Adam Greenberg will get his one at-bat.

Earlier this month, I wrote about Greenberg, the former Cubs prospect who faced just one pitch in the big leagues – a fastball to the helmet – and who is trying to come back to the big leagues for just one more at-bat. Well, seven years later, thanks in large part to Chicago Cubs fan and filmmaker Matt Liston, it’s going to happen.

It won’t come with the Cubs, however, who passed on the opportunity a couple weeks ago. Instead, it’ll come with the Miami Marlins.

While it would have been most appropriate for the at-bat to come with the Cubs, having the opportunity with the Marlins is, I suppose, the next best thing. The Marlins, of course, were the team the Cubs were facing when Greenberg was hit.

Greenberg will play for the Marlins on Tuesday, as the season winds down for them. Clearly the Marlins saw the opportunity to do something good in an otherwise lost and frustrating season. And I commend them.

The story just broke this morning after an appearance on the Today Show, in which Marlins President David Samson offered Greenberg a one-day contract, but the outpouring of positivity is already strong. Buster Olney, Peter King, Peter Gammons and more national voices have already said they’ll be tuning in, and are celebrating the Marlins’ decision. I won’t focus on the fact that the Cubs missed an opportunity to do something genuinely good, because that makes this about the Cubs, and not about Adam. But, well, they did.

I’ll just say I’m glad he’s going to get his one at-bat, and I’ll thank the Marlins for making it happen. Who cares if it’s cheesy? Who cares if it’s a “publicity stunt”? Who cares if Greenberg really wants a chance to play in the bigs again next year? Who cares if it’s silly?

It’s nice. That’s what I care about.

Good luck, Adam. We’ll be watching. Just don’t take a walk.

  • Kyle

    Sorry, but boo. This sends absolutely the wrong message. Whine enough and you get your way.

    He didn’t earn this, it was handed to him because he complained enough. I love it when a career minor leaguer gets his cup of coffee, but this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Brett

      Yup. Complained. That’s what he did. Go hug a bunny – you need it.

      (Tongue-in-cheek, by the way, in case it was unclear.)

    • Chris

      I think I have to agree with you Kyle. I’m glad the Cubs didn’t do this, for the same reasons you’ve listed.

      • Brett

        But he’s not taking anything away from anyone. No one else was going to get this opportunity with the Marlins. It wasn’t going to happen. And if it had been the Cubs, it’s the same thing – no new call-up was coming. No one who is going to be on the 40-man roster this Winter was going to get bounced. It would have cost the Cubs nothing. It would have cost YOU nothing.

        Is this just haters gonna hate?

        • Chris

          Maybe I don’t agree with the whining part of Kyle’s argument. It hasn’t cost me anything, you are right. It just seems gimmicky to me. As Cubs fans, we’ve lived with gimmicks over substance for too long. Honestly, I’m not going to lose sleep over the Marlins making a farce of the game or anything like that. I’m just kind of glad the Cubs didn’t give in to the little public pressure that was applied for them to give him another at bat. I hope he gets a hit. What’s going to happen if the second pitch he sees in the majors gets away from the pitcher? Are his reflexes fast enough to get out of the way these days? The Marlins have enough melodrama going on in their clubhouse these days that maybe they need a “nice” story like this to end the season. I’m on the side Kyle has taken, and that feels a little strange given our back and forth debate over the last week or two. I wouldn’t word my feelings as strongly as he did, but I’m glad the Cubs didn’t schedule his next/last at bat for next Tuesday.

          • Brett

            We disagree, but I guess I don’t think you need a bunny hug as much as Kyle does.

            • Chris

              I’m allergic to dogs and cats, so I’d probably just sneeze on it anyway.

            • hansman1982

              For me I am ‘meh’ about it.

              On one hand, it’s a great feel-good story. This kid has been working to get that 1 at bat and he finally has it.

              On the other, it does feel really gimmicky and that is only reinforced by the Marlins being the team.

              • MikeL

                I don’t think “whining” or “complaining” are the correct words to describe Greenberg’s actions in this situation. He wasn’t stomping his feet and crying when the Cubs passed on the oppurtunity. It is not like he was going to the Cubs and Marlins saying,

                “Pllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeee let me play. Why you won’t you let me plaaaaaaaaayyyyy?!? I DESERVE IT!!! ”

                I DO think he is making more noise than most other players would in his situation. I don’t think he is acting like he is entitled or that he feels he is owed another at-bat. I think he is describing his situation to teams and making sure that they know that he is there in case there is an opening. It is a win-win situation. The team can sell this as a great PR move, and he can get his at-bat.

