The series win was not meant to be, which is a bummer, because doing serious harm to the Cardinals’ playoff chances is about all the Cubs have to play for these days. Justin Germano gave up a ton of hits, and Alberto Cabrera a ton of walks. That did ‘er.

On the bright side …

  • Stinky Pete

    With a Houston loss today, Colorado is now the only team that can finish with a worse recod than Houston. And they were winning in the 7th last I looked. If they win, the best they (And the Cubs) could do is tie Houston. And I’m not sure how they break a tie for wosrt record and draft order and such. Not that it matters because ain’t nobody gonna catch Houston.

    • Cubbiecop

      I’m ashamed to say that i could really care less if we win another game for the rest of the year. I’d actually be happy if we get swept by the Rockies and we get the #2 Draft pick. I’m pretty pumped about this Austin Meadows kid, he could be the real deal. I would love for us to get a Trout/Harper type player for a change. When was the last time we had a great position player besides Castro come up? Choi, Patterson, etc etc. (I’m not couting Rizzo since we didn’t draft him) I’m pretty excited to see what the team will look like in 2014-15 if we draft well.

  • Stinky Pete

    Can we PLEEEEEEEEEASE keep Heather Graham? Just one more series? Please Pa? I swear I’ll be good the rest of the season.

  • oso

    The stolen base was rad! To bad he got stranded.

  • RY34

    only 9 games left woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Curt

    how can Kyle lohse be 16-3 , and yr right brett what a great yr.for soriano hood they don’t trade him now unless they get a great offer.

  • gutshot5820

    Soriano, 31 HR 105 RBI’s, what a great season he is having!! Consider we have nine games left o go and he misses more games than regular players.

    • ruby2626

      Not surprised Soriano is having such a great season, people don’t realize how well he hit last season. I believe he went 26 and 88 but he only played around 130 games, remember he was sitting a lot for Colvin and other players. Prorate those stats over this years total games and the 2 years are pretty close. Of course his D is a lot better this year, not nearly as afraid of the wall as in the past.

      • Drew7

        He didn’t really hit that well last season. It’s the year before that people seem to forget.

        Some think he’s been on a downhill slide since 2008, but 2010 was very similar to this year, and 2011 was right around league average for a LF. This year, once you factor in the improved D as well, has been very impressive.

  • Luke

    I did not expect Castillo to still be hitting quite this well. That’s a good sign for next season.

    Hopefully he can improve his receiving some more in the off season.

  • Josh

    The offense has been playing well here lately. We need to fill that blackhole at 3B and add another OF (hopefully Jackson grows into that player) The rotation is what is holding us back at this point. I’m debating if I should cheer for the Cubs to do well this series and avoid 100 loses or lose and hold onto that #2 pick

    • Luke

      The trip to Colorado could decide the number two pick. Cubs currently have the three, but the teams are tied in the loss column.

      • Bill

        Let’s say the season ended today. We finished tied with Col in the loss column, but because we have played 1 more game, we have one more win than them. Would Col have to make up that game or would it be, tough luck?

        • Luke

          I can’t imagine MLB would force a makeup game to decide draft position. Most likely, Colorado would have the two pick.

          • BluBlud

            Thats not fair. If the 2 teams are tied in the loss column, the stat that matters most un baseball when setting up for the draft, then there a coin toss or something. Just giving it to Colorado would be screwed up.

  • mudge

    I don’t pay much attention to the series she-view, and, indeed am mildly disapproving. But yes, please do keep Heather Graham.

  • BluBlud

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m kind of excited about next year. With the youngins, Castro, Rizzo and Castillo carrying the lineup in the middle, we could see 70 homeruns, with all hitting close or around .300. If we keep Soriano another year, maybe that’s 100 HR’s from your 2-5 or 3-6 spots in the lineup. Then we could call them the O-Dingers or something. Dinger

  • Njriv

    IMO, I don’t like this one game playoff for the WC. It seems kind of odd to me because everything in baseball is played as a series and to have a one game playoff for the WC seems kind of odd. I think the MLB should really cut the regular season games, I mean 162 seems a little excessive. I think they should cut the regular season games, make the wild card series at least a best of 3 and increase the division series to 7 games because there are too many sweeps in the first round in recent history.

