Because everyone knows the BN community is so awesome, I have been given the opportunity to hook you guys up with a sweet DVD set: “The Essential Games of the Chicago Cubs” by A&E. Five of you are going to win a set, which includes the following games:

  • HALL OF FAME SHOWCASE vs. PHI, July 12, 1969: Hall of Famers Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo, and Ferguson Jenkins headline a win over Philadelphia.
  • SANDBERG’S COMEBACK SHOCKER vs. STL, June 23, 1984: Ryne Sandberg’s monster game shocks Cardinals.
  • NL WILD CARD TIEBREAKER vs. SF, September 28, 1998: Cubs prevail over the San Francisco Giants in a one-game, winner-take-all Wild Card tiebreaker.
  • NL CENTRAL DIVISION CLINCHER vs. STL, September 20, 2008: Wrigley Field erupts as Cubs clinch a spot in the postseason for the second consecutive season.

It’s a great set to have on your shelf, and I’ll confess that I speak from personal experience – because they hooked me up with a set, too. Personal favorite? As great as the Sandberg Game was, that 1998 one-game playoff (Gary Gaetti!) sticks with me as probably the most fun I ever had watching a singular Cubs game.

But enough about my favorite – let’s get you a set of your own. There are three ways to enter to win, and you can try your hand at all three of them (but you can only win once, you greedy goon). The contest runs from now until 5pm CT on Friday, September 14. Get your entries in!

So, here’s how you enter yourself to win: (1) “Like” BN on Facebook, find this post on the BN Facebook Timeline, and drop in a comment about your favorite Cubs game of all time; (2) Follow BN on Twitter, and retweet the tweet about this content (or any subsequent tweet about this contest); (3) drop a comment on this post, talking about your favorite Cubs game of all time.

Easy enough. The winners will be chosen at random (two each from Facebook and Twitter, and one from the comments), and you just need to make sure I’m able to contact you when the contest is over so I can get your address information.

I make no representations or warranties with this contest – I’m just trying to give some nice folks a sweet DVD set. The prizes are courtesy of A&E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions.

  • miggy80

    Its been mentioned a few times but the Cubs come back from 9-0 to Huston in 1989 has to be my favorite. My mom and I got back from school shopping and turned on WGN to catch the game just in time to see the Astro’s score 5 in the fifth. During the comeback I remember me and my mom singing the slogan of that year “Cubs Power”! The 9yr old me is still singing.

    • Stevie B

      I have that record…

  • Featherstone

    I have to say my 2 favorite games are the Kerry 20 strikeout game and the Zambrano no-hitter if only because it was played in Milwaukee between the Astros and Cubs.

  • Curt

    the Sandberg game , ryno getting sutter, and the game the cubs were up and blew in 2003

  • JB88

    Two games are probably my most memorable, for various reasons. I was at the Kerry Wood 20 strike out game, sitting in the left field bleachers, a row behind the guys holding the K signs. Before the game, some guys were talking about how many Ks Woodie would have, and at the time Wood was warming up in the pen. He looked terrible, bouncing tons of pitches, sailing a few, so I snidely said to my buddy, I’m guessing 0 or 1, because he is going to get shelled by a good Stros team that day. That game was just so exceptional and the excitement that we all felt in that stadium as Wood kept striking out hitters, losing the no-no on a ball between Kevin Orie’s legs, to going nuts (in a good way) when Wood tied the 20 K record.

    The second memorable game for me was on August 12, 1986. It was the day my mom died (she’d been battling cancer), though I didn’t know it until after the game when I arrived home. I was 7 and one of our families’ friends from church had invited me to the game. I remember Leon Durham crushing a home run and the Cubs winning that day. When I got home my dad told me that my mom had passed away while I was at the game. Every year, I remember that date and that game. For better and worse, the Cubs have always been a part of my life. And that game will always be engrained on me.

  • Grant

    My favorite Cubs game was Game 1 of the 2003 NLDS against the Atlanta Braves. Admittedly I’m a bit biased because I was there, but Kerry pitched a hell of a game and had a double to bring in a run or two in mid-to-late innings. One of my all-time favorite Cub memories.