    • DaveB23

      Kyle, I noticed you complaining about this in the EBS for yesterday’s game as well, and I really don’t understand it. While I agree with you that in *MOST* cases such acts are gimmicky and I am usually against them, I think this is really a unique situation and needs to be looked at differently.

      You keep saying how “he didn’t deserve it”, how “thousands of AAA players wash out of baseball every year without ever getting an AB”. I disagree. He was called up 7 years ago and called on to pinch hit- that means he DESERVED the at-bat he should of gotten.

      But he never got the at-bat. He never got a chance to take a single swing, or to even take a single strike or a single ball. Instead he took it off the dome. That is NOT an at-bat.
      The “thousands of AAA players who wash out of baseball every year” never got an AB in the Majors because they did not deserve an AB- not because they took a fastball off the dome. Greenberg deserved his AB but it was taken away because of 1 pitcher- give the guy his damn at-bat.

      • Pat

        Did Lendy Castillo deserve the innings he was given this year?. I mean, he was given them, so by your definition I guess he deserved them. There were a lot of people questioning Greenberg’s call up in the first place. Not that he was coming off a bad season in the minors, but there were others who had as good or better reasons for being called up. He got a chance, got hit, and never made it back. It’s a sad story, but shit happens.

        The question is, what’s the point of getting him another at bat? He’s going to be out of the league next year regardless. To show that perseverance pays off? That’s a nice thought, but it’s not always true. In the real world not everybody gets a trophy, and there’s nothin wrong with that.

  • Nate

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I really don’t think Greenberg did any complaining. This was done by a filmmaker. True, that filmmaker probably had his own agenda, but I don’t really think Greenberg should be faulted for this.

    • Brett

      Greenberg did nothing but hope he could get another shot. And even for the filmmaker (I’ve spoken with him), he genuinely just thought (like I do) that Greenberg’s story was really sad/compelling/hopeful/whatever, and wanted to try and do something good for him. To him, as well, I say job well done.

    • Kyle

      There has been a ton of media publicity since the petition that started it all. Greenberg could have declined comment, or made simple statements about how he’d like to get to the big leagues again but it needs to be on his own merits and not as a publicity stunt.

      Instead, he put his face and voice anywhere that would give him a little more publicity, in the hopes of being handed something he hadn’t earned. It really rubs me the wrong way.

      • EvenBettersV2.0

        Why would he decline to comment? He has wanted to get back to the majors since that day. He is a part of history in a way he nor anyone else should be. We can tell it rubs you the wrong way, but who does this really hurt? It helps the Marlins get some positive mojo, and it helps the kid get an AB that was taken from him and stopped any chance of a career. I commend them for this. I assume you also hate teams that draft kids that are paralyzed in the 38th round and things like that too huh?

      • MikeL

        Sorry Kyle, I can’t agree with your view on this. The teams don’t have to say yes to him, and the Cubs didn’t. Even if every team had said no, there might be a small group of fans that might be upset over the fact that he never got that one last at-bat….but they…and Greenberg…would get over it. It does not seem like any team was forced into giving him an at-bat, but they gave it to him because they actually wanted to. Greenberg asked the Marlins, the Marlins said yes….that is all there is to it. Seems like you should be mad at the Marlins for caving in to “his demands” if you really want to be made at someone.

  • Ben Peoria Cub’s Fan

    How can anyone complain about a feel good story like this one? Well unless you are so miserable and pessimistic feeling good is not possible.

    • Hebner The Gravedigger


    • stillmisskennyhubbs

      Agreed too. I guess some people aren’t happy unless they’re unhappy.

    • Stinky Pete

      He’s so angry, moments of levity actually cause him pain. Mother hugged him too much, not enough. Pick your cliche.

  • Cubbie Blues

    The pitcher slated on that day is R.A. Dickey. At least it will be ~80MPH knuckle ball coming and not a fastball.

    • Brett

      Maybe he’ll throw him an 80 mph fastball by mistake …

      • Cubbie Blues

        Yeah, that would be perilous.

        • Stevie B

          There’s that word….peril(ous)

          I LOVE peril….

          “No, let me face the peril!!!”

          ‘No,it’s but too perilous!!!”

