Another day, another blow to the Pirates’ playoff hopes (and, soon, winning record hopes). The Cubs laid it on, and Chris Rusin had another nice (short) start.

Starlin Castro had a particularly big day…

  • João Lucas

    We keep helping the Cardinals (and the Rockies).

  • Drew7

    Marmol with zero’s across the board? Has that ever happened?

  • poot007

    I love bob as an announcer, but early in the game he claimed starlin would always be an average hitter never getting 100 rbi. Then he corrected himself 2 seconds later saying if he was in the right spot in the batting order he could. I missed the second half of the game when starlin hit a three run homer to see if bob corrected himself again. The thing is, he has been great until the average second half of the season at 22 years of age. Bob should know better then anyone that this can easily happen. Rizzo’s only hitting 290 and he’s only played half of a season but is looked at as the new face of the franchise. I’m not saying that rizzo won’t be bad ass but man if a guy goes in a little bit of a slump at 22, you can’t base the next 15 years off of that. Brett and everyone else, what do you think?

    • ssckelley

      I think Brenly’s point is Castro is versatile and you can bat him anywhere in the lineup and his approach to the plate does not change. I caught the 100 RBI thing as well but he quickly corrected himself as Castro could hit 100 RBI’s some day if given the opportunity.

      Am I the only one old enough to remember Robin Yount? Like Castro he struggled with patience at the plate and his power numbers came later, eventually hitting over 20 home runs and 100 RBIs a few times in his career. His OBP was horrible early on but he finished with a .342 OBP for his career. You just never know how a player will develop, I think Castro has a chance to be a 20+ home run and 100 RBI type hitter.

  • http://Yes Dude

    I think you should take an o out of your name.

  • LifePainter

    I was reading in an underground baseball web site where they claimed that McCutchen really needed to step up and be a leader for this team but he was “gutless”(their words, not mine) and that the Pirates didn’t have a leader in the clubhouse or on the field. I remember the days of Stargell and Clemente and how they would fight you ’til the end instead of laying down like they do now. Times have changed.

    • mudge

      I’ll take a few “gutless” guys like Andrew McCutchen. What a bunch of crap.

    • Tommy

      What is an underground website?

      • Alec

        Link please?

  • Kevin

    Bob Brenly adds a lot to the telecast. Bob’s a “straight shooter” and there are times when some fans may not like his comments, but overall, I think he speaks his mind and that adds excitement to the game. No need to get critical, just listen to Hawk (Sox) and be greatfull we have Bob in the booth.

    • Tim

      i cant force myself to watch a sox game… ts just so boring, monotone for 90% of the game. Thats something you can turn on tv at night to help you fall asleep..

    • King Jeff

      I agree, I like Brenly. It would suck to have to listen to a complete homer with no constructive criticism on the air. I like I little dose of reality with my losing, thank you.

    • JR

      I freaking can’t stand the White Sox. I love all Chicago teams except them. And really hoping the Tigers can pull their act together. Pretty sure that my dislike of them is largely because of Hawk. That dude is ridiculous in many bad ways..

    • Tommy

      I agree about Hawk, but I think he might be the worst announcer in all of baseball. I’d take Steve Stone back in a heartbeat, however. I think he’s as good as they get.

    • Jason

      amen to that, Hawk is the WORST!!!

  • calicubsfan007

    Rusin look pretty solid today. He just got into a little trouble in the end, but nothing that would make me want to pull him. Maybe I missed something, if so let me know. Otherwise, I feel that he was pulled an inning too early.

    • calicubsfan007

      Oops, meant “looked” not “look” (=

  • poot007

    Kevin, I agree with you. I was just asking opinions on castro. As far as Dude goes, I would love to meet you in the parking lot, except for I live in Hawaii. lucky you.

    • JR

      Personally I am a big Castro fan. Guy has upside thats insane. I think that his struggles this year are from trying to change his approach and swing at pitches in a certain zone. He has taken a lot more walks the 2nd half, and I think this will ultimately pay off.

  • cubzforlife

    I’m guessing Rusin was pulled because the Cubs have 16 or 17 pitchers up and the Bosses want to get a look at them against good teams. The thing I like about Rusin is he doesn’t look rattled when he gets in trouble.

  • die hard

    Wake me up after he has more HR than errors

    • Cedlandrum

      How many SS in baseball have more homers then Errors. I am not asking to be smart. I haven’t looked. Probably not a huge list.

      • die hard

        I would settle for relatively the same..but his E doubles his HR..unacceptable

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Here is the HR:E ratio for regular SS in MLB:
        SS HR/E
        J.J. Hardy 3.50
        Jhonny Peralta 2.20
        Derek Jeter 1.67
        Jimmy Rollins 1.54
        Ian Desmond 1.53
        Zack Cozart 1.15
        Mike Aviles 0.93
        Asdrubal Cabrera 0.82
        Alexei Ramirez 0.82
        Yunel Escobar 0.82
        Jose Reyes 0.73
        Erick Aybar 0.54
        Starlin Castro 0.52
        Rafael Furcal 0.33
        Alcides Escobar 0.24
        Elvis Andrus 0.20

        This probably emphasizes why errors are so meaningless when evaluating fielding anymore. Of the 6 SS with more HR than E, 4 of them have below average range, with 3 of them (Jeter, Rollins and Desmond) have way below average range: they get to less than 80% of the balls that guys like Castro are reaching. So, Castro really is creating far more outs than most of the guys at the top of the list while hitting as many HR.

        So, say you did something silly like mutliply range factor by HR. You’d get a list like:
        SS HR x RF
        J.J. Hardy 101.9
        Ian Desmond 85.8
        Jimmy Rollins 77.2
        Asdrubal Cabrera 68.6
        Zack Cozart 64.5
        Mike Aviles 61.5
        Starlin Castro 61.4
        Derek Jeter 56.0
        Jose Reyes 46.2
        Jhonny Peralta 46.1
        Yunel Escobar 43.1
        Alexei Ramirez 38.2
        Erick Aybar 31.6
        Rafael Furcal 22.7
        Alcides Escobar 17.0
        Elvis Andrus 13.2

        Really, this is why you add dWAR + oWAR to get a meaningful number: and Castro scores positive in both because it’s outs, not errors, that are meaningful.

        • Cedlandrum

          boom. Thanks Doc. You are a treat.