Seriously, Chris Volstad: your offspeed stuff needs WORK. My eyes told me that he gave up two bombs on hanging curveballs that just sat there on a tee. I just don’t understand how a guy with his size, and downward plane, can’t get his sinker going.

On the bright side, I got to take in the game with a couple of fellow Central Ohioans, Josh and Kyle. Good times. And the Cubs tried to mount a comeback, at least. It’s a sweep for the Rockies. Number two pick, here we come.

At least there was this …

  • Matthew

    Brett Jackson did not K in this game. Is that a first?

    • CubFan Paul

      I’d like to see BJax leadoff and tee off on fastballs

  • Karen P

    No mention of Barney tying the record? Surely you’ll say something tomorrow… yes?

    • Brett

      Most assuredly. Because then I can combine it with “today he breaks it.”

  • Featherstone

    I’m excited to see Rizzo put up a full season. He’s been everything we hoped for this year.

  • Believe in 2015

    Hey Brett, I know it is still really early but who would you love to see the Cubs draft next year?

    • Luke

      Much too early. Odds are good that in seven months we’ll be drooling over a name that isn’t even on our radars yet.

  • Will

    Yeah… let’s NOT tender Volstad. If he’s learned anything this season I’d say he’s learned me a thing or two about how awful he is… Don’t let the door hit ya, etc.

  • Stu

    Volstad was a batting practice pitcher today.

    I heard it commented that he has great “stuff”, but it doesn’t translate to games.

    What does that really mean? Why would it matter really if the batter is standing there or not? If he has great movement on his pitches, doesn’t hang pitches, etc. in bullpen sessions or wherever they say he has great “stuff”, what gives?

    • Austin

      His mindset and probably lack of confidence once he sees someone step into that batters box is why he can’t translate his skills to the field

      • gutshot5820

        Maybe he just stinks. did you consider that?

  • Carew

    I don’t want to give up on Volstad…but holy moly

    • FFP

      This. It seems like he needed to prove to coaches he could avoid the BB tonight, let his fielders work; so the alternative was just grooving ’em. He needs lots more work, but too soon to give up. He has MONTHS to finish figuring this out.

    • Richard Nose

      I want to give up on him.

    • cubchymyst

      I still don’t think the cubs should give up on Volstad, and it looks like they will have extra cash next year. Also, isn’t that the advantage of being a large market team having the ability to throw a couple extra million at someone who might provide upside (I’ll admit I’m starting to lose faith in the upside but willing to gamble). Its not like the cubs are loaded with pitching prospects to fill up the AAA roster with people knocking on the door for a big league start. Maybe the Cubs need to treat Volstad they same way they treated Marmol (he is no longer allowed to shake off the catcher).

  • MoneyBoy

    Never liked him, fed up with long ago and hope his start Tuesday is the last time his six foot eight waste of time darkens the Cub clubhouse.

    Three innings, 65 pitches, zero strikeouts, ten hits, two home runs … and SEVEN earned runs … that with the benefit of two double plays and a runner picked off at 2nd.

    STILL worth it to get rid of Zamaniac. Hope he and Ozzie enjoy their whatever their favorite adult beverage wherever they are after the year ends.

  • Patrick W.

    Pretty sweet to see Rizzo, after his 81st game has 15HR, 47RBI and OPS .817.

    Take a full year of that?

    • Brett

      Definitely, especially at his age.

    • TWC

      Yeah, that projects to 30HR, 94RBI, and an OPS of 1.634!


      • Stevie B

        Hansman will be all over you in a second. BA and RBI are meaningless #’s TWC!!!!

        • Cubbie Blues

          You didn’t see the glaring problem with the numbers he used? Look at them again. It took awhile, but TWC you got someone with it.

          • TWC

            Well, *I* thought it was funny…

      • hansman1982


        Also, apparently the 2013 Cubs really will suck. 1.634 OPS and only 94 RBI’s?

    • Richard Nose

      I’m super excited for him, but shoot we have to prepare ourselves for him to not match those numbers for an entire season…an entire season, next year. He’s still gonna be a young ball player even in 2 years. I don’t doubt him or his work ethic. But I see Eric Hosmer and Freddie Freeman and their ups and downs. Not bad second years, but they weren’t the center of their batting orders like some of us are desperate for Rizzo to be, and they’re still young. I want the world for the kid, but I still try to understand the big picture for his sake. F, now I just jinxed him.

  • Kevin

    Most mock drafts have Appel going 1st to the Astros. What are the chances the Astros pass on him again?

    • Richard Nose

      The only reason I’d like to take Appell is to offer him and his agent $500k and tell them to take it or leave it because his back’s against a wall (with a tiny, tiny opening in it) as a senior. I’m not interested in their games though, I’d still take Meadows or the Arkansas feller.

  • Dustin S

    I really thought Volstad would improve this year with the change of scenery and being a year older, but it’s hard to take anything good away from a 6.64 era and whip over 1.6. He might have to hide in LaHair’s luggage to Japan.

  • Josh

    Good to see we will have the #2 pick in the draft next year. I think the difference may be pretty significant because the Cubs and Rockies will likely both be after pitching during the draft. Congrats to Barney on the record. Good to see Rizzo finishing strong. I really hope today was the last appearance Volstad makes as a Cub.

