The rain couldn’t stop the Rockies’ mighty bats (*chuckle*) or their pitchers from craftily working out of trouble (*snort*) and limiting the damage just enough to win (*guffaw*).

The Rockies took it to the Cubs in a rain-shortened game, despite the Cubs’ early lead. Homers from Dave Sappelt and Starlin Castro, as well as a two-hit night from Welington Castillo and a two-walk night from Alfonso Soriano, were the highlights.

  • Cubs1967

    goota love that fucking stewart trade!

    damn team theo………………good thing we did not trade marshall……….er——oh no! that makes twice “the boy genius” got snookered!

    • hansman1982

      Seriously, you had to beat Me to the first reply with this garbage.

      • Featherstone

        Btw Hansman I really cant tell if hes serious or not anymore. Yeah the Stewart trade didn’t work out, but does he really think that 1 Year of Marshall who is a very good LH Setup man is worth 4 years+ of control of Wood? I just find that hard to believe anyone really believes that.

        • Fishin Phil

          Sadly, I believe he is serious.

        • JulioZuleta

          Sure, you can call the Stewart trade a loss. But honestly, neither of those 2 guys are long term options on a great team, and that’s really the only type of players they should be looking to build around. None of us are going to be losing any sleep over Tyler Colvin od DJ LeMahieu 5 years from now.

          How about some credit for getting that Rizzo guy for an injured reliever?

          (I’ve been pretty absent from the comments lately, how long has this guy been around?)

          • hansman1982

            eh, 2-3 months. Same song and dance about how dumb Theo, Jed, Dale, Tom, etc… are.

          • hansman1982

            Also, in 5 years, if Stewart does acceptably else where or fulfills his talent people will be saying how dumb Theo was to let that guy go.

            Colvin/Stewart is the crying du joir of the 2012 season, like Fuld was last year and McGeehee was the year before and…

            • Cedlandrum

              I felt it was a bad trade from the beginning because I thought it was dumb to trade away two guys who are good athletes, who are versatile and cost next to nothing while you are rebuilding. Still feel that way.

              It isn’t the crying du joir for me. I didn’t care about Fuld or McGehee because I had seen enough of them in the minors to know they were 25th men at best. I know Casey had the great year or two but nothing in the minors ever showed that. I have said this before and I will repeat again, sometimes when new people come into an organization they outsmart themselves trying to make their mark on the team. This is one of those cases.

            • nick cafardo


              • TWC

                You know, kid, this schtick wasn’t particularly funny when you *first* started it. It hasn’t aged well.

                • nick cafardo

                  I hear ya. But apparently I’m well received by the national media. As they site me all the time. I my myself will admit my comments are b.s. and I am a complete dumbass.

            • Chris

              People seem to get madder about Colvin than anyone ever reacted to the Cubs allowing Luis Gonzalez to go for basically nothing in return. He had some great seasons in AZ, steroids-enhanced or not. Colvin was a bad trade, but teams make bad trades all the time. And the Cubs have made some high profile bad trades in their history. Colvin may end up being a good player in the league. We’ll have to deal with it as Cubs fans. I too was not in favor of the trade, but I understand the rationale of it. Colvin came off a horrible season, as did Stewart. Colving is a K machine, and OF help is easier to acquire than a 3rd basemen with power. Oh well. Hopefully they win more trades than they lose going forward. This was probably a trade where they really didn’t understand the potential of the players they were giving away, fully. They can’t make those kind of mistakes going forward, now that they’ve had a year to evaluate the system.

            • Kyle

              Career 1.5 fWAR seasons

              Lenny Harris 2
              Neifi Perez 1
              Ronny Cedeno 1
              Ian Stewart 0

              I promise I won’t complain if we admit the mistake that was Ian Stewart and he miraculously becomes a useful baseball player.

        • cubs1967

          ‘cuz wood is sooooooooo good…………you know the cubs could re-sign Marshall…..that is allowed so it does not have to be just 1 year……….(and marsahll is home grown so it’s not like we rented him…….)

          who is a better baseball player? Marshall……….so WTF are you defending……..more losing……guess what you got it! wait till next year.

