It’s been more than 60 years since Jackie Robinson and his incredible, important story received time on the big screen. That film, ‘The Jackie Robinson Story,’ actually featured Robinson, himself.

The new Robinson film, which stars Chadwick Boseman as the eponymous number 42 (yup, just wanted to use “eponymous”), and Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey, is slated for release on April 12. The trailer came out earlier this week, and it’s hard to tell if this is the next great baseball movie – the Jackson Robinson film we’ve been waiting for – or just another movie.

Thoughts on the trailer? What appears to be a pretty straight take on the story? The Jay-Z atmospheric song? Harrison Ford’s weird-looking face?

(And if you desperately need a Cubs-specific connection, how about this: the Daytona Cubs currently play at Jackie Robinson Ballpark.)

  • Ed D

    It’s going to be a great baseball movie. I love how there are so many movies coming out involving baseball. I just seen trouble with the curve (not really a hardcore baseball movie by any means) and it was awesome. I’m hoping the next great baseball movie involves Theo Epstein bringing a championship to the North side!

    • cccubfan

      And I hope it involves beating the Cards in 4 games in the NLCS….LOL

  • Doc Evans

    I’m far from a being a baseball historian, but Jackie Robinson would have never flipped the bat like he did after hitting a home run.

    • cccubfan

      That looked like a little “poetic license” there. A little Hollywood action…I don’t see Jackie doing that either….

    • Njriv

      Yeah Buster Olney was critical about that. But you also have to take into consideration that it is a movie and they exaggerate somethings for more dramatic effect.

  • clark addison

    I just hope the guy who plays Jackie Robinson looks like a ballplayer, and not like an actor trying to look like a ballplayer.

    • EQ76

      agreed.. I hate watching a movie/tv show and there’s some dude that’s never played baseball in his life swing a bat or pitch.. it’s hard to watch.. you’d thing they could find actors who have at least played some high school ball?

    • art

      like anthony perkins as Jimmy Piersall?

  • SirCub

    Meh, I wasn’t alive to see Jackie play, so I give them full artistic license to make him a BAMF’er. In fact, I wish they had casted Samuel L. Jackson for the role. He would’ve knocked it out of the park the park.

    • Brett

      I’m not sure if it was a typo, but given the tenor of the rest of the comment, the double “the park” at the end of the comment SO works.

  • ETS

    Eponymous always makes me think of Jack White’s new album.

  • Spriggs

    I wonder why no Gil Hodges, Duke Snider, or Roy Campanella characters. Is this mostly about before he became a Brooklyn Dodger?

  • Evolution

    Good question…my mom grew up a mile from Ebbets Field, and I became a baseball fan from listening to her stories. She grew up on those teams.

    The story of actually getting him to his first at bat with Brooklyn is actually pretty remarkable. Wondering if they found that the rest of the team dynamics were less compelling than the rest of the events…especially considering that the audience that remembers these guys is (sadly) dwindling.

    Still…I’m all about this one. Awesome.

    And…Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey? Holy smokes! That could be wild.

    • Dylan

      And don’t forget Lucas Black (Friday Night Lights, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift) is playing Pee Wee Reese

      • EQ76

        I think Paul Reubens should play Pee Wee.

  • baseballet

    I thought that the Jackie R story was a pet project for Spike Lee. The writer/director, Brian Helgeland wrote the screenplay for LA Confidential and Mystic River, however he also wrote The Postman and Man on Fire.

  • Big Joe

    I was unaware that hip hop was sure an influence back then. The things one can learn on YouTube. I still detest rap. Looks like a decent move. Harrison Ford is a legend.

  • this old cub 2

    that’s not a strange face on Harrison Ford…he’s made up to look just like Branch Rickey, the man who signed Jackie.
    Want to see an actor who looks like a ball player, go see cant handle the curve and look for the pitcher at the end of the movie who throws the curve….really looks good, must be an athlete.

    • Brett

      Yeah, I’m familiar with Rickey. The point was that, when you see a well-known face with a bunch of poorly done (and it’s hard to tell if it’s poorly done based on the short looks we get, but it kind of looks that way) putty, it’s jarring.

  • wax_eagle

    Fun fact. This was filmed in the town I work in. Chattanooga TN.

    I played college and adult baseball on the field they filmed on. The field is Historic Engel Stadium (

  • Stevie B

    I miss Chattanooga….I was transplanted to Cartersville.

    I sure do miss old Engel Stadium too…..dang

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