The Cubs are still trying to win a game out West this year. Yup. That’s still a true sentence.

Darwin Barney gets a much deserved day off after last night’s bummer.

Game Info

Chicago Cubs (59-98) at Arizona Diamondbacks (79-78), 7:10 CT on WGN.

Game Thread and Series Preview

The Game Thread lives here. You should participate in the madness. And, of course, for those who aren’t into message board-style game threads, please feel free to use the comments on this post for your in-game commentary/outbursts.

The Series Preview for this series lives here.

Starting Pitchers

Justin Germano (2-9, 5.65 ERA, 4.06 FIP)


Trevor Cahill (12-12, 3.86 ERA, 3.88 FIP)

Arizona Diamondbacks Lineup

1. Adam Eaton, CF

2. Gerardo Parra, LF

3. Aaron Hill, 2B

4. Justin Upton, RF

5. Miguel Montero, C

6. Ryan Wheeler, 3B

7. Mike Jacobs, 1B

8. John McDonald, SS

9. Trevor Cahill, P

Chicago Cubs Lineup

1. David DeJesus, RF

2. Luis Valbuena, 2B

3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B

4. Alfonso Soriano, LF

5. Starlin Castro, SS

6. Welington Castillo, C

7. Brett Jackson, CF

8. Josh Vitters, 3B

9. Justin Germano, P

  • ltdan001

    Random thought–I wish Cub fans would stop talking about “assets.” I understand the concept and its applicability, but I guess it annoys me that seemingly every armchair GM that follows this team must use Thoyer-speak.

    • FFP

      Hey, Random IT guy,

      Who used “assets”??

      Wanna play wordsmith???

      What’s the “applicability” (IT nerd word) of “assets”? (You say you “understand”)

      “understand the concept”? (Mine. In this specific post)

      Who used “Thoyer-speak”?

      Be specific. Quote a post. I’d love to engage further–

      if I knew what what you we’re talking about.

      • Brett

        I use assets, but I used that long before Theo and Jed arrived. The reason they – and I – use that term is because it is apt. When discussing trades and planning, the players are assets. It doesn’t diminish them as people – it’s just the most accurate way of describing them for the purposes of trades and planning.

        • ltdan001

          I didn’t mean to put everyone on the defensive. Brett–this is by far the best cubs blog and I usually check BN multiple times each day. I wasn’t talking about you. Your posts are well written and intelligent.

          The reason why I wasn’t specific is because I don’t want to call anyone out. I check a lot of cubs blogs on a regular basis, and I’ve noticed the overuse of “assets” and sometimes it is misused in the Cubs’ current situation. Most of the high priced veterans have been traded for younger, cheaper players with upside and years of control…hopefully the asset talk will slow down.

          BTW, when this team starts competing again, there will be a use for some shorter-term, higher-priced players and some long-term expensive FA that won’t be worth the money in the later years. You want to minimize your reliance on these lower value contracts, but they are usually needed when a team is within striking distance and has the money (like the big market Cubs). It is definitely a cycle, and we are in the phase 1 stage that previous management never executed properly. If the team builds the right way going forward, hopefully we won’t find ourselves back in phase 1 very often.

          Sorry for the long winded reply. I called the original post a random thought because it was a random thought. I wasn’t trying to offend anyone.

          • ltdan001

            More specifically, some are talking about some of our younger players being turned into “long-term assets”. Castro was already a long-term asset before his new contract, and Barney is still a long-term asset. Barney may get raises in arbitration in the near future that outstrip his value, but he is already a long-term asset. Barney would be a great player if he was average offensively, but there is a good chance that will never happen. The Cubs might be better off trading him in the next year or so while his value is higher–someone might overpay for his services.

            It all comes down to value. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether the player is short-term or long-term. If you can trade a long-term player for more projected value over the years, then you might want to pull the trigger.

            • FFP

              Iron sharpens iron.

              Lots of iron in your follow-up posts here.
              And you politely characterized my comment as “defensive.” You nailed it. Cleanly. (End of a tough day personally and a tough year for all Cubs fans generally) I apologize for baiting you.
              The nicest thing I can say about my comment above is that the tone is uncharacteristic of me (I hope) and this site.
              As you noted, Brett’s Bleacher Nation is the best out here. It is usually characterized by logic, passion, civility and Brett’s precise language. I can see by your follow up posts that you get that. The precision tends to rub off on all of us, so I guess that’s what got me revved up.
              I sure appreciate (Brett and) you keeping us all on a high road. Thanks.

              I look forward to reading your comments in the future.

              Go, Cubs.

          • Brett

            No problem in the least – I just wanted to throw my thoughts out there. Thanks for the kind words, and welcome to the fray.

  • RY34

    hey cubs, do us all a favor and just forfeit the last four games of the season!

  • Kevin

    Ever notice how often they play the song “I don’t wanna lose your love tonight” at Chase Field? Give me Wrigley Field and old time organ music any day!

  • Professional_High_A

    When you say that the cubs are 0-fer out west, are we talking the whole season? obviously this roadtrip has not been good, but the whole season doesn’t sound right…

    • Kyle

      No, the whole season. The Cubs are one loss away from being the first team in history to lose every road game to a single division in one season.