It would be easy to say that Justin Germano’s night was undone by a single bad pitch, but that’s probably going too far. He was in trouble throughout his outing, and when you walk five guys (and hit a guy) in five innings, you’re going to give up some runs.

Darwin Barney gets enhanced again …

  • Stevie B

    I’m going to go all Ann Murray on you guys and give you a “little good news today.”

    I ordered my new Georgia vanity plate a few days ago…and it should be here any day now.


    Do we like it?? Yes? No??

    I’m dang excited!

    • Fishin Phil

      I like it!

      • Stevie B

        1CUBFAN was taken and CUBS4ME was my second choice.

        HOLYCOW was my 3rd choice…I’m kinda regretting I didn’t make that my 2nd…as that is epic.

        All in all i am happy though…

        I just want to go on record, once again, saying dear God I love the Cubs and all things Cublike…and I’ll be a fan until the day I die.

        • cubchymyst

          I like the CUBS4ME because it will likely let more people know your a cubs fan since it doesn’t require them to be as familiar with Harry Caray.

          • Stevie B

            My line of thinking too, yet Im not over concerned about the perception of others.
            ‘I gotta be me!!!”

            I’ve never posted a photo here, but it seems like it will be an easy proposition so once it arrives, you all will see it.

  • Luke D

    It’s not a Cubs game if Russell and Camp don’t pitch.

    • Brett


      • MoneyBoy

        The pickinin’s are slim … but 4 INN, 1 hit, 5 Ks from the pen – darn good!

        Plus a PH RBI double by LaHair …

        One game closer to that coveted 2nd pick!

  • ssckelley

    I do not think the Cubs will win to many games with Barney supplying all the offense. In a 24 hour period the Cubs played 2 games and had a total of 6 hits, Barney got 4 of them.

  • mudge

    Maybe if he can get his slugging percentage up.

  • OkieCub

    I’m not one of those who are rooting for losses to get the best pick….but it does take the sting out a bit doesn’t it? On a different note, on that distant day when we are competitive again, I think we will be able to piece together a very good bullpen out of homegrown talent. Just got to find some starters.