  • http://bleachernation Jay

    September 18, 1989 – The Cubs were in the heart of the pennant race late in the season playing a Mets lineup that was stacked with the likes of Strawberry, HoJo, & Kevin McReynolds. The Cubs had a comfortable lead of 6-3 going into the 8th. Zimmer brought in Mitch Williams in the 8th inning which meant he would get to hit in the bottom half of the inning (his only at-bat of the seaon to my knowledge). Mitch had the one of the most silly batting stances I have ever seen. If my recollection serves me right, the first pitch was a fastball that he missed horribly. My father & I got quite a laugh out of it. At this point, my father says to me, “boy, if he connects, it is going to go a long way”. The following pitch he drove into the left field bleachers (oppo shot) for a three run homerun to secure the win. Wrigley was going crazy!! Ironicaly, it washis only career homerun at such a classic moment!!
    I really enjoyed game 5 in ATL to beat the Braves in 20 as well. Hopefully, I helped to remember a great memory for some of you. Thanks all & GO CUBS!!

  • Spriggs

    My favorite Cubs game was Sunday, July 2, 1967. Wrigley Field was packed. Fergie Jenkins pitched (and hit!) the Cubs over the Reds 4-1 to take over first place. It was the latest in the season the Cubs had been in first place since they won the pennant in 1945. The victory put them in a virtual tie with STL, while the Cards were losing late, but still playing. Almost all the fans stayed until they posted the loss for STL on the big scoreboard — a huge roar from the crowd erupted and lasted until they finished hoisting the Cubs flag to the top – at which point the place went absolutely nuts! A few of the Cubs players came out and waved to the crowd (I only remember Ted Savage for sure). Other players just peaked out of the left field clubhouse door to see what was happening. A left field bleacher fan lowered himself down from over the wall and began running and sliding all over the field. He looked like Gale Sayers as nobody could catch him! He finally just voluntarily turned himself over to the poor Andy Frain Usher guys who he’d been running circles around.

    Almost all the fans stayed in their seats for about 20 to 30 minutes after the game (as I recall). I had never before seen Wrigley Field rocking the way it was that day.

    PS… Ernie Banks didn’t play that day because he got spiked by Pete Rose earlier in the series, possibly the day before. Rose was loudly booed everytime he batted.

  • scorardpaul

    My favrite Cub game has yet to be played. I simply can’t imagine how I will feel when we finally win the last game of the year !!!!!! I do remember the feeling that overcame me as I was watching The 20 K game. I remember the excitement when my brother called me dring the game. Our pitching future looked unbeatable, and success was surely right arond the corner. I remember saying to him… not even the Cubs can mess this up, our pitching staff is great, young, and still affordable for years.

    P.S. as a side note could you be bribbed? I have an extra mint copy of the scorecard frm the 20k game???

  • Fastball

    My Favorite Game. It was actually 2. Back in September 1972 the Cubs were playing the Mets and won the 1st game which as a continuance of the previous day’s rain which picked up on like the 6th inning and then a 9 inning game. That day every player in the Cubbies starting lineup hit a home run. It was really cool it was my first games at Wrigley Field. I got Jose Cardinals autograph on a ball. I remember Joe Pepitone’s bad toupe’ came on his helmet when he was up to bat. All the greats played that day. Kessinger, Beckert, Hundley, Pepitone, Williams, Santo, Cardinal, Santo and Fergie Jenkins pitched and so did Burt Hooton. I will never forget that game as long as I live. It seemed like everyone that came up to bat hit a home run. I know the Cubs scored something like 18 runs in the 9 inning game. Not a bad way to become a Cubbies Fan For Life when your 1st game is like that one.

  • Andy

    The game that sticks out to me, is the Saturday Cubs v Yankees game at Wrigley in June of 2003, in which the Cubs beat Clemons. I remember a homer to left in the 7th, and beating a tough Clemons, Woody throwing a Gem and it really being the start of realizing that we were on the way to the beginning of a memorable, though futile, 2003.

  • Fastball

    You guys aren’t very old. :)

  • Ed Wiese

    As crazy as it may seem, I am going to say 1984 clincher in Pittsburgh. We hadnt been to the postseason since 1945. How about 1989 NLCS against the Giants. That was the first post season that we had the lights for. Even though we lost both series, we still had a good time and the Boys of Zimmer in 89!

