Well, Jason Berken’s Cubs debut did not go particularly well, as the Pirates greeted him early and often (with the help of a couple errors), scoring in each of his four innings of work. Starlin Castro, Alfonso Soriano, Anthony Rizzo, and Dave Sappelt all had nice days, but it wasn’t quite enough, despite Joel Hanrahan’s desperate attempt to give the game away in the 9th.

  • Drew7

    Dont look now, but Castro has his OPS up to 752.

    • Flashfire

      Castro’s September has been the best month of his career.

  • Stevie B

    With an almost certain top 3 pick and trade of Garza by then end of the 13 season, we should have 10 solid,top tier prospects in the system.
    Of those 10, even if 2 become part of the 25 man roster in any capacity, you have to call that a success.
    Based on those loose figures, we have a lt of holes to fill via free agency / trades.
    Theo and Co are certainly going to earn their paychecks.

  • jim

    No one i know with cub season tix, three, are going to re up.

    • Drew7

      Then 3 people you don’t know will be taking their places.

      • Bill

        Why? Seriously, why would you pay those prices to watch a terrible product? If Theo was committed to putting a decent product on the field next season, then I would agree with you. He’s not. Therefore, why would people pay top dollar for tickets you’ll be able to get during the season for a much cheaper price (through ticket brokers)?

        • Drew7

          I guess some crazy people want to come support their favorite team, regardless of the quality. If you’ve been on a waiting list for several years, are in a position financially, and believe this organization is headed down the right path, why wouldn’t you?

          • Pat

            Because you’re losing money the first couple of years. Most people who are in a financial position to drop that kind of cash didn’t get there by making bad investments. I’m sure there are some that will do it anyway, but I’d be willing to bet that no more than 12,000 of the 100,000 on the waiting list could actually make the purchase (knowing they are likely to lose money on it) if their number gets called this year.

            • Drew7

              I’m not comfortable assuming most people buy season-tickets primarily to flip them for a profit. I think most people go into a situation like that because they have the discretionary income available and enjoy watching the Cubs play in person. Although it isn’t a small amount of money, it certainly isn’t a luxury afforded only by venture-capitalists and exects.

              I’m also not sure that, even if we use the word “investment” in the conext you used, that purchasing season-tickets would be a bad investment; I don’t see the Cubs being any worse next year, and certainly not in 2014. That opinion is obviously not unanimous, though.

              • Drew7


                • MoneyBoy

                  Geez I hate giving in to temptation but I have to in this case.

                  I’m soon to be 61 years old, have been a fan for 50 years and a season ticket holder since 1988. I hold 8 tickets split among 10 people. We range from employed to self employed to retired to business owners.

                  I know someone very close to TR. I’m told ticket prices will NOT go up. Will they go down? I’ve been told that decision has not been made. TR (and family) are painfully aware of the lack of attendance and secondary market glut.

                  As to ‘waiting list,’ I had a business join our group last year. This is a quote, “It’s great to find a group like yours. Instead of having to invest in a full season ticket we can get in for a smaller piece.”

                  I have fretted these last few years about renewals. I will again this year. I will never give up my tickets. Why? “Someday we’ll go all the way.” God willing I will be there!

                  Pay up kids. It’s cheaper than dope, doesn’t ruin your liver and you can turn off the TV or go to a watering hole in the hood. But pay that man his money!! (Rounders!) They’re worth it!!

              • mudge

                I agree. I’m digging the hell out of this team, simply because there IS a real plan in place. You can see the ingredients that will percolate into a stew, and it’s not quite as far away as people think. Putting together a great evaluation/teaching staff throughout the minor league system is going to take time. People do better in life when they have faith and support, no matter how badly they are struggling. A season ticket is not an “investment” anymore than attending your child’s graduation from college is an “investment.” It’s something you do because you want to. The only reason to keep being a baseball fan is that the sport continues to transcend all the efforts of moneyed interests to take the magic out of it.

                • Diesel

                  I just hope we can do more like the A’s do and get guys who have good eyes and can take a pitch and wait for on in their spot. Walks are great but being able to hit your pitch is better. Take walks then left the next few guys get a lot of hits to drive them in. Go Cubs!!!!

    • Doctor_Blair

      I hope they, and about 100k other people don’t reup. I would like to get my tickets before I die.

  • randy

    who are the two players the cubs got for jeff baker from detroit in there trade

    • AB

      The tigers cut Jeff Baker 2-3 weeks after they traded for him. I doubt the Cub but get anything but some cash.

      • art

        i thought they traded him to the braves.

      • art

        i meant the tigers traded him to the braves.

    • http://WavesOfTalent.webs.com tim

      Still waiting on the announcement. My guess is that at least one will be a pitcher, and at least one will be a 2010/2011 Draft Pick.

  • fromthemitten

    Hey Bowden’s starting to put it together after a horrible start to the season


    • JR

      Good point about Bowden. I thought that dude was pretty worthless when we got him, but he looks like he may help some.

  • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

    I just got done reading a few things on Castro working on his leg kick. While I was watching tentatively in today’s game to see the difference in his leg kick I noticed another, more important adjustment Castro has made. Everyone knows about Castro opening up his stance to generate more power. Well it looks he is starting to realize that might of been a reason for the drop in his average/hits. It looks like(at least from my vantage point) that Castro has closed his stance up and is now focusing on making contact, not making power. It is truly great to see Castro making these adjustments and showing a maturity to his game. I expect a BIG year out of Castro next year, bad supporting cast or not.

