Adam Greenberg will get his one at-bat.

Earlier this month, I wrote about Greenberg, the former Cubs prospect who faced just one pitch in the big leagues – a fastball to the helmet – and who is trying to come back to the big leagues for just one more at-bat. Well, seven years later, thanks in large part to Chicago Cubs fan and filmmaker Matt Liston, it’s going to happen.

It won’t come with the Cubs, however, who passed on the opportunity a couple weeks ago. Instead, it’ll come with the Miami Marlins.

While it would have been most appropriate for the at-bat to come with the Cubs, having the opportunity with the Marlins is, I suppose, the next best thing. The Marlins, of course, were the team the Cubs were facing when Greenberg was hit.

Greenberg will play for the Marlins on Tuesday, as the season winds down for them. Clearly the Marlins saw the opportunity to do something good in an otherwise lost and frustrating season. And I commend them.

The story just broke this morning after an appearance on the Today Show, in which Marlins President David Samson offered Greenberg a one-day contract, but the outpouring of positivity is already strong. Buster Olney, Peter King, Peter Gammons and more national voices have already said they’ll be tuning in, and are celebrating the Marlins’ decision. I won’t focus on the fact that the Cubs missed an opportunity to do something genuinely good, because that makes this about the Cubs, and not about Adam. But, well, they did.

I’ll just say I’m glad he’s going to get his one at-bat, and I’ll thank the Marlins for making it happen. Who cares if it’s cheesy? Who cares if it’s a “publicity stunt”? Who cares if Greenberg really wants a chance to play in the bigs again next year? Who cares if it’s silly?

It’s nice. That’s what I care about.

Good luck, Adam. We’ll be watching. Just don’t take a walk.

  • hcs

    Just my two pesos, but I don’t really see this as too different from a player signing a one-day contract in order to retire with the club that brought him up/meant the most to him. It’s closure.

  • Rich

    yea I don’t think it would be gimmicky for the Cubs to give him one at bat…

    no worse then a guest conductor…or that Cubs song after a win that says,

    ” Hey Chicago…..the Cubs are gonna win today…! ”

    THEY JUST DID…..( and you can’t catch them all on WGN.. )

    someone please re-write that damn song…

    • Hee Seop Chode

      I always thought they should retire the line “to be the best in the National League” once it becomes a mathematical impossibility.

  • Eric S

    Hey I’m ALL for this. In a lost season with nothing else going on why not give the kid a break? PLUS you have to think that the Marlins took a bit on this because well I’m sure it’ll show up on a later episode of the franchise and they can use that to get more people to watch. I think it’s a nice story of a big league club doing something special for a guy who caught a tough break. End of story. I think it would also be nice if he doesn’t get just 1 MORE at bat, but actually plays the whole game and can get 4-5 at bats and start in the outfield for the day. I would take a 1-4 day with a seeing eye single and then either give up and retire or try harder in the minors to get back up there because of how good that felt.

  • Picklenose

    When Kerry Wood decided to retire, the Cubs brought him back for one last appearance, a chance to end his career on a positive note. Why did we do that? Empathy. You can argue forever whether he deserved it, I for one don’t care, it was simply a moment for Kerry Wood, and many fans to feel good about each other.
    This situation is different in that Adam Greenberg never got a chance to be a star. Perhaps he would have been, perhaps not. He did not ask to get hit, nor did he ask for the final at bat. Some empathetic fans did ask for it, Greenberg agreed that it would be nice. Did Greenberg earn this, again I don’t care, it is simply a nice moment for Adam Greenberg and for the people who have been denied by circumstances beyond their control.
    I probably have too much empathy for Greenberg, since despite loving my students and our discussions, I had to give up teaching due to chronic migraines. Many of us have gone through something like this, and understand the disappointment. Others have gone through something like this and say I survived, he should just suck it up and get on with his life. Both viewpoints have some validity. I completely respect the person who says I am not into this and don’t really want to see it. But the person who says it should not happen is now trying to enforce their lack of empathy on everyone. People with less empathy can look away, people with more empathy cannot pretend the he was allowed to take his one and only at bat.

    • Kyle

      “When Kerry Wood decided to retire, the Cubs brought him back for one last appearance, a chance to end his career on a positive note. Why did we do that? ”

      Because he had already earned his spot on the team and hadn’t retired yet.

      • Picklenose

        Wood was given a spot based on his reputation and past seasons. He did not pitch often or particularly well during spring training. Many of us were asking what was wrong with him during spring training.

    • cubzforlife

      I love the name Picklenose. Thats what I call my 7 year old. Picklenose Picklenose 123 my name is Rachel can’t you see I like to sing I like to dance I like to wear daddys underpants.

      • Picklenose

        My niece called me picklenose to get me to play chase games at family events. She was a fun kid, so the name kind of developed sentimental value.

  • Cheryl

    Brett, NNo matter what some say this is a good happening. Hope Hreenberg does well and I’m sure the Marlins had him sign something so they’re not liable if he should get hit again.

  • Cheryl

    Sorry, still having problems with my computer jumping.

  • Tommy

    I would trade Chris Volstad for Adam Greenberg straight up, right now. RIGHT FREAKIN’ NOW!

    • santo’s toupe

      i’d release volstad for greenberg right freaking now.

  • Trog

    The reason the Cubs didn’t sign Greenberg for one day is simple … they don’t have 40 man roster space.

    You would have to do one of two things … do you want to cut a prospect off your roster (like Concepcion) that another team would then pick up? Or would you rather embarrass and humiliate a veteran like Luis Valbuena by cutting him before the season is over? (Which would create bad blood in the clubhouse, be frowned upon by the MLBPA, and damage an agent relationship.)

    The Marlins, on the other hand … although they also have their full 40 man roster complement, could simply transfer Nick Green from the 15-day to 60-day DL to free up a spot. Green is done for the year, and will have his contract expire at the end of the year, so no harm, no foul.

  • Chip in Glenview

    Theo’s worst move yet – not making Greenberg’s dream happen at Wrigley. No excuse with the pitiful team he fielded this year. One more at-bat with the Cubs and the kid would have closure. Maybe he would have contributed Monday night? Couldn’t have fared any worse than the other Cubs hitters, who managed only two hits in a shutout suffered against the worst team in baseball.

    • BT

      It’s my dream to play centerfield for the Cubs. Should Theo make that come true as well?

  • DarthHater

    Theo’s worst move yet – not making Greenberg’s dream happen at Wrigley.

    If that’s his worst move, then he’s been doing a great job. Good work, Theo!

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