Those poor, poor Pirates. They were just swept at the most inopportune time by the Chicago Cubs.

Each young lefty starting the game pitched relatively well (Rusin for the Cubs, Locke for the Pirates), but the Cubs’ bullpen held up slightly better. Anthony Recker got his first homer, and Josh Vitters went deep for (somehow) his second.

But seriously …

  • nkniacc13

    nice bounce back after the Nats series now on to houston

  • @cubsfantroy

    Nice to see the win, but the pitching looked horrendous with all those walks. Surprising they won.

    Nice to see that Soriano is getting closer to the 30/100 mark. I will be happy to see it.

  • Lifepainter

    Like I said after the seven errors on friday night, the Pirates might have just punted the season.

  • DocPeterWimsey

    The Bucs have been punting for a while. Since July, they have a -29 run differential, with -15 of that from August. Unless they turn around drastically and immediately, then even if they stumble into the playoffs, they’ll be a first round elimination.

  • TonyP

    What is the point of Mather having a roster spot? He is 30 already and his slash line is utterly repugnant. I know it is September now so it doesn’t really matter but I can’t understand how he stayed on the roster all year and can’t see him being a part of the team next year.

    • mudge

      He’s appealing to women. We already discussed this in depth.

    • gratefulled

      He sure made his case today for batting lead off next season. GO SUPER JOE!!!!

  • @cubsfantroy

    Slow comment day.

  • BluBlud

    Now its a win streak.

  • Jim L

    Is there a more worthless stat in baseball than the Hold?

    • Flashfire

      Game winning RBI.

    • Drew7


    • Featherstone

      Win by a pitcher

  • LEO R.


    I’ve seen some notices of several(six) minor league managers\coaches being released by the Cubs. I don’t think i’ve seen any discussion on this site. Has it been reported here and i just missed it?

    • Brett

      Writing about it later today. I don’t like burying stuff like that on the weekend.

  • marco

    Those poor,poor pirates? Really?
    The Cubs are the worst sports club in history and after 103 years there is still “Wait until ….”
    They suck now and they will suck 5 years from now !New menagment,hopes it’s all B.S
    If you like baseball do yourself a favor and convert to White Sox .This is what I did long time ago and this year I’ll get to watch playoffs and my Cubs fans friends will watch the Bears.I like the Bears too but i like October baseball also.

    • fortyonenorth


    • art

      and you’ll convert again, and again, and…

    • Jimmy james

      You can even watch at comisk…er….us cell….whatever that place is called because even when contending there are plenty of seats

      • cjdubbya

        Mobile Phone Park?

    • Lifepainter

      This is a Cubs web site you idiot. I don’t have issue with the White Sox, I saw Dick Allen, Bill Melton and Wilbur Wood play. But to come on a Cubs fan site and bash the club is cowardlt because you won’t do it to our faces. Sitting behind a computer brings out bravery and tends to decrease intellect in some people.

    • notcubbiewubbie


  • CubsFan4Life

    Hey Marco, If you were ever a real Cubs fan you could never convert to being a White Sox fan. I hope you enjoy watching the White Sox choke in September and miss the playoffs this year. Go Tigers !!!

    • Tim


    • Carew

      woot woot

    • PRcajun

      now why would a white sox fan be following a thread of a Cubs vs. Pirates game at BN? Even when their team is contending. I don’t get it.

      …sad, sad, sad fan base.

      Geaux Cubs!

  • Spencer

    Gotta go 9-13 to avoid 100…

  • paul n

    f you marco

  • mudge

    we sure givin’ what’s-his-name a lot of attention…