As noted a little earlier, the 2013 master schedule for MLB is out, which offered some changes in interleague play and the timing of the playoffs. Now for a look at the Chicago Cubs’ 2013 schedule.

It opens on April 1 against the Pirates in Pittsburgh, and has the Cubs facing their first interleague opponent – the Texas Rangers – April 16-18 at Wrigley Field. The home opener is April 8 against the Brewers.

The White Sox series has been cut, as rumored, to just four games next year, played consecutively from May 27 to May 30. The first two games will be played at The Cell, the latter two at Wrigley.

The Cubs’ other interleague opponents, as you probably guessed, are the rest of the AL West, including the Angels (4 games), A’s (3 games), Mariners (3 games), and Astros (3 games).

The schedule appears to be heavily backloaded, with a tough road stretch at the end, as well as mostly winning teams (from 2012, that is) in the second half.

The full schedule is as follows (interleague series are marked with an *)…

April 1, 3-4: at Pirates
April 5-7: at Braves
April 8-10: host Brewers
April 11-14: host Giants
*April 16-18: host Rangers
April 19-21: at Brewers
April 22-24: at Reds
April 25-28: at Marlins
April 29-30, May 1-2: host Padres
May 3-5: host Reds
May 7-8: host Cardinals
May 10-12: at Nationals
May 13-15: host Rockies
May 17-19: host Mets
May 21-23: at Pirates
May 24-26: at Reds
*May 27-28: at White Sox
*May 29-30: host White Sox
May 31, June 1-2: host Diamondbacks
*June 4-5: at Angels
June 7-9: host Pirates
June 10-13: host Reds
June 14-16: at Mets
June 17-20: at Cardinals
*June 21-23: host Astros
June 25-26-27: at Brewers
*June 28-30: at Mariners
*July 2-4: at Athletics
July 5-7: host Pirates
*July 9-10: host Angels
July 11-14: host Cardinals

July 15-18: All-Star Break

July 19-21: at Rockies
July 22-25: at Diamondbacks
July 25-27: at Giants
July 29-31: host Brewers
August 1-4: host Dodgers
August 6-8: at Phillies
August 9-11: at Cardinals
August 12-14: host Reds
August 16-18: host Cardinals
August 19-22: host Nationals
August 23-25: at Padres
August 26-28: at Dodgers
August 30-31, September 1: host Phillies
September 2-4: host Marlins
September 6-8: host Brewers
September 9-11: at Reds
September 12-15: at Pirates
September 16-19: at Brewers
September 20-22: host Braves
September 23-25: host Pirates
September 27-29: at Cardinals

  • Patrick W.

    Woo Hoo, @Mariners!

    Also, take a look at the Astros’ schedule. Brutal to lose attendance grabbers like the Cubs (0 home games) and Cardinals (2 games at home) and only pick up 6 from Red Sox and Yankees. Those Rangers games better produce.

    • Lakeshot

      I see your Woo Hoo and add a Yeeaaahhh! It will be nice to see them without having to kick it down to SF or DEN. It’s not enough to make me like interleague play but it helps.

  • North Side Irish

    Kind of a meh schedule…nothing too exciting. Last two year’s Cubs have hosted the Yankees and Red Sox on Father’s Day weekend. Usually when we draft our season tickets there’s an obvious #1 pick…not sure what it will be next year.

  • Dustin S

    I would agree that other then the usual White Sox and Cards series, I don’t see many platinum-quality series next year. Maybe the Angels with Pujols, but still not like the Yankees or Red Sox. I guess it’s ok though, I’m fine with being able to get cheap tickets in 2013 while the team rebuilds.

    If there is rebalance of leagues someday I wouldn’t mind seeing the Twins come over to the NL Central. They have a great stadium (finally) and some very enthusiastic fans that made for a interesting series earlier this year. Those Twins-Cubs games sold out ridiculously fast. They could be a fun rival someday.

    • Sali13

      Except Twins Fans like the Cubs. Some for the atmosphere… some for the team… but most because we simply hate the dirty dirty White Sox.

  • Njriv

    I thought inter-league play was supposed to be spread throughout the season, it looks like it stops after the break like usual?

    • DocPeterWimsey

      There will be interleague play every series. The Cubs (for whatever reasons) stop before the All-Star break.

    • Brett

      Just a coincidence. It continues throughout the season – but the Cubs’ is all done by the break.

  • PJ

    Stupid rivalry games mess up the schedule. I vote we just play the White Sox every third year when we face off against their division.

    • Cyranojoe

      The pitching could come together, but we don’t have the bats yet.

  • Fastball

    Boy if we just had a competitive team for next year we could do well with that schedule from first glance. We won’t have the pitching to compete most of the time unless some miracle signings take place.

  • wilbur

    I sneer at the end of the season back loading. The Cubs will maul their way through a pack of playoff wannabes … our destiny is written in the stars!

    Too bad I have no faith in astrology …

  • Patrick G

    Not sure if anyone knows, but I just got an iPad and downloaded the wgn app. Does anyone know if the games are on this app? I live in NY and would love to watch some cubs without changing cable providers

    • Luke

      You’ll need MLB.TV to watch the games through your iPad. MLB is the only authorized online distributor of MLB games.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Also, MLB offers a free trial subscription for 10 days. This is as good a time as any to use it!

  • CUB5

    I tried to be interested in next year’s schedule, but after this year it’s going to be a while before I can think Cubs baseball again. But I do have a soft spot for the A’s. I wish we were hosting them. Rangers are going to be brutal!

  • DrCub1908

    What happened to the unbalanced schedule? Playing your division more gives a better chance to win your division.

    If interleague is what Bud wants, then you must drop the DH rule.

    Having an all star game decide home field advantage and a 1 game WC game is really
    poor decisions. I dont want to go see the Cubs play the A’s or the Royals. I hate it.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      What happened to the unbalanced schedule? Playing your division more gives a better chance to win your division.

      Balanced or unbalanced schedules will have no effects on chances of winning the division: that improves that only by giving one team an easier schedule than other teams in its division. Unbalanced schedules do make it more difficult for teams in good divisions to win the WC because they will be playing more games against good teams than will a team from a weak division.

      If interleague is what Bud wants, then you must drop the DH rule.

      It will be the other way around: the DH rule probably will become uniform. AL teams and the players union are not going to give up the DH.

      I dont want to go see the Cubs play the A’s or the Royals. I hate it.

      How would those games be any different from watching the Cubs play the Astros at this point?

      • Brett

        It’s funny this is coming up – prompted by some comments from Stuart Sternberg, this is the subject of an upcoming post.

      • bbmoney

        Gotta agree with Doc on all points.

        Not happy about the DH thing, but I can’t see it going away. And it just doesn’t make sense the way it’s currently set up and probably makes less sense when interleague play is happening everyday.

        Also, why not go watch the A’s? They have the 2nd best record in the AL right now and they’ve got a bunch of pretty good young pitching.