          • Mick


    • Drew7

      You forgot to bash DeJesus for not having a bunch of HR and RBI.

    • ssckelley

      Before you all get to caught up in bashing the Stewart deal keep in mind the Cubs do not play their home games at Coors Field. Away from Coors Field Colvin only hits .238 with 7 home runs and an OPS of just .675 but at Coors Field he is a hall of fame player with .332 average, 11 home runs, and an OPS of 1.029.

      • Kyle

        What they gave up for Ian Stewart doesn’t bother me. The fact that they actually wanted Ian Stewart does.

        • hardtop

          the fact they gave up anything for stewart is what bothers me.

      • Picklenose

        Kind of makes me wonder if Colvin could have played 3rd. His offensive stats away from Coors are still better than Stewart or Valbuena. Sigh

        • DocPeterWimsey

          Colvin is a lefty, so, no. A lefty would need remarkable footwork skills to play 3rd.

          One other thing about Colvin’s numbers is that he’s been sitting a lot against lefties: he has only 425 or so PAs, whereas a full time guy would have about 650 by now. So, his numbers are a little inflated relative to what they would be if he were playing full time.

      • JulioZuleta

        Thanks ssckelly, I was just about to look up those splits. I figured it’d be drastic, but not quite like that.

    • BluBlud

      I don’t think the deal would have been as horrible if Stewart stayed healthy. Did we lose that trade, sure we did. However, I’m not so sure that there is to many other GM’s who wouldn’t have made that move.

      • Stevie B

        VERY difficult to “win” a trade with the Rockies when trading position players as their home stats will be heavily weighted.
        No team was beating down our door to trade for either of these guys that had no real future with this team….so, what would you be saying if Ian was in our line up right now batting .280 with 20 hrs and 90 RBI and a OBP of 350, playing a solid 3rd base ??
        How about, ” Man Theo really snookered Colorado!!”
        This game is about being in the right place at the right time…and making calculated risks.

        • BluBlud

          Im agreeing with everything you said. I think we lost the trade, but more because of the circumstances, and less because Colvin is the better playing. I think healthy, Ian is the better player. When you have the chance to get the better player by trading a guy who you don’t see playing a future role on your team, you make that trade every time, and you live with the consequences. I not getting to hype on LeMahieu, as we traded him from a position of strenth for us, and I do not believe he is a star player.

      • Frank

        I agree–Stewart has played injured the whole time here, and a bad wrist can wreak havoc on hitting. I still think, especially since no one else’ll be interested, that it’d be a good idea to see what he can do when that wrist is fully healed.

        • Kyle

          One of the many problems is that Ian Stewart started to hit terrible in Colorado *before* he hurt his wrist.

          The wrist injury isn’t helping, but it isn’t the only cause.

    • #23

      relax dude. geeez.

    • nick cafardo

      The red sox would have never traded for a gimp stewart.

  • hansman1982

    Well gosh darn it we just couldn’t pull this one out. I am so furious I swear I could explode right now. Muhwahahahahahahahahaha.

    If nothing else we can try to enjoy a late September without freaking out over losses.

    • Boogens

      I hate to admit it but you’re not alone. I am so glad these “decisive” games are on the road.

      Plus, a big part of me really despises this situation and the new system that rewards the Rockies and Astros organizations for intentionally tanking games. It really pisses me off.

  • Featherstone

    So, Rockies won, Twins won, Indians won, Cubs Lost………. My thoughts:

    I was worried there for a minute when the Cubs put up 4 runs in the first 2 innings, but then the Cubs Pitching came to the rescue.

  • Norm

    oy. Ian Stewart didn’t work out. They swung and missed. Let’s keep beating the dead horse and crying because Theo/Jed aren’t perfect.

    • cubs1967

      like everyone does with JH?……….so your point is………

      when your team is gonna lose 100 games on purpose and next year will be the same……you sort of asked for this; now didn’t ya?and we know losing will make us better better as this is the right way royals fans……….how bout the pirates fans……….um……Next!

      guess we can just skip the wait till next year crap; now the cubs are wait till next decade!

