Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Astros 1 – September 12, 2012

Travis Wood dominated the Astros (as he should have), and Alfonso Soriano added homer 29 and RBIs 95 and 96, as the Cubs won their series against the Astros. Far more importantly, though: the Cubs staved off playoff elimination! I think! Technically! Maybe!

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34 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Astros 1 – September 12, 2012”

  1. Featherstone

    Cardinals getting swept by the padres last night feels so much better than this win. It’s sad really

  2. fortyonenorth

    Yeah, Sappelt has been terribly impressive – not simply getting hits, which could be chalked-up to luck, but his overall approach at the plate and solid defense as well. Good job, Dave.

    1. Cedlandrum

      Sappelts numbers in Iowa weren’t representative of him as a player. Every time I saw him I thought he looked like a good player, even though the numbers didn’t show it. I think he could be a good 4th outfielder in the likeness of old Reed Johnson. Hits enough, runs o.k., hustles, can put one out of the park and has a chance to kill lefties.

      1. fortyonenorth

        It’s interesting to compare a guy like Sappelt to Vitters and Jackson. What does he “have” at the MLB level that V & J seem to be lacking? He isn’t nearly the prospect as those guys, but he just seems to “see” major league pitching a whole lot better. Maybe it’s just nerves. Sappelt looks like cold steel at the plate, whereas Vitters looks like a hedgehog in the middle of a 4-lane highway.

        1. DocPeterWimsey

          The answer is “nothing.” Sappelt’s had a couple of good games against awful pitching. In other words, it’s just a small sample size compounded with good fortune in seeing bad pitching. Sappelt does not have BJax’s batting eye or Vitters contact skills. He almost certainly will not amount to much more than a 4th OFer.

          1. Noah

            While I agree that Sappelt is a fourth outfielder, the point that I think should be made is that you really should only need to sign a free agent to be a bench player very rarely. You should have players in your system that you can pay $400,000 a year for 3 years to be your 4th OF, your backup middle infielder, etc.

            Regarding Sappelt’s success against MLB pitching compared to Jackson’s and Vitters, I generally agree with your points regarding small sample size and terrible competition. However, I’d also point out that this is Sappelt’s second run at the Show. He’s seen MLB pitching in regular season action before. Jackson and Vitters had not prior to their call ups.

          2. fortyonenorth

            I’m not trying to promote Sappelt for more than he is, but even during his first dance (with the Reds) he hit .243 in about 100 PAs. I think any of us would be tickled to see that out of Vitters or Jackson.

            “Sappelt does not have BJax’s batting eye or Vitters contact skills.”

            Thank God. ;)

            1. DocPeterWimsey

              Very few of us would be tickled to see a 0.245 BA out of Vitters. He’s a contact guy with above average power, so he has to bat close to 0.300 to provide much value.

              BJax could bat for this low a BA and still be worth something because of the power and the walks: he’d probably still have an OPS approaching 0.8.

              1. fortyonenorth

                Agreed – I just don’t want to seem greedy at this point.

        2. Spriggs

          “…Sappelt looks like cold steel at the plate, whereas Vitters looks like a hedgehog in the middle of a 4-lane highway.”

          Not bad. I’ve never seen a hedgehog in the middle of a 4-lane highway. In fact, I’m not sure that I know what a hedgehog looks like at all. But I’ve seen Vitters at the plate… so now I know.

          1. Bric

            Qestion- why did the chicken cross the road?
            Answer- To prove to the hedge hog it could be done.

  3. EQ76

    Looking at our lineup and seeing “Recker” then “Wood”. I’m pretty sure that will be my porn name… “Recker Wood”

  4. Stevie B

    I have always hated change..and with the 1st ever complete rebuild underway, I am in a tizzie.
    Looks like Rizzo and Castro are our only long term guys at this point, maybe even Shark, but after that, I think if you took a team photo right now then looked at it in 3 years….YIKES>

  5. PeteG

    I wish Sveum put wood in the eight spot and recker in the nine spot just for the pure reason that it would make a great porn name. #WoodRecker. Sorry Brett but after a shitty season there has to be something to talk about!

    1. EQ76

      PeteG – 23 minutes and 2 comments ago..

  6. art

    where does all this leave the great Campana?

    1. fortyonenorth

      I live for the day the MLB wrap headline reads: PIZZA MAN DELIVERS. CAMPANA WINS IT WITH WALK-OFF HR

  7. Stinky Pete

    Yes, by simple A-B mathematics, the Cubs are alive for a playoff possibility. BUT I am going to guess that if you start working possible scenarios for the last 20 games, you would not find any possible way the Cubs could make the playoffs. I am simply too lazy to check right now.

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      That actually happened to the 1989 Mets: they were eliminated a day before they were eliminated, so to speak. They were in 3rd place behind the Cubs and Cards going into the last week. However, because the Cubs and Cards were playing each other to end the season, the only way the Mets could catch the Cubs required the Cards to win enough games to eliminate the Mets!

  8. Stinky Pete

    You probably could have highlighted TWood as well…

  9. fortyonenorth

    It sounds like Storey (Astros pitcher) got away with just a bruised jaw after he caught the Sappelt liner on the face. Didn’t look as bad as the McCarthy shot, but it was’t pretty.

  10. Richard Nose

    They gotta stop doing this shit (winning baseball games).

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      Blame the schedulers. They loaded up the Cubs last month with teams playing very poorly since the All Star Break. However, the Rox, Twins and Indians already got a lot more of their tough games out of the way.

      (If the Cubs were good, then the Reds and Cards fans would be defecating large cuboids of baked clay at this “cupcake” schedule, just like we did 4 years ago when the Brewers got to play the worst NL teams over and over in the last 4 weeks!)

      1. Richard Nose

        Good way to look at the schedule and the concept of shitting all at once! Thanks for the insight in to both.

  11. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Losing our grip on the 2nd pick.

  12. ry34

    why again is joe mather still on this team??