Because everyone knows the BN community is so awesome, I have been given the opportunity to hook you guys up with a sweet DVD set: “The Essential Games of the Chicago Cubs” by A&E. Five of you are going to win a set, which includes the following games:

  • HALL OF FAME SHOWCASE vs. PHI, July 12, 1969: Hall of Famers Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo, and Ferguson Jenkins headline a win over Philadelphia.
  • SANDBERG’S COMEBACK SHOCKER vs. STL, June 23, 1984: Ryne Sandberg’s monster game shocks Cardinals.
  • NL WILD CARD TIEBREAKER vs. SF, September 28, 1998: Cubs prevail over the San Francisco Giants in a one-game, winner-take-all Wild Card tiebreaker.
  • NL CENTRAL DIVISION CLINCHER vs. STL, September 20, 2008: Wrigley Field erupts as Cubs clinch a spot in the postseason for the second consecutive season.

It’s a great set to have on your shelf, and I’ll confess that I speak from personal experience – because they hooked me up with a set, too. Personal favorite? As great as the Sandberg Game was, that 1998 one-game playoff (Gary Gaetti!) sticks with me as probably the most fun I ever had watching a singular Cubs game.

But enough about my favorite – let’s get you a set of your own. There are three ways to enter to win, and you can try your hand at all three of them (but you can only win once, you greedy goon). The contest runs from now until 5pm CT on Friday, September 14. Get your entries in!

So, here’s how you enter yourself to win: (1) “Like” BN on Facebook, find this post on the BN Facebook Timeline, and drop in a comment about your favorite Cubs game of all time; (2) Follow BN on Twitter, and retweet the tweet about this content (or any subsequent tweet about this contest); (3) drop a comment on this post, talking about your favorite Cubs game of all time.

Easy enough. The winners will be chosen at random (two each from Facebook and Twitter, and one from the comments), and you just need to make sure I’m able to contact you when the contest is over so I can get your address information.

I make no representations or warranties with this contest – I’m just trying to give some nice folks a sweet DVD set. The prizes are courtesy of A&E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions.

  • Mr. Brent Kennedy

    Mon, Sep 17, 2007. While sitting in the bleachers, my buddies and I attempted 7-7-7. 7 hot dogs and 7 beers in 7 innings. I “won” with 6-6-6. Full of hot dogs, beer, and bravado, I stood up on my seat soliciting $1 for a guess at the attendance game posted on the scoreboard. Using the girl’s hat next to me I collected somewhere around $40. It felt like everyone in the left field bleachers was staring at me as I tried to read my chicken scratch on my printed ticket to find out who won. The Cubs came back to score three runs in the ninth to beat Cincy 7-6. Also, I got the girl next to me.

    • DarthHater

      You are the Antichrist.

    • Brett


  • Convention Jason

    On May 6, 1998, my Purdue University TV production class celebrated the end of our year by going to Wrigley. Well, we all know what Kerry Wood did to those Houston Astros that day. I believe there were only about 15,000 in attendance, but with the help of 15 of us in the upper deck, it felt like about 40,000 were there. On top of the record setting day, it was also my birthday! What a way to celebrate! I will never forget it.

  • butlerdawgs

    My favorite game was the first game I went to at Wrigley Field. My brother had gotten me two tickets to see the Cubs and Giants play in 2001 for my birthday. Lieber pitched an absolute gem, but the best moment came when in the 8th inning with the cubs leading 5-1, the Giants intentionally walked Sammy Sosa to load the bases and force a double play. Then Fred McGriff hit a grand slam to right field. It was one of the most amazing times I have ever had, and it was an experience I’ll never forget. It was the first time I saw the ivy, smelled the grass and heard the roar of the crowd as the Cubs won a game. It nearly brings tears to my eyes thinking about it now.

  • Stinky Pete

    Sept 27, 2003. Milwaukee taking two in Houston set it up. Prior, my favorite pitcher, won the first game and Clement won the second. What I remember more than anything that happened on the field was the sun setting as they walked around the field after clinching. Magnificent.

  • cubsnivy56

    I don’t even remember who they played but five years ago we were in the bleachers and my buddy proposed after the 2nd inning. The fans in the bleachers made so much noise that Soriano stepped out to look out at the bleachers and Bob Brenly made the comment while the camera was on them that “you think you’re just going to a ball game, and the next thing you know your whole life has changed”. Totally cool! The bleachers rock!

