Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs released details on the 2013 Cubs Convention, and there are some changes. Most prominently, this year’s CubsCon will be held at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers, located just north of the river at 301 E. North Water Street. It will take place Friday, January 18 through Sunday, January 20.

Passes for the weekend are $60, but you can get them for $20 if you book a couple nights at the Sheraton. You can do that starting tomorrow at 9 am CT by calling 800-233-4100 and asking for the Cubs Convention rate of $179 per night. If you do it that way, you also get a bonus picture signed by Anthony Rizzo and Brett Jackson. The package last year also included a pair of bleacher tickets, but I guess that wasn’t a popular inclusion …

Barring some life-altering change of events, I will be at CubsCon again this year (though probably not on stage, as pictured upper right, onto which I “snuck” last year). For those attending, we’ll have to put together some kind of meet-up, probably that Friday night at or around the Sheraton. Start thinking of ideas for location/activities/etc., and put a big fat X on your calendar for that evening. You didn’t really have a date anyway.

The full press release, which includes more details:

CHICAGO – The Chicago Cubs will host the 28th Annual Cubs Convention January 18-20, 2013, in downtown Chicago at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers at 301 E. North Water Street.

Starting Wednesday, Sept. 19, at 9 a.m. CDT, Cubs fans can book rooms at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers by calling the hotel at 800-233-4100 and asking for the Cubs Convention rate of $179 per night plus tax. Guests who book a two-night stay will receive a limited-edition authenticated, autographed photo of Anthony Rizzo and Brett Jackson. Hotel guests may purchase up to four Cubs Convention passes for a reduced rate of $20 each. Individual Cubs Convention passes for guests not staying at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers will be sold for $60 per pass at a later date.

“We’re excited to offer our fans new experiences at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers for the 28th Annual Cubs Convention, as Cubs players, coaches, legends and executives come together to kick off the 2013 season,” said Wally Hayward, executive vice president, chief sales and marketing officer, Chicago Cubs. “The Cubs Convention is a great way for fans of all ages to gain access to the team, get excited for Spring Training and the season, and have fun in downtown Chicago with interactive exhibits, games and player panels.”

Cubs Convention will take place Friday, January 18, from 3-9 p.m.; Saturday, January 19, from 9 a.m. to midnight; and Sunday, January 20, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. More information will be posted on as details are confirmed.

A percentage of the proceeds from Cubs Convention benefits Chicago Cubs Charities. To date, Cubs Convention has raised nearly $4 million for Chicago Cubs Charities.

  • Featherstone

    I seem to recall you or someone else mentioning that prior Cubs conventions were held in very sub-standard locales and that a change should be in order for future events. I have never been to a Cubs convention nor the location where it has been held so I dont really know. Did you report that here or am I imagining things?

    • Brett

      I thought the Hilton was fine. A little old and cramped (relatively speaking), but I thought that made it quaint. My only real beef was the lack of elevators (they had ’em, but not enough of ’em in service or something).

      • Featherstone

        I recall something about the wi-fi and wireless signal being awful. Which in this day in age seems like an antiquated notion.

        • Brett

          I’m trying to remember if I had any issues writing while I was there. I don’t think I did, but I may have paid extra for like, an upgraded wi-fi.

          • TWC

            I think I remember you making snide comments about it.

            • Brett

              That certainly sounds like me.

              • Cubbie Blues

                I just looked back at the main post you had on it and there wasn’t anything that I saw in the post or in the comments. That isn’t to say it wasn’t in a different post though.

                • TWC

                  You LIE!

                  • Cubbie Blues

                    in my bed every night

                • Featherstone

                  My mistake then. I’m clearly crazy. Move along

  • cubzforlife

    I wouldn’t compare the Hilton (former hotel) to a motel six. I’m guessing you’re mis remembering. It is nice to be north of the river.You Chicagoans will get it.

  • Dustin S

    I stayed at the Sheraton for a conference last summer, and it wasn’t bad…but having stayed at the Hilton I thought the Hilton overall was a bit nicer. The parking garage at the Sheraton is across the street from the hotel and is a little dodgy. You get to the hotel from the garage through a walkway. The renovating on the floors below us at the Hilton last year was a little noisy though, and some of it was a bit dated. So the move is probably about a wash. We’ll be there for sure.

    Also, for what it’s worth please be respectful there to the Cubs as far as autographs/pictures. Some of it is fine, but I felt bad for some of the older Cubs there last year like Ernie that are getting up there in years and practically got mobbed coming and going from the hotel.

  • matt

    I’ve been there the last several years (at the Hilton). I will not be going this year. The cost is too expensive for 2 nights, and the travel for me. I’ve gone each of the last five years, and I believe the service/etc. has been declining each year. Last year I was able to get Jackson, and Rizzo to autograph a baseball after being 3rd in line. By the time the two of them showed up (which was on time, not complaining about them) others had said, “so and so saved me a spot” and I had to wait an additional hour, and missed one of the presentations. Also, $179 will not include parking or anything extra at the hotel, so in reality it’s about $225/night.

    Quite honestly as stated above, I was so excited just to have seen some of the former/current cubs, but the behavior of the majority of the fans is mostly ridiculous. Aside from being pushed aside (I’m 6’2, about 210), and my SON were trampled on several occaisions by middle aged adults. It’s mostly out of control, and I would not advise taking children. The mobs are too aggressive, and most of the autograph hawks are professional, or just plain rude, and ruin the experience of meeting your all time favorite cubs.

  • Cubbies4Life

    Completely off point here, but approximately when will the 2013 spring training schedule be finalized and posted? Trying to plan a vacation to AZ in March…

    • Brett

      Last year, the 2012 Spring Training schedule came out in late November.

  • Cubbies4Life

    Thanks for that info, Brett. It’s going to be a loooo-oooong winter.

  • Line

    Tried to make reservations for our annual girl trip.. there are 6 of us. Have gone at least 10 years….

    The Sheraton is 100% pay in full, at booking, 2 night minimum and 2 rooms (in order to get 6 passes) AND no refunds….

    Total crap…. cannot believe that is what they are doing, especially with the Cubs not even being near .500….

    VERY disappointed here….

  • Marc

    Doesn’t the cubs convention start early this year on Friday at 1 not 3

    • Brett

      I think they bumped it up since this post.

  • http://bleachernation elmo

    I reserved a room form the 2013 Cubs convention. The total for the three days is over $600.00. But what they do not tell you is there is a “incidentals” fee. That fee is $100.00 per night. Not for the whole weekend but per night. So in reality that is over $300.00 per night for the convention. Now we are over $900.00 for just the room for the weekend. Wake up Cubs personal, you are slowly killing your convention. The convention was to be for the fans, but it is now a reunion for the players. It was fine at the Hilton were they only charged a one time “incidentals” fee. Also the players are starting to act like they are at the ball park. Most players do not want to be bothered. If they do not want to be bothered stay home, and let the players that want to be near the fans be at the convention. It used to be that the fans were able to be in the lobby on the floors of the players, TO GET PICTURES AND AUTOGRAPHS, but security tells the fans the players do not want to be bothered. What is the convention for? The fans or the players?

    • Scott Brecht

      Incidentals aren’t a fee, just a deposit. It gets returned to your account when you check out.

  • JFH

    Headed to our first Cubs convention. I find the WGN broadcast schedule but I cant find any other event schedule posted. Any hints?

    • Brett

      It should be coming soon. Very soon.