          “I am Roger, the Shrubber…”

          • Cubbie Blues

            That’s exactly what I was thinking about.
            LAUNCELOT: We were in the nick of time, you were in great peril.
            GALAHAD: I don’t think I was.
            LAUNCELOT: Yes you were, you were in terrible peril.
            GALAHAD: Look, let me go back in there and face the peril.
            LAUNCELOT: No, it’s too perilous.
            GALAHAD: Look, I’m a knight, I’m supposed to get as much peril as I can.
            LAUNCELOT: No, we’ve got to find the Holy Grail. Come on!
            GALAHAD: Well, let me have just a little bit of peril?
            LAUNCELOT: No, it’s unhealthy.
            GALAHAD: Bet you’re gay!
            LAUNCELOT: No, I’m not.

      • BD

        By “mistake” right? *wink wink*

  • Marc

    Are you guys stupid?…he deserves this more than anyone. He paid his dues and worked hard to make the bigs and got hurt on a freak thing. Baseball is a game not the moat important thing there are many more important things. Congrats Greenberg prove them wrong

    • Chris

      Listen, I hope he gets a hit, makes the most of his opportunity. I hope he jacks one out of the park and the Marlins give him a 5 year contract for $20mil dollars. It still feels gimmicky, and he certainly didn’t earn it. He was a late season call-up in a season worth forgetting, and something unfortunate happened. He didn’t work his way back to the majors. Dickie Thon got drilled in the head and worked his way back to the majors. This is a gimmick. Sure, it benefits Greenberg, but don’t kid yourself. The Marlins need some good press, and now the mission is accomplished. Bill Veeck trotted a little person up to the batters box, so if that didn’t destroy baseball, this certainly won’t. I’m just commenting with my opinion on this subject. I may be stupid, but I don’t think you can make that determination based on what I’ve said regarding Adam Greenberg.

      • Matt

        I didn’t realize that July 7 is considered late season.

        He was called up with Matt Murton to be a part of the actual team, let’s at least make sure we have that much straight.

  • Richard Nose

    What if he gets hit again?

    • Kyle

      Okay, my stance above is perfectly reasonable.

      But the fact that I kind of hope this happens now that you mentioned it makes me a bit of a miserable person.

      • Chris

        The one time back you you’re gonna cave? I wrote paragraphs and paragraphs over the last 10 days to try and debate the merits of the Cubs FO approach and I got not even a hint of concession. Tell me the truth… you hugged a bunny, didn’t you?

      • Brett

        That pretty much supplies all the perspective I need.

        • Kyle

          Then I hope the pitcher says “lol u mad bro?”

          • Brett


    • Richard Nose

      To clarify, I would never wish the guy to get hit, I’m just a little screwed up in the head and don’t really have a censor. I really hope everything works out for him. I will admit that I’m confused as to if he really deserves the AB, has he earned it, proved he’s worthy, shown he should be there right now? I can agree he’s not screwing anyone else out of anything with the Marlins this September. If it’s admittedly out of pure charity, so be it.

  • OlderStyle

    Well, I hope Greenberg gets closure. From what I’ve read he believes he deserves a shot to make an MLB roster not just the “one at-bat”.
    Color me cynical but I suppose the Marlins are the one team in baseball (besides the Red Sox) who really need a little postive PR pick-me-up. Meh.

  • Curt

    Come on people what’s wrong with someone realizing a dream , I’m betting if any of you we’re in the same situation you’d like to get that at bat in the show, with all the bad news going around ill cheer for the guy, I’m sure it will be his only at bat so why not be happy for him.

  • Rice Cube

    This is nice and somewhat appropriate too. The Marlins have been decimated with injuries and sucking so it’s not like they couldn’t spare the spot anyway. Might as well. Glad it’s not the Cubs 😉

    • Rice Cube

      Unless he walks. Or gets plunked. Or hits a sac fly. That would suck.

  • wait til next year…..again

    I think the thing people forget is that he played in the Minors after this incident. He had additional shots to try and earn a spot on a Major League Roster. It was very unfortunate, don’t get me wrong, but I am not sure it is necessary to give him another at bat.

  • Brett

    I think it’s a little sad that the only folks decrying this and calling it a joke/stupid/gimmick are Cubs fans. The rest of the baseball world thinks it’s a good story. Why the hell do we watch sports anyway?

    • Kyle

      I don’t think you’ve polled the entirety of baseball fandom. You’ve been too busy trying to pimp out bunnies :)

      What makes sports compelling is the meritocracy. Handing things out that aren’t deserved cheapens that, especially when I’ve never seen what was supposed to be so heartbreaking about the guy’s story.

