Report and other garbage websites.

  • Richard Nose

    Absolute stud. Nothing but love.