  • WXSpinner89

    I would have to agree with Brett. The Cubs vs. Giants game for the 1998 Wild Card is my favorite Cubs game I have ever been at. I was in 3rd grade and had a broken ankle. My dad and his buddies had brought their walk-mans (yes remember those?) so they could listen to Ron Santo’s reactions on the radio. Steve Trachsel pitched an amazing game and Gary “The Rat” Gaetti hit a bomb and the place went NUTS! After the game my dad carried me on his shoulders down Clark Street where the streets were closed off and people were going crazy. It was the greatest game I ever witnessed and it helped to grow my love of the game and the Cubs.

  • Michael from California

    The last game of the 1962 season. Wrigley so empty that my buddy and I moved into the box seats next to the Mets bullpen and had a nice during-game chat with a catcher named Chris Cannizzaro. The Mets lost, of course. The standout memory was an excellent play by Ken Hubbs that started a triple play.

    One of my favorite players, Richie Ashburn, played his last game that day. The Mets gave a pretty clear message to one of the better center fielders of that era by starting him at second base. He retired right after the game, though seeing his team lose 120 games in one year may also have been a factor.

    My wife and I were back for opening day this year and at one point I stared into short right field, again seeing Hubbs taking those long strides, perfectly timing his arrival under the pop fly. “What are you looking at?” she asked. Made me wonder if I were getting old.

    • Spriggs

      Nicely done!

    • Lifepainter

      I like Michael from California’s game the best so far. Really like the older games. My favorite game was June 6, 1963 vs. SF at Wrigley. In the top of the 10th with the bases loaded, Lindy McDaniel picked Willie Mays off second, struck out Bob Bailey to get out of it then homered off Billy Pierce to lead off the bottom of the 10th to win the game for himself. McDaniel only had two hits all season and batted .091. I never saw this game, I was only about nine months old. My uncle was at the game and told the story several times and I read an interview with McDaniel in Vine Line several years ago. You can find the box score at

      • Spriggs

        I remember that game! I remember the side by side photos in the Sun Times the day after showing the pick-off of Mays at 2nd and McDaniel’s home run swing!

  • clark addison

    I was in the bleachers for Ken Holtzman’s first no hitter, but missed Billy Williams’ against the wall catch of Hank Aaron’s drive into the wind, because of the angle.

    However, my favorite Cubs game was in San Diego, September 1998. Every time Sammy Sosa stepped to the plate, he got a standing O for the entire at bat. In the 8th inning the Cubs were down 4-2, with Sammy driving in both runs. Bases loaded, standing O, and Sammy launched number 63 into the upper deck at Jack Murphy Stadium (or was it Qualcomm by then?). The Padres shot off fireworks as the crowd went nuts. Cubs won 6-4, Sammy driving in all 6 runs. For about a half hour he was tied or ahead of McGwire, except Mac hit one that night too. After the game the Padres whined about the fireworks, complaining that they felt like a visiting team that night.

  • cubchymyst

    Favorite cubs game is Kerry Wood’s 20K performance, But I also remember watching Sammy Sosa grand slams on back-to-back nights in 1998.

  • Steve Kermath

    It’s a tough choice. Either my first Cubs game in 1983 against the Expos as an 8 year old kid going with his grandpa to the game. I remember walking up the ramp and seeing the green grass, the ivy and scoreboard and being in complete awe. Jody Davis hits a grand slam, which I called, and becomes my favorite Cub player until Andre Dawson arrives. I was also at the epic Cubs/Astros game in 1989. I was with my sister, brother and grandparents. It was my siblings first game and my grandma’s first in nearly 30 years. My grandma had been feeling a bit ill from being in the sun all day and with the game seemingly out of hand, my grandpa had finally convinced me and my brother to leave (my sister was steadfastly against it). As we get out of our seats Lloyd McClendon hits a homer, but it wasn’t enough to get our grandparents to sit back down. We took the bus back home not knowing anything that was happening. In the house I flip on the TV to find out that the game is still on and threw a mini fit. The Dwight Smith single was a bit of both joy and sorrow. My sister didn’t talk to me or my grandparents for a few days. We kiddingly never let our grandparents forget. It’s a memory that my sister and I still talk about to this day.