      He could have easily been one of the hundreds of minor league washouts each year who never get an MLB plate appearance. He could have had a forgettable couple of weeks in the big leagues. Instead, he got to be an interesting historical footnote. Sure, I’m sure he’d have rather had his few weeks, but overall I don’t see the heartbreaking loss here.

      • Brett

        “Instead, he got to be an interesting historical footnote.”

        I think you’re underestimating the long bout with vertigo, and physical limitations that it undoubtedly caused. It seems like you’re suggesting that any of those flameout minor leaguers would gladly accept one plate appearance in the bigs where they get drilled in the head, can’t play for a long time, don’t feel well for a long time, and then never have the same skills at the minor league level they once did.

        I think you’re mistaken on that. Sure, maybe at 50 they might say they would have taken it. But how many current minor league 24-year-olds are just itching for that particular opportunity after devoting their young life to baseball?

        • Kyle

          Well, I’m certainly sorry for the physical issues that came with being hit in the head. But I don’t see the connection between being sorry he has an injury, which any human being would feel, and wishing he got more playing time that he hasn’t earned.

          As far as never having the same skills at the minors, that’s a big part of this story I object to. It makes for a more compelling narrative, so that’s the story people are pushing, but I don’t see it. He was about the 5th best player on the AA Diamond Jaxx that year. He had a rough season the next year, but that looks just as much like a mediocre minor leaguer getting his first taste of AAA as it does an injury. He was back to his ordinary MiLB numbers the next season. At best, it set him back for a season. He’s not the first guy to have a season lost to injury, and he won’t be the last. But he’ll probably be the only one to get a pity PA.

          • Brett

            Whoa, whoa, whoa. I didn’t say he was some minor league star – I’m saying he was no longer capable of playing WELL in the minors after the injury (his numbers did not return to pre-injury levels, despite repeating leagues/going to independent/etc.). You can’t possible argue that he didn’t have the stuff to continue playing in the organized minors for several more years if he wanted to do that. Clearly, he did.

            • Kyle

              He *did* keep playing in the minors.

              He went from a AA 24-year-old with a .792 OPS to a AA 26-year-old with an .802 OPS. He washed out midway through his age 27 season.

              He didn’t wash out because of the injury. A year later, he was back to his old playing abilities. He washed out because he wasn’t needed as organizational filler and was no longer a prospect.

              • stillmisskennyhubbs

                Please search E-Bay or Amazon for “dead horse”. You already have the tools for beating one.

    • wait til next year…..again

      Brett, maybe I am wrong and people will disagree, but I think the sentimental stories fans like are the ones that are real and emotion is evident. I know this isn’t a football blog, but I look at the Torrey Smith situation from Sunday night. To see him on the field hours after his brother died, being seen wiping away tears, I think these are the sentimental moments that fans like. What happened to Greenburg is unfortunate, but it happened several years ago. Again, I am not saying it is an awful decision, I just don’t necessarily agree with it.

    • hansman1982

      I think it’s nice and wonderful and a feel-good story but it is also gimmicky.

      Maybe my job handling customer complaints all day has made me extremely jaded and distrustful of humanity

      • Brett

        I think that’s fair.

    • Rice Cube

      I thought it was fine as long as a team actually had a 40-man spot open and they weren’t contending anyway. The fact that it was the Marlins seems like a bit of an atonement and makes it better.

      At the end of the day I didn’t really care one way or the other. He was going to get one at-bat in a meaningless game that few people except those who are into the human interest stories are going to watch. It’s not like they used him to pinch-hit for Josh Hamilton with the bases loaded in an elimination game 😀

      • Brett

        I would DEFINITELY watch that!

    • beerhelps

      Agree with you there completely Ace. Hope he gets hit again? WTF is wrong with you if you say shit like that? I know its been a long miserable season but jeez some people just need to lighten the f@ck up.

    • cubbiesOHcubbies

      I personally watch them for the cheerleaders or drunk chicks in the bleachers…. but hey, thats just me. RIGHT?!?!?!?

  • JungleDrew

    What do you think the Vegas odds are this kid getting drilled by the pitcher?

    I could totally see him getting his one at bat in the 7th… it’s already been back and forth… even as the season ends tempers flair between these 2 non-contending teams… both teams pitchers have already been warned, and guillen is already ejected, and Zambrano (is he still on the team?) has already killed a gatorade machine…. Adam Greenberg takes the plate facing RA Dickey (who should be the starting pitcher for the mets if they keep with their rotation, and has the most Hit batters for the team)… Dickey is going for his 21st win… he winds up (anyone ever watch this guy pitch…. his arm looks like a velociraptor being shaken by a t-rex)…. releases… we already know Adam doesn’t see the high inside too well (too soon?)… and THWACK… he holds a new Prime 9 unbeatable record…

    two no hitters? Ha… try 2 games played with no at-bats and no position played…

    Well, if anyone thinks I’m being cynical or hoping the worst for this kid, I’m not… I signed the petition for him to get his at bat…. I really wanna see him get his chance… but he will only get into Cooperstown one way and that is by getting hit by this next pitch.