  • Fastball

    Spriggs has me beat 1967. I was 1972 but we lived a long way from Chicago back then in Ohio and I remember being scared going over the big bridge coming into Chicago. I had never been over a bridge like that before. I remember that game was the very first time I saw a black person in real life. I am from a small town in Ohio and never saw a black person before except on TV. My said I was asking him all kinds of questions. The good ole days.

  • Dave H

    Three games stick out.

    1] Ryno game – Duh

    2] 1989 game against the Astros – Mike Scott gets caught with sandpaper in his glove. Ryno knocked one out for the win. My first night game also.

    3] Nothing can compare to this one. First game at wrigley. Rainy day at the friendly confines. Dale murphy scorched us for two homeruns. Dad promised to get tickets if I got honor roll. My mom and dad couldn’t believe I made high honor roll that year. I also got a Indiana Pacer game for a bonus effort. Got to see Larry Bird play. Man what a year!


    My favorite Cubs’ game is easily the pennant-clincher in 1984 against the Pirates. That was probably Sutcliffe’s best game of the season, and put the Cubs into the postseason for the first time after more than 30 years as a Cubs fan.

  • Matty V

    My most memorable Cubs game was the clinching game in Montreal in 1989. I was 12 years old and my parents let me stay up past my bedtime to watch them clinch. I never got to stay up past my bedtime, so I knew this was a fantastic moment.

  • Jim

    June 30 2011, first Cubs game with my dad, sat damn near in the Cubs pen, and Soto hit a 3 run HR to win it.

  • Stevie B

    1994, my 1st Cubs game at Wrigley. I remember seeing the field from our plane as I flew in from Chattanooga. I stayed at the Days Inn on Diversey Ave and I walked to the park. I almost floated as it dawned on me that i was GOING TO WRIGLEY FIELD.
    I had my car tag around my neck with string that read: CUBSN94 as I changed it every year (starting in 1989) and the fans in the bleachers fell in love with me and my Tennessee accent and my love of the Cubs, as I did with them.
    I had 9 Old Styles that glorious afternoon.
    Cubs won 3-1 and Dunston hit one out. I met 2 smoking hot blondes( I think they were) at Murphys and we went to a pub and I remember, as we danced, and drank, and danced, thinking…who dances and parties like this at 6pm??
    Cubs fans do…and there i was, right in the middle of them.
    That first experience…the Ivy, the fans, Murphys, my team, made me realize i’d be a Cub fan till I’m buried.

  • Joepoe321

    The day I brought my billy goat to the game and then they kicked me out so I cursed them cubs fans with magic and made sure the cubs never won a world series mwahahaha!

  • Larry Rogers

    The first playoff game in 1984. It may have set up heartbreak on the coast later (two errors and a bad pitching decision did that, actually), but it was a great day to be a Cubs fan.

    Southside Cubs fan

  • Dave O’Connor

    June 23, 1984 at Wrigley. The surging, out of nowhere Cubs land on the NBC Saturday game of the week with Bob Costas against the hated Cardinals and Ryne Sandberg announces himself, with authority, as an MVP candidate against none other th
    an former Cub and future Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter. Steve Trout starts the game for the Cubs and gives up 7 runs in 1 1/3 innings pitched. The Cubs score 3 in the fifth to make it 7-3 but the Cards add a couple in the top of the 6th on a Willie McGee homer to make it 9-3. Things get very interesting when the Cubs score 5 in the bottom of the 6th to make it 9-8 which is where it stays until the 9th when Sandberg hits a game tying home run off of Sutter to send it to extras–9-9. He hits a second homer in the bottom of the 10th off of Sutter again, with two out and Bobby Dernier on first after a questionable ball 4 call to tie it at 11. Finally in the 11th, Leon Durham walks, steals second and advances to third on a Darrell Porter throwing error. Whitey Herzog walks Keith Moreland and Jody Davis to set the stage for Dave Owen, Jim Frey’s last remaining position player, who wins the game for the Cubbies with a single to right. Interestingly enough, Sandberg wasn’t even NBC’s “Player of the Game.” That was given to Willie Mc Gee, who had hit for the cycle before Ryno’s heroics even got started. The Cubs entered the game 36-31, a 1/2 game behind the Phillies. 10 days earlier they had acquired Rick Sutcliffe from the Indians and the table was set for the magical run for the NL East championship. Despite how the NLCS went, the Cubs were the best team in the NL that year. They would have been fodder for the Tigers in the World Series but they should have been there. The 84 Cubs were the 2nd best Cubs team of my lifetime behind the ill-fated ’03 squad that I believe, to this day, was the best team in baseball that year–despite the Marlins.