  • Brett

    For the record – my comment on Colvin and LeMahieu has nothing to do with the trade that sent them to Colorado. It’s just a joke that they had a good game against the Cubs. Nothing more.

    (My official position on the deal has always been: I liked them taking the chance, but Stewart’s wrist always scared me, and I can’t help but wonder what other move they might have made instead with guys like Colvin and LeMahieu.)

    • BD

      That is what I will always wonder- what could’ve been. I was still hoping they would pony up what little prospects they had from Hendry’s regime and go after Headley. Now that he had a great year, his price has tripled.

      • AB

        It would have taken impact talent to land Headley, which the Cubs had little of besides Baez in the offseason.

        • BD

          In hindsight they might not have, but last winter if they started with Jackson that might have at least made it interesting.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Headley was not for sale last winter: multiple teams other than the Cubs went after him, after all. That means it is very probable that they were offered more than Hendry’s Greatest Hits by a well-stocked organization and they still said “no.”

        • BD

          Just because he wasn’t traded doesn’t mean he wasn’t for sale- it means nobody was offering enough. And that also doesn’t mean that the Cubs were actually involved.

          • Cubbie Blues

            Yeah, Herschel Walker was available too. It doesn’t mean it’s at a good price.

            • BD

              OK- I didn’t say that Headley was available at a good price.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Hence the qualifier: “very probable.” There was a lot of hot stove rumor concerning Headley involving several teams. After all, the Pads usually trade goys like Headley just to avoid the high salaries: so, teams must have been kicking the tires. Whether the Cubs were one of those teams we do not know, but Headley is the kind of guy that Theo & Jed like. Still, the Pads almost certainly could have gotten a better deal with a team other than the Cubs, so wishing that the Cubs had turned Colvin into Headley (or holding it against the FO) is a bit pointless.

            • BD

              Also- I didn’t say they could get him for Colvin, or even that Colvin would have been in the package. I said I was hoping they would try to get him; not that they should’ve done anything possible to get him.

              • DocPeterWimsey

                My point is and was that there is no reason to think that the Cubs did not try to get Headley. All of the information we got last winter suggests that several teams tried to get Headley. It seems that several teams (not including the Cubs) tried to get Headley at the trade deadline, too.

                At any rate, one never should confuse lack-of-result with lack-of-effort.

                • BD

                  At any rate, I didn’t confuse the two. I said I was “hoping they would get him.” Entirely different than “they should’ve traded Castro, Garza, and anything else breathing for Headley, stupid Theo and Jed!”

                  I was “hoping” that it would work out, but I understand that it didn’t (and why). It just would’ve been nice to have 3B occupied for the next several years instead of the parade of scrubs we’ve seen this year. Now I wait for the inevitable move of one of the SS prospects over to 3B.

                  • hansman1982

                    Sounds like one of you is debating the color of the sky while the other is debating the color of the sky on Europa.

                    • DocPeterWimsey

                      We’ll be the pirate twins again….

  • Mick

    Hindsight is always 20-20 but I’d rank the risk factor of Colvin or LeMathieu turning into superstars very low. Cubs1967 will probably keep beating the drum against ownership and the front office far into our winning years so it’s not worth the time debating him/her.

  • ruby2626

    People shouldn’t jump off a bridge over Colvin’s great year. He actually seems to be a product of Coors Field. .335 home vs. .238 on the road plus .660 vs .404 slugging pct. There’s something about his game that Colorado isn’t sold on (perhaps his D) or he would be playing a lot more. As for LeMahieu 1 HR, 10 walks in 205 at bats plus zero range, don’t really care that we included him in the deal. Theo was almost a hero, can you imagine had he been able to include those 2 plus a little more for Chase Headley on S.D. who obviously has had a breakout year. He certainly did his best to add him.


    Rafael Dolis has to be one of the following: Vampire, Eric Clapton/J.J. Cale, or Dave Atell. After midnight, he struck out the side against the Pirates on about 11 pitches. Before midnight, regular performances like last night.

    • Brett