  • HawkClone

    I’m happy for him. I remember exactly where I was watching this game when he got hit and that image is burned in my mind. This is not someone with no talent who is just being handed an opportunity he doesn’t deserve (a la Billy Crystal in Spring Training 2008 (don’t get me wrong, I love City Slickers)). You have to remember he put in the time and actually earned this opportunity 7 years ago only to have it slip away in a freak accident.

  • Brett

    So, is it about time for Bullets?

  • 7eleven

    I’m guessing the haters also think that “Rudy” is disgusting.

    • DarthHater

      Yes. Next question. 😉

  • Katie

    I can’t believe the amount if cynicism in these comments. I love the cubs, but if you want to talk about embarrassment and hurting the game look at what this club has done. They have made billions off of mediocrity. I for one think we should have given him the at bat. In what was an abysmal season, there could have been something more positive to say then”there’s always next year”. I love the cubs, but this was a missed opurtunity. I think some of you are taking your frustrations of a horrible season out on this guy.

    • Chris

      Who said it was embarrassing? It’s schtick. I’m glad the Cubs didn’t do it. But I’m not embarrassed for the Marlins… at least not for this. Maybe I’m making this up, but didn’t they have him throw out the first pitch or something already? That would be a nice, appropriate moment for fans to fawn over him. Or a spring training at bat, where he’s a non-roster player. That would be fine for me. If Garth Brooks and Billy Crystal can do it, why not Adam Greenberg. I’m just not of the opinion that it’s something that should happen, but it is and I won’t lose any sleep over it. That doesn’t make me a heartless, cynical, stupid, bunny-hating basterd. Good for him for being able to get the opportunity. I wish I could do the same. But I would have been extremely excited for him had he earned his way back to the majors verses his at bat being a stunt orchestrated by a team that is trying to deflect your attention from the man behind the curtain. Maybe the Whitesox should wake up Minnie Minoso from his nap and start a new decade streak with him too.

  • scorardpaul

    I hope that when the game is over both teams get medals for participation

    • Boogens

      Dude, that is hilarious! Wish I thought of that.

    • OlderStyle


    • Richard Nose

      Brilliant. They should turn the scoreboard off for the game too. They’re all winners!

  • Borocks

    I’m sorry but what about my father-in-law Al Mantei (yes he is related to Matt Mantei) who pitched 4 no hitters in a row and was drafted by the Minnesota Twins right after highschool and got all the way to AA and even pitched and struck out Lou Pinnella in the minors. He was home in the off season and got in a car accident. Torn up he knee and was never the same. He didn’t cry he went on and had a great career at Whirlpool. Or a Friend of mine Jeff Weaver who was at AAA for the Cubs but crushed his hand in a freak accident and the Cubs called up Jay Johnstone in stead. There are a lot of people that have had weird things happen. But they just excepted it and went on. I don’t see why Greenburg should be the exception.

  • Norm

    I don’t get why this “story” is getting so much play. He’s getting an at bat. BFD.

  • ssckelley

    Adam Greenberg got to do something that most of us can only dream about doing, he got to be on a major league team and step into the batters box as a Chicago Cub. Granted I would not have wanted to get beaned in the head but still I would have jumped at the opportunity and taken my chances. If I was a career minor league player in the Marlins system I would probably be a little peeved that I would not be handed the same opportunity. But on the other hand this is kinda neat and I will probably watch the highlights of it.

  • cubchymyst

    I’m indifferent, I signed the petition because I think it is a good story. He will get his at bat and probability suggests that he will make an out and that will likely be the end of his baseball story. He accomplishes his dream, good for him. I am fine with the Cubs passing on it though. Giving away an at to Greenberg to me is like saying we will play this game with 26 outs because it doesn’t matter to us. I think that is the wrong message to send to a young team. I’d rather see the players fight to win the rest of the games and avoid the 100 loss season, and to do that they will probably need every at bat.

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    As far as I’m concerned, he undoubtedly will be wearing cat’s pajamas when he gets a hit.
    Good for him, and good for the Marlins.