    • Josh

      Yeah I agree. I mean I love baseball but the season should NEVER reach into October. Even moving the season back to 155 games would be more than enough. That 1 week would make a huge difference. The MLB playoffs don’t drag out forever like NBA or NHL. Those sports need to shorten their regular season and postseason but it will never happen. I mean one month from today we will know which teams are playing in the World Series

    • bbmoney

      They’ll never shorten the season, you’re missing out on 180 games of revenue for the owners if you shorten the season by 6 games.

      The tough thing about a 3 game wildcard series is that the other teams than just sit around for probably at least 4 days. It’s nice to have a day or two off to help set your rotation, but that long off can be seen as a negative. I could see that change happening though, but not at the expense of a shortened regular season.

      Even if you don’t like the wildcard setup, you have to admit it puts a lot of emphasis on winning the division instead of “just” winning a wild card. I do like that aspect of it.

      • hansman1982

        and the tough part is you can’t have the division winners sitting around for 4-5 days not playing baseball – shifts the advantage back to the WC team.

        I think the 1 game is a great mix of giving the division winners an advantage, adding excitement and improving the end of the season races.

  • abe

    MVP MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • calicubsfan007

    I am starting to wonder if we should keep Sori or not. Is it more beneficial to us to keep him or to trade him this offseason? Hmmmm….

    • scorecardpaul

      If you think the Cubs have a chance to win it all before his contract is up I say you keep him.
      Therefore; I feel the Cubs would be better off trading him.

      • Josh

        Cubs won’t win it all in 2013 or 2014 and his deal ends after 2014. I’m gonna be fine either way. I’d love to see him comeback, but it would also be nice to take advantage of his great season and get a solid return

  • cubsin

    If the Cubs can get a solid MLB pitcher or a good AA or AAA pitching prospect for him and cash, they should probably make the trade and sign a free agent OF, perhaps Victorino or Bourn. Otherwise, keep him and win a few more games in 2013, then trade him next winter when BJax, Ha and Szczur might be ready for prime time. Winning 60-65 games a year isn’t good for young players.

  • cubsin

    It’s too bad Soriano didn’t switch to a lighter bat two or three years earlier.

  • CubzFann

    What I found odd as I was listening to the game Saturday, is that Carlos Beltran’s contract and Matt Holliday’s contract are not spoken of in a super negative manner while Soriano’s remaining contract is said to be ridiculous. Yet, numbers wise, neither of the previous two are having as good of a year as Sori, offensively or definsively. So shouldn’t production factor in when comparing salaries? I know Sori’s is still worse, but I just wish the guy would get a little bit of a break from the baseball executives. Would his contract still be considered won of the worst five in mlb as usual?

    • Brett

      This season, combined with the fact that Soriano’s got just two years left on the deal, will definitely tamp down those comments about him having (as in, currently) the worst deal in baseball. Over the life of his contract is another discussion, but he hasn’t been as bad as we all seem to have thought.

      • Sircub

        And I think it’s tough to say in retrospect that a contract was a horrible one, when he was majorly effected by an injury. Who knows how good he would’ve been otherwise?

        • Norm

          It was horrible from the day he signed it. Not because of his play, because of contract itself. The Cubs outbid themselves (and I, for one, don’t blame Hendry on this one, I believe it was a directive from above Hendry)

  • notcubbiewubbie

    once again all this soriano love; i don’t get it he sure is good on a last place team. last time he had a year like this was with washington(oh yea they were in last place that year also) that is when jim hendry saw the second coming of mickey mantle and babe ruth combined and paid him like albert pujols. true cubbiewubbies everywhere.

  • Stinky Pete

    Soooooooooo you’re angry at Soriano for doing well? Or you are angry at Cubs fans for not being angry at Soriano? Not sure what point you’re trying to drive home here.
    Soriano sure was good in 2007 and 2008. Just sayin’…

    • Drew7

      “Not sure what point tou’re trying to drive home here”

      Not sure he knows, either.

  • die hard

    Like to see Russell have a shot as closer next year

  • notcubbiewubbie

    i was trying to say start working on that contract extension.