Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 0, Rockies 6 – September 26, 2012

Jason Berken crumbled this time around, though the bullpen – a couple innings each by Lendy Castillo and Michael Bowden – was solid. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the latter in the pen next year, and the former stretching out as a starter somewhere in the minors. The lack of scoring by the Cubs wasn’t totally the product of using bench guys – Welington Castillo was the only regular to get a hit. The other four hits came from Dave Sappelt (2), Joe Mather (1), and Josh Vitters (!).

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23 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 0, Rockies 6 – September 26, 2012”

  1. BFiddy

    In my Fantasy Baseball Championship game this week…need a bit more than this from Castro and Sori.

  2. Featherstone

    Rockies Won, Twins Won, Cubs Lost, Cards Lost (To the Astros no less) and for you South Side Haters (Sox lost and are now a game back in the central after holding first place for the last 2 months). Cubs are 2 games back of Colorado and 5.5 back of Minnesota/Cleveland so are top 3 pick looks like a virtual lock at this point. Keep “pushing” for that number 2 pick!

  3. cccubfan

    Just saw on the Today show where Adam Greenberg signed a one day contract with the Marlins for next Tuesday’s game so he can get his one AB. I think the Ricketts familt, Theo and Jed dropped the ball on this one. He was and should still be a Cub….What do you think?

    1. Chris

      It’s a nice story, but I don’t think any less of Ricketts, Theo, or Jed for not giving Greenberg his one at bat. It was an unfortunate situation for the kid when he came up and got hit in the head, but baseball is not always a kind sport. Seems a little gimmicky for the Marlins to be doing this. The Cubs are actually using the roster space they have to evaluate guys for next season. I suppose if they had an open spot they could have done something for him, but I’m glad they didn’t succumb to the gimmick. It just seems like something the Tribune company would advocate, or what a minor league team would do.

      1. Drew7

        …or something the Marlins would do.

        1. Chris

          Nailed it Drew. Nicely done.

    2. Kyle

      I think Greenberg needed to be thankful that he got his one professional plate appearance, something many career minor leaguers will never get, and leave it at that. The constant whining to be handed something he hasn’t earned is offputting, and I’m glad the Cubs were not a part of it.

    3. Jim L.

      I actually think more highly of Ricketts, Theo, Jed, etc. for not caving into fan or media pressure and give Greenberg another chance. Can’t say that would have happened with the last regime.

  4. Stevie B

    In regards to the Greenberg issue,I can only ask…Why not?

    Its not completely unlike the Rudy story….

    1. Chris

      I hate that movie. You’ve just turned me more against the idea with that comparison.

    2. Kyle

      The better question is: Why? Do you know how many people out there would love a major league plate appearance? Or even how many guys will get to AAA and never get one?

      It’s a special thing to get to bat in the major leagues, and it’s special because it is earned, not given.

  5. Stevie B

    Rudy Rudy Rudy!!!!

    Brett…I’m a Michigan man myself….and the fact that we can be a Rudy fan is a testament to our soft side.
    I hope Adam hits it out.

  6. ottoCub

    Lendy Castillo did not look good last night. He was missing his spots by a wide margin, especially early in the count. However, I’m glad he got to pitch, and I’m glad Sveum left him in for a full 2 innings even though he was struggling. I hope he sees some more innings in this last week. He’s got a good live arm, and a ton of natural movement on his pitches. He’s really green (only been pitching for what, 2 years?) so game experience at the major league level can only help him in the future. He has a ton of potential, but needs that year in the minors: pitching a lot of innings and getting a lot of instruction.

    1. hardtop

      i wouldn’t exactly call the Cubs vs. the Rockies “game” experience. i was there last night.. im not sure what i saw qualified as a professional sporting contest.
      let me summarize: Barney’s defense is pretty good. Jordon Pacheco is so short he might qualify for handicap status, yet he’s taller than Sappelt. The highlight of the game was getting rain in my beer.
      its pathetic, and rebuilding is not an adequate explanation.

      1. ottoCub

        I hear ya. I haven’t been at the games, but watching on TV these last games seem comparable in quality to AAA games, with a couple of old, tired major-league players on both teams.