  • Dustin S

    There’s a long road to go before this team’s competitive, but there are plenty of positives to takeaway from this season. Samardzija and Rizzo turning into stars and pieces to build around with Castro were the big ones. But Dempster and to a lesser degree Maholm having strong 1st halves helped Theo get a decent haul in prospects for them. Even though Delgado would have been nice, I think he did pretty well in the trades all the way around including the Soto deal. There have been some smaller things too like Barney’s defense, and Soriano and Marmol hopefully have made themselves at least tradeable.

    It’s interesting to look back at the roster at the start of the year compared to now. It’s been so long that it’s easy to forget guys like Byrd, Ian Stewart, Kerry Wood were big pieces of the team early in the year and have been gone or out for a long time. It makes you realize how active the front office has been with transactions this year.

    • Doctor_Blair

      No offense meant, but Byrd, Stewart, and even on of my favorite players ever, Kerry Wood, were a big part of why the Cubs were virtually eliminated from competition from by May 1. Especially Byrd and Stewart. Byrd is done with baseball with his illegal substance use, and good riddance.

      Stewart I have hope for – hopefully he’ll come back strong next year.

      Wood – love that guy, If I were a chick, I would want him to give me babies. But apart from that, I hope he is part of the organization going forward.

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    I think they have had success in building the front office and personnel in the scouting department. They have had some success in the lower minors which is positive.

    I believe, as a guy who wanted Theo, the biggest disappointment is the quality of the pitching. Its some if not the worst, of the worst I’ve seen since the early 70’s. There are too many piss poor arms and soft tossers lacking movement. There is nothing on the ML roster remotely resembling imposing.

    That said, mixed bag and it is, the big concern with the team is attendance. The margin for error given ticket prices, stakes with the ownership structure and desire for public financing of Wrigley rehab are high. And clearly the market is speaking. They should be concerned about attendance and obviously are, but I think some of the things said by Theo in the Trib if accurate and concerning. If he is quoted accurately he needs to re-examine his thinking some as fans clearly aren’t committed to failure at the kind of prices they are being asked to pay. 2013 sure it may be a risk, but clearly the fan base didn’t want Theo to usher in another Pittsburgh or Wrigley era and some of the stuff he said in the Trib is fine and some was eerily apologetic and enabling for what shouldn’t be accepted. Winning is why he is here and while it might take time, Theo and his staff are going to have to demand it be far less apologetic for failure demanding it be fixed instead.

  • Josh

    Ticket prices from the Cubs box office may not decrese in price but demand on the second hand market is essentially base off the sucess of the team.

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    You are right. And when you start to right off two or three seasons, explaining this isn’t Boston and the demand for winning isn’t as high, you are inviting disaster. Some times, not always, academics and genius over estimate there mental powers and capabilities. I am a Theo fan and wanted him and still do, but it is starting to appear, he has not accurately gauged the size of the market, the appetite for a winner and the patience factor. More importantly, he appears to be overestimating his ability to produce the way in which he is going about it. Granted unlike BB and Oakland who has a track record of doing this, Theo never implemented what he is trying to do in Boston.

    So whether he or others want to admit this could be very dangerous and could go the other way. It prolonged frustration. He has an owner, I don’t care anyone says, that bought to produce a winner. And sure he’s willing to be patient and build through the minors, but he consistently said whether he’s truthful or not will bare out he’s willing spend now too. So telling fans accept it for the promise of some artificial future is frankly nonsense. Dallas Green, Frey, Himes, Lynch, MacPhail and Hendry said exactly the same thing that Theo has said. MacPhail actually lived it period. So Theo’s line is nothing new. Yes the Bill James technical tact and a bigger front office is, but the plan isn’t it. And that leads me to final thing, pitching is crucial part of it. And while I’m still on the band wagon, you have to draft and develop pitching and Theo’s track record as well as performance this year leaves some questions.

    I don’t want to be scolded as anti-Theo, because I’m not. But I am concerned about some of his remarks, the basically acknowledging publicly the staff has no evaluation based on winning, and his Major League performance. Maybe its a little unfair to expect him to apologize to fans, but it might be deserved and they certainly don’t need to be chided for not showing up. Bluntly this team should be ecstatic with the support, it isn’t totally deserved or earned.

    • phoenix0401

      What would you propose? If he thinks that this is the best way to win a title, should he change his strategy — and adopt one that he believes will be less successful — because the people of Chicago are impatient?

      Or are you proposing that he knows a better way to win a championship and refuses to take it?

  • cubsin

    Overall, I’m quite happy with the progress so far. We’ve added premium talent in Soler, Almora, Vizcaino, Villanueva and Paniagua, and we drafted several promising pitchers in 2011 and 2012. The coaching at the major league level is vastly improved, and I expect the minor league teams will follow suit next year. I expect a lot of activity this winter (free agents and trades) and next year at the trading deadline.

  • cubzforlife

    Crane kenney told me at the season ticket holders family event that ticket prices were going up one or two percent. I have four seats that cost 15,400. I plan to drop two seats and eat about 4k next season based on what my tickets sold for this year. When they do return to a decent team at least I’ll have two seats to the playoffs.

  • jim

    Of course, corporate seats will spend the money as we regular taxpayers subsidize their entertainment because corps just take expense off their taxes.

  • jim

    You shud have dropped all four two years ago and bot aapl stock 😉