It’s ok to admit it – the walk-off was fun.

It was utterly meaningless in the standings, and it won’t change what was a miserable season. But for a few minutes, you remembered why you watch the games. I did, too.

Travis Wood pitched well, and the Cubs’ bats actually put together some offense, including Bryan LaHair’s first homer since August. The Cubs let their lead slip away temporarily, but then won it on a LaHair walk-off single. And, hey, I get to say LaDiculous again! I thought maybe that was over. Possibly forever. Good for you, Bryan.

So ends the 2012 season, and the Cubs could say it to only one team …

  • BFiddy

    Was there today. Was planning to do some $.99 upper deck tickets, but decided to splurge on the $4 tickets in section 205…worth it. :)

    Two trips to Wrigley for me this year…two walk-off wins. Maybe I should go back more often?

  • LWeb23

    Glad it was a walk off. Didn’t want this season to go another inning.

  • Troy

    This is my first comment, though I must admit for the past 6 months I start every morning with my cup of coffee and BN. I just wanted to thank you all for the best Cub updates anywhere on the web. Thanks to you Brett for making such a tough season more tolerable.

  • daveyrosello

    1. Marmol really pitched like a changed guy the last 2/3 of the season. If Theo wants to trade him this offseason, I think he’ll definitely find a taker.

    2. Ditto for Soriano.

    3. Juan Carlos Panigua is the Cubs’ best pitching prospect. By far. Discuss.

    4. Even-odds Dempster re-signs with the Cubs (1 or 2 year deal).

  • calicubsfan007

    @daveyrosello: I agree. Marmol’s good 2/3 of the season might get us somewhere in trade talks. Do I think that the Cubs will trade a ton of players this offseason? No. If anyone is traded, I bet it would be Sori. What is Panigua’s stat line so far?

  • JulioZuleta

    Thanks for another year Brett. This couldn’t have been an easy one to cover day in, day out, but I don’t recall a single day that you weren’t on top of everything. Pretty incredible to go that long without a true day off. Good work. Here’s to more exciting news to cover in the next few months/years. Thanks again.

  • Carne Harris

    Yikes, they got rid of Listach quick. Not sure why.

  • bob

    What did I say about Lahair yesterday?

  • Mr. Gonzo

    Brett, you are a gentleman and a scholar! This is the best Cubs site on the web thanks to your insight, enthusiasm and optimism. Many of us wouldn’t have made it through the season sane without your EBS’s and witty yet even-keeled voice to calm us down every day.

    I’m 100% rebuild-friendly – I’ve bought the ticket and have been enjoying the ride here on BN. Now let’s go get some low-cost, high-upside pitching!