  • jungledrew

    My favorite Cubs game is easily the Kerry Wood 20 strike out game. I remember watching the game at my grandpa’s house. Oddly, one of the things I remember most was the odd stance the catcher took while catching. I had been a catcher the whole time i played up through little league and the position was always a standard squat, but the catcher would set up with his knees on the ground together with his legs spread out to the sides… it’s hard to describe but anyone who watched that game might know what I’m talking about.

    I was a little curious to learn a little more about the catcher and it turns out taht was his best season for WAR… which was a 0.0… and I would have to think that his dWAR went up just enough to make him a league average player just because of that game…

  • http://bleachernation scott prows

    The Sandberg homers off Sutter will always be my favorite.

  • Peter

    One of my favorites was April 2004. Sammy Sosa and Moises Alou hit back to back homers in the 9th to beat the Reds. My other favorites gotta be game 3 of the 2003 NLDS. Mark Prior vs. Greg Maddux was a sweet pitchers duel. Prior throws a 2 hitter as Cubs fans chant “Lets go Prior!”

  • Jason

    My favorite game was one that I don’t even remember the date, but the Cubs came back in the bottom of the ninth to score 3 runs to win 4-3. It was special to me because it was my son’s first time at Wrigley. He’s got mild autism, and doesn’t like loud noises, so needless to say the bottom of the ninth was quite horrible for him. But as I stayed seated holding on to him while mentally cheering and yelling my ass off, I realized that I had the best two things in the world right there…part of my family and baseball. Sounds kinda cheesy, but the best part was the day after the game, despite his crying because of the noise, he said he had a great time and he wanted to go back again. I believe that was 4 years ago now, and we’ve been back every year since then, and they have never lost when he’s been there. Who wants to buy us season tickets? :)

  • Patrick W.

    Totally random favorite game. I’ve had some amazing times at Wrigley, but one game in particular stands out. July 22nd, 1984. The Cubs lost that day to the San Francisco Giants, 11-5, but everybody was still in the stands at the end of the game because that was the scene of the “First Ever Concert at Wrigley Field” starring ShaNaNa and Chuck Berry. I was 16 years old, and the Cubs were a surprising 2.5 games back in the standings. This is my favorite game for one reason: At the start of the concert about 500 people rushed the stage just beyond 2nd base. I also rushed the field but instead of heading to the stage, I went straight to the pitcher’s mound. I got to stand there and look at the view so many of my favorite players got to see every day, and the stands were packed. I grabbed a handful of dirt and was escorted politely back to the seating area along with everybody else, but standing there was a moment I’ll never forget.

  • Ramy16

    I would have to say the grand slam that Aramis Ramirez hit against the Marins in 2003! That game made us Cubs fan think were going to run away with it and we all know the outcome of that series.. Do I say

  • Pat

    For me it was Sept 20 1982 (or thereabouts). A 3 – 1 win over the pirates. It was probably the third or fourth game I had been to live. Due to some extenuating circumstances we were able to meet the players before the game, get some autographs, and then sit first row between the Cubs dugout and the on deck circle. After the game my sister and I were able to essentially loot the dugout. We came out with four or five balls and a cracked Ryne Sandberg bat. Somehow over the years we managed to lose the bat.

  • Kyle

    I have to go with the Wild Card tiebreaker. I was 16 and wasn’t really old enough to remember 1989. It was the first time I’d ever seen the Cubs win anything.

  • Ramy16

    Another would be Milt Pappas no hitter in 1972… Where Bruce Froeming blew his perfect game and Randy Hundley was catching that game!