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      If we weren’t playing the Astros in a 3 game set I would be celebrating, but lets get there before we start getting too excited.

  • cjdubbya


    Great to finally meet you. We’ll have to do that again for a game or two next year. Volstad was brutal – I know he’s 6-8 and there’s untapped potential, but unless they can stash him in Iowa and let him figure it out, I just don’t see how they bring him back.

    • Brett

      Likewise, cjdub. Enjoyed it very much.

  • Richard Nose

    Holy Volstad.

  • True(ly) Blue

    Do you think that we can get a prospect for a great 6’8″ batting practice pitcher????? I watched Volstad’s pitches as closely as I could on TV (probably better that at the game) and all I saw was one pitch after another grooved down the middle of the plate about belt high with no movement. Good lord! I’ve seen high school pitchers with better stuff. Enough already! Please don’t pay this guy millions of $ to be this bad.

  • Andy

    Not that I could have made it today…but next time there is a central Ohioan gathering, let me know.

    • cjdubbya

      If you’re on twitter, check out @CbusOH_CubsFans – he posts gathering info when they happen. It seemed like about once a month or so, though it sounds like there’s a “Winter Meeting” in the works, which is kinda neat. Also, check out @cjdubbya as I hear that guy’s funny. And talks Cubs. Or something.

  • calicubsfan007

    I am curious, could Volstad be crappy right now because of his pitching motion? I have seen some pitchers who have been pretty good after tweaking the release point, etc. But, then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cubs have already tried to tweak Volstad’s motion. At least we have a decent offense already. All we really need is starting pitching and better relief pitching (not too much to ask for, right? (=), then everything else should fall into place.

  • Sandberg

    So the Cubs have secured no worse than the 3rd pick and can secure the 2nd pick with 2 more losses? Don’t want to go into that Houston series needing a loss. 😉

    • Luke

      I think Arizona can beat the Cubs twice in Arizona. The two pick is very likely safe.

      And that might be the best thing to happen for the Cubs in the second half of this season.

      • MoneyBoy

        With the starting pitchers likely to be Wood, Germano and Rusin it’s more than a little possible!

    • Josh

      Also that is assuming the Rockies win out. Cubs “magic” number for the pick would be 2 I believe. As in Cubs losses/Rockies wins

      • Eric

        that can’t be true, there are 6 games left for the Cubs not sure for the rockies. If the Cubs lost one Rockies won one, there would be 5 games left and Cubs 4 ahead for the #2 pick. And if the cubs won every game and rockies lost every game after that rockies would be 1 game worse than the Cubs. Magic # is probably 4.

  • cubsin

    You’re both wrong. The Cubs’ magic number versus the Rockies is 3.

    Both teams have six games left. If the Cubs go 5-1 and the Rockies go 1-5, the Cubs’ final record would be 64-98 and the Rockies would be 93-99, and the Rockies would pick #2 based on the poorer record. However, if the Rockies go 2-4, both teams would finish 94-98, and the Cubs would pick ahead of the Rockies because they had a poorer record in 2011.

    The Twins are also still in play (magic number of 1) because they would win the tiebeaker versus the Cubs.

    • Brett

      Wow. Late-nighter!

    • Eric

      Well the magic # being 3 is a caveat of record from last year. If you just do the math for this year it’s 4. Which means I’m still good at math, so yay me!

  • cubsin

    Oops, a typo. Rockies would be 63-99, not 93-99.

  • cubsin

    Oops again, They would tie at 64-98, not 94-98. It’s late.

    • Tommy

      Get some sleep cubsin!

  • Stinky Pete

    The “magic” number for the #2 pick is four. If the Cubs won every game and the Rockies lost every game the Cubs would finish three games ahead. Then you add one to clinch. Three plus one, yeah that’s four. Right now, record wise they could still tie Minnesota and Cleveland. I don’t know anything about tiebreakers so I will defer on that one.

    • Featherstone

      Worst record the previous year is the tie-breaker. So the cubs have the tie-breaker over the Rockies and Indians but not the Twins.

    • Brett

      Record the previous year is the tie-breaker (worse team last year gets higher pick).

  • Stinky Pete

    And now that I submitted my rationale, I see why you are saying 3, Cubsin.

  • Stevie B

    If we tender Volstad a contract, I will drive into oncoming traffic.

    Those trumpeting “he is young and has upside” can go away.

    Please…like, leave now. I’m done with him.

  • Featherstone

    I also did not realize how atrociously bad the Marlins and Red Sox were this year. The Marlin plan of trying to buy up every FA worked well didnt it.

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      It is very hard to build a team from free agency. You have to have a core of players that have played together for years. The Yankees are the oddity. Teams aren’t typically successful in this model. You have to have a core of players and then add a piece here or there. It has been proven year after year, but all some people see is us losing and see players out there and think best case scenario. How did Albert Pujols and his 10 yr deal start off? Even if you take his age out of the equation anyone can see he wasn’t worth that deal. FA are overpriced and typically on the decline in talent.

  • Crockett

    I was sitting 9 rows behind the screen/Cubs dugout and Rizzo’s HR was a BOMB. Longest one I’ve seen hit in that direction this year.

    (I go to about 25 Rocks games a year)