The Cubs and Astros combined to use a billion pitchers, as though they were fighting it out for a playoff spot, rather than for the mere avoidance of humiliation. The Cubs did the better of the avoiding, graciously accepting all of the base runners the Astros were willing to give them (of the starters, only Anthony Rizzo didn’t reach base by way of a hit or a walk). It’s a winning streak, folks!

  • Stevie B

    If the Cubs screw up getting the 2nd pick, I’ll do something rash. Like, well, I don’t know. Maybe curse at something…??
    I want it to be noted that I’m on board with us drafting Austin Meadows.

  • TonyS

    I only got to see the mlb highlights but it looked like Volstadt had good stuff. 92-94 with his sinker with good movement. Hopefully he can gain some confidence from these wins and compete for a rotation spot next year. Good to see Sappelt having an impact as well.

    • Stevie B

      Tony…they were playing the Astros. Watching this game reminded me of my high school playing days. Bad, bad stuff.

    • Lifepainter

      Volstadt was staying more on top of the ball with all pitches. He might have have more movement than he was looking for which caused the five walks. Against a good team, nine base runners in five innings might have meant a few more runs.

      • Brett

        Serious question, and not a dig: does “Volstad” autocorrect to “Volstadt” on some phones or something? I see that particular misspelling more often than any other.

  • TonyS

    I didnt notice the 5 bb’s……should have read the box score first.

  • GDB

    2 game hitting streak for Vitters. Dude is unstoppable.

    • Fishin Phil

      Ha! Sarcasm becomes you.

    • donnie kessinger

      It’s definitely a start…

  • Mush

    I haven’t seen Chapman pitch but every box score I read he has a K and no runs. Does he have potential?

    • Drew7

      As a solid middle-relief guy, yeah. Not too bad for a 2nd piece of a deal for Maholm.

      • Brett

        It’s funny you guys are noting that now – he gets a mention in the Bullets today.

      • Luke

        There are some who still think Chapman can start. I’m content to leave him in the ‘pen, but it will interesting to see if the Cubs look to stretch him out at any point.

    • ssckelley

      It would not surprise me if he made the team next season.

  • Rich

    I asked this yesterday, sorry I never did any responses…

    Do you think the Astros will go with Appel #1 or did Boras scare them off with high salary demands..Would the Cubs then bite as he seems to be a polished pitcher ?


    • Brett

      You probably didn’t get much of an answer because – in some folks’ opinions, including mine – it’s just too early to answer anything like that with much confidence at all. *IF* Appel pitches well, and *IF* he stays healthy, and *IF* his demands aren’t insane, and *IF* other guys don’t rocket up the board, and *IF* the Cubs get the number two pick, and *IF* the Cubs don’t have some other Draft strategy in mind, then yes, maybe they’ll take him.

      But how much did you really learn in that answer?

      (That’s my whole thing with 2013 Draft questions in September 2012 – it’s fun to discuss who some of the top players might be, but to prognosticate on whom the Cubs might select is kind of crazy. The amount that things will change between now and then is just enormous.)

      • hansman1982

        In response to all of the questions yesterday I had but 1 response to give:

        So, who do ya’ll think will be the 2013 MVP?

        • Ogyu

          Tossup between Soriano and Barney.

          • http://bleachernation loyal100more

            Volstad!!! or hill

        • art

          between Rizzo and Barney.

      • hcs

        So, wait, Brett, you are saying that the Cubs will definitely take Appel at #2 next year?

        • Flashfire

          Let’s get #2 before we make jokes with it. 😉

      • DocPeterWimsey

        But how much did you really learn in that answer?

        How about: Given your 6 “IF” statements and a coin flipping model, there is a 1/(2^6) = 1.5% chance that Appel will be the pick. However, I suspect that the coin is weighted against some of those “IF” statements!

    • Luke

      Brett is absolutely right. Past history strongly suggests that someone we aren’t even thinking about today will explode up the boards in the spring and become a candidate, and quite possibly several someones. There is no amount of analysis or prognostication that can cut through that. It is just way too early to start talking about who the Cubs will take.

    • Norm

      Start asking next May…

    • cubchymyst

      I would guess that the Astros are going with the same strategy they used this past draft. Use the first pick on someone who will sign quite a bit below the first pick money and then spread the savings out over the rest of the draft. As Brett mentioned above there is a lot of ifs but I think the astros might look at cost more then some other teams considering what they did last year.

  • fortyonenorth

    A couple notes from last night:

    1) I’d be interested in the attendance last night. Seemed to be mostly vacant from the POV of the CSN cameras. Also, I read that the TV viewing audience for the Astros Sunday game was something like 1100 households – the worst in the recorded history of MLB. The Cubs have a similar rebuilding task ahead, but at least we have fans.

    2) Tough night for Rizzo – really hoping he caps .300 this season. Not that it matters, but it would be a great milestone for his first year.

    3) Vitters looked good in the few ABs I saw. Smoking single on the first AB and a solid drive nearly to the warning track in the other. Also, Vitters is much better at the tough plays than the routine.

    4) Sappelt looked good. He really cranked that second 2B. Reminded me of how irritating those “yellow line” ball parks are. Who came up with that idea? Aren’t you supposed to simply hit the ball over the wall for a HR – just like the old days?

    5) In many ways, playing the Astros is like looking in a mirror – a slightly distorted and unflattering mirror. Lot’s of stuff that reminds me of the Cubs on bad days.

  • Rich

    I understand that guys, sorry…what I was getting at was not the draft and specific players to pick, but the problem with Appell and potentially large salary demands with pitching also being a need.

    I guess I was more or less asking what you thought about ( all being equal ) if the Astros would even entertain negotiating again with this player, assuming he does well this season.

    I am sure all will be answered later. Thanks

    • hansman1982

      The Astros decision to draft, or not draft, him will be based solely on their thinking of his talent, abilities, potential and the cost of signing him in 2013 and this past year will have no direct bearing on them drafting him.

    • Brett

      I think the Astros will be open to considering everyone, including Appel, depending on all those ‘ifs.’ I don’t think last year’s experience would necessarily queer the deal.

    • tim

      I’m confident Houston will do largely what they did last year. They decided how many guys they considered ‘about equal’. Prioritized the players. Offered them (in order of preference) a number below slot value. Sign the first one that accepted.

      Sounds like a good way to do it.

  • baseballet

    Cubs hitters had more walks than strikeouts last night. I don’t know if there’s an easy way to check how often that has happened this season, but it surprised me.

    Seems like Castro is taking more walks in the last month or so. I remember a recent game where he and Soriano drew back-to-back walks and I had to call my dad to let him know.

    • Brett

      It’s very rare, especially for the Cubs…

    • hansman1982

      the easiest way would be to check out the team’s 2012 game logs at

  • Curt

    don’t think these wins against Astros count they are myb a double-a team wait myb they do count were not much better. is nice to see some guys getting looks like sappelt, and ad well as soriano is playing I still hope they find a taker for him do a sappelt or someone who’s part of the future gets to play everyday.

  • EB

    Instead of backing their way into the playoffs by losing, the Cubs are backing their way into the #2 pick by winning lol

  • MightyBear

    I’ll throw my two cents in on the draft next year. My only thought is I hope it’s a pitcher. I know they should take the best player available and Almora looks like a great pick this year and Baez looks like a great pick the year before but I still hope it’s a pitcher and he becomes great fast.