  • mike

    Its hard to pick one because Ive so many great games, like Milt Pappas’ no-hitter or Sammy Sosas 3 homer game from 1998 or even Bruce Sutters 9 straight SOs in 1977 or Rick Sutcliffes Wrigley Field debut(the day after the Sandberg game!), but I think my favorite has to be the day Ernie Banks hit his 511th home run off of Tug McGraw. It was 1971 and the Cubs were playing the Mets, whom I still hated because most of the players from 69 were still there. I remember that was a back and forth game in which even Duffy Dyer hit a home run. The Cubs were trailing and I think there were 2 men on base when they brought in Mr. Cub to pinch hit. Everybody was standing, so it was hard to get a good look, but you could tell that it was going out from the second it left the bat. The Cubs won that day. Funny how most of the details are hard to remember, but Ill never forget how cool it was to be able to say that I saw Mr.Cubs next to last home run. That was when I was still a kid and the 1969 team was still pretty much intact and the fun was still there and my family was still together, one of the biggest highlights of my childhood!

  • FFP

    I am enjoying reading these. And I want to play.

    As an out-of-towner my favorite game was on August 27, 2004. Although the Cubs lost to Roy Oswalt and the Astros (is this why I still have some hope for him?) 15 to 4, I was at Wrigley Field for the first time, and I was going see Kerry Wood.

    I scored row one seats right at the Cubs’ batting circle. (That is it’s own story, and there is profit in it for you, IF you can ever get me to tell it.)

    My heart was racing the whole game (and not just because you must fear lined-fouls in these seats). Nomar was just feet from me (closer than I had ever watched him at home in Fenway); and riding back to the hotel on the El, every regular riding home from work slapped me on my Boston back, hit me up for details on the game, thanked me for sending them Nomar as if I were personally responsible, and were generally one of the nicest crowds I’ve ever been in. (They are part of the reason I’ve become a Cub’s fan).

    My second favorite game so far was Easter Sunday this year. The game thread here at BN was hopping, and it made me feel like I was in the bleachers at The Friendly Confines.

    Bleacher Nation indeed.

    • Brett

      That was an awesome Game Thread. The Cubs’ crappiness thereafter brought things down slowly and consistently.

      We peaked in early April.

      • TWC

        We peaked in early April.


        Pretty much the story of the Cubs.

        • Brett


        • hansman1982

          I dare say the 2012 Cubs peaked on Oct 21, 2011.

  • Nick Kappel

    Wood’s 20 strikeout game (aka the best pitching performance ever) is my No. 1. It’s on my DVR; I watch it when I get down on the Cubs—which happens often.

  • David Adams

    My first ever Cubs game was a grade school trip around 1983ish. Cubs vs. reds. I vividly remember sitting in the bleachers and hearing an obscene chant about Nick Esasky. I was hooked the second I saw Wrigley and this will remain my favorite game until they win it all!!

    • DarthHater

      What a heartwarming story of childhood innocence.

  • Jim gross

    Favorite Cubs game ever? Saw a doubleheader at Wrigley when I was about 6 years old vs the Phillies. I don’t remember what day it was, I was six years old! All I knew was, Andre Dawson was the best player on the planet! I made my parents stay for 4 hours after the game to get his autograph. He signed an autograph for the kid standing next to me then got in his car and drove off. So, all I have is a game day I’ve away baseball and a picture of me with The Hawk in the background signing items for other fans. My dad dropped a homerun ball that day and spilled his beer in the process. I’ve never seen him spill a beer since! Those were my favorite games! We drove for 10 hours to go to those games, each way! From Oakes, North Dakota. And it’s been a Cubs love fest for me ever since.

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  • ColoCubFan

    My favorite Cubs game hasn’t happened yet. I have yet to experience the Wrigley Field atmosphere, but the kids are talking about paying for me and the wife to go next year. The best game I heard on radio was the first game of the 1984 playoffs. Sutcliffe was totally dominant both on the mound and at the plate. The Cubs took batting practice that day, and it looked as though they were finally headed to the Series! Well, we all know how that one turned out. Oh well, Wait ’til next year!