  • MightyBear

    I signed the petition. I’m glad the kid gets an AB. I certainly don’t think he was whining. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even his idea.

    • Brandon – AA Correspondent

      My thoughts exactly. I am happy fo rthe kid. Looking forward to seeing it.


  • DarthHater

    Can’t wait to hear Ozzie ream him after he Ks.

    • Pete

      Now THAT would be awesome.

    • Tommy

      Can’t wait to hear Ozzie ream him after he Ks.


  • BluBlud

    I am also happy the Cubs did not do this. Injuries happen in sports all the time. It was unfortunate that this happened to him, but it did. He couldn’t earn his way back to the big club. For me, if I were Greenberg, I would decline the at-bat. We as people sometimes feel entitled to things we didn’t earn.
    He got hurt, yeah……….
    Shit Happens………….
    Pickup and move on with your life, or work hard and try to get back. If you don’t make it back, the pride in the situation should be knowing you didn’t give up. That would sastify me more then a feel good at-bat.

    I don’t hate the Marlin for doing this. It a very nice gesture. Just one I’m glad the Cubs didn’t extend.

    • Chris

      And you’re not a horrible, cynical person for feeling this way. People are acting like we’ve been walking around kicking dogs and taking candy from babies all day. Not sharing the same opinion, regardless of the feel-good nature of the story, is just that… a difference of opinion. Maybe I’m slow, but I don’t see anyone complaining that this will ruin baseball and that they hate the Marlins and that all bunnies should be rounded up and killed. Kyle made his comments about whining, and maybe those were offbase, but the majority of people that don’t care for the gimmick have provided thoughtful, informational arguments. I’m not rooting against Adam. It would be great if he hit a homer. As I said in an earlier post, the return of Dickie Thon was a GREAT story. This is more gimmicky and manufactured. I’m happy for the guy, in all honesty. I’m just shocked a major league team would do this, and I’m glad it wasn’t the Cubs. You can be thoughtful and optimistic and still think this is a bad idea. And this forum is provided for sharing opinions. It’s funny how wheneve someone can’t put together valid counter-points to a well thought response that they just right you off. “It’s just haters being haters.” “Some people aren’t happy unless they are unhappy.” I’m not unhappy about this. I don’t think anyone voiced outrage over this. Don’t simply write off our opinions and put us into a “some people” category just because you disagree. It’s like me saying some Cubs fans are too sentimental and naive. Or “All Cubs fans don’t know anything about baseball, they just like to drink in that beer garden on the north side.” Those are ignorant, and inaccurate things that are commonly spoken about us a a fandom.

      • Brett

        Don’t include my “haters” line in there like I haven’t also very clearly and extensively explained why I’ve been behind this from thing one.


        • Chris

          Wasn’t intending that one to be directed at you, bunny lover. There were others that used the hater phrase today. You’ve been on record with your opinion on the feel good story from the beginning. And even though we disagree on this one, I respect your opinion and thoughtful explanation. See people, this is an example of how to disagree without dismissing someone’s opinion. Now let me get back to hating…

      • Richard Nose

        “Injuries happen in sports all the time. It was unfortunate that this happened to him, but it did. He couldn’t earn his way back to the big club” The bottom line.

  • mudge

    I’m with Kyle on this one. Really glad the Cubs didn’t go the sentimental route here.

  • Rich

    I think this a great story. Better if the Cubs would have done it. Yes it was an unfortunate accident, but cut the kids some slack. He seems like he worked hard and did his best. He is getting a dream fulfilled.

  • hardtop

    truth is, he could have played 9 innings for the cubs last night and it wouldnt have cost them anything.

  • JoeyCollins

    For all the people saying he doesn’t deserve this i ask what is he getting out of it? Their not handing him a 5 yr contract, hes not getting a world series ring, or inducted into the Hall of Fame. He gets one more chance to stand in a ML batters box and take a swing, thats it, nothig more. This cost the team nothing and is a pretty nice story that he and his family will remember the rest of their lives. Really dont understand all the hating on this, it costs nothing, takes nothing away from anyone else, and does something really nice for one guy, how does this inspire a negative reaction at all? I guess some people are just going to be cynical no matter what.

  • TSB

    Kyle, don’t you hate it when ball players visit sick children in the hospital? What a gimmick! What did they to do deserve a visit from a major leaguer except to get cancer or something. They didn’t even take one for the team.
    The Cubs should have given the guy a bat; gimmicky? Well so is bobblehead night, what’s a terrible team to do to maybe get an extra fan or too in the park?