Today the Chicago Cubs announced that they’ve promoted Assistant to the GM Shiraz Rehman to just plain ‘ole Assistant GM, serving under GM Jed Hoyer. Current Assistant GM Randy Bush will stay on in that role, the Cubs said.

Rehman was a big-time up-and-comer with the Diamondbacks organization when the Cubs yoinked him back in November. His star remains on the rise, and, from the look of this promotion, the Cubs count themselves as lucky to have him.

Does the move mean Randy Bush is on his way out eventually? Not necessarily – many front offices operate with multiple assistant GMs, including (if I remember correctly) Theo’s Boston front office. That said, bringing in Rehman, letting him work as an assistant to the GM for a year while the front office assimilates Randy Bush’s contacts, relationships, and knowledge, and then promoting Rehman while letting Bush go would certainly fit the M.O. of the past 12 months.

We’ll see how it plays out, but I continue to be of the opinion that the more minds in the front office, the better.

If nothing else, the promotion should put an end to the ‘Office’-inspired “assistant to the regional manager” jokes.

  • Ogyu

    …while the front office assimilates Randy Bush’s contacts, relationships, and knowledge…

    “You will be assimilated to the Cubs Collective. Resistance is futile.”

    • Frank

      Yes, 61 of 162.

      • Ogyu


  • CubFan Paul

    Isn’t Bush’s contract up? He was only here in 2012 because he had a year remaining on his contract, I thought…

    • Brett

      That does sound familiar.

  • MightyBear

    One of the items no one can argue is that Theo has expanded the FO. It was the smallest in baseball for a long time. (Probably since 1945) The scouting department was the smallest in baseball. I think Bush will be around as long as he wants to. (Everyone likes Bush!) I think there will be more additions and promotions to the FO and scouting department in the near future and I think it will be very beneficial to the Cubs.

    • ichabod

      nothing goes with a BN t-shirt like a mustache

    • stillmisskennyhubbs

      Oh please please….. Never start an entry here with the words “One of the items no one can argue is that Theo….”

      That’s a slap in the face to the immer-contentious ones here.

  • hcs

    Holy Dwight Schrute…

    • Bric

      I can just picture him right now whiting out the “to” part on all his business cards. What Brett didn’t mention, though, is there is no pay raise, perks or anything else involved in the promotion. He can, however, use the conference room as his an office. Woops, I meant a “temporary work space”.

  • Curt

    I know theo and company can do whatever they want and myb that’s what needs to happen to help the cubs cause, but they seem a little cold blooded and for lack of s better way to phrase it they just don’t seem real nice about how they let people go. I guess I expected a little more class.and letting randy bush go would definitely fit the MO.

    • Drew7

      How is letting people go not showing class?

    • Luke

      It’s probably hard to accurately gauge how nicely and delicately the Cubs handle these processes from our end. The Chicago press is quite capable of making a sweet old grandmother who rescues kittens sound like a baby munching terrorist if it suits them; I have no doubt they are mangling these events into something more harsh and clinical than is the reality on the ground.

  • mudge

    Cold-blooded is kinda what’s the doctor ordered.

  • Carne Harris

    I’ve been surprised they’ve kept Bush as long as they have, but it makes a little more sense now after reading this as it does fit their “catch and release” MO as you point out.

  • Kev

    The crazy part is that I was just enjoying a bottle of Shiraz while playing Rayman on Xbox 360 as I read this post.

  • Curt

    I think the part where they are not showing class is and they are within there rights to do it this way, keeping people on and then promoting the ones they really want and dumping the other person after they’ve used them, it’s not illegal and I’m sure it’s common practice, just seems a little callous to me is all.

    • Sandberg

      You could also look at is as they have been given a chance to see if they’ll fit in with the new system. I’d be shocked if any of these people are complaining, it’s not like mlb jobs are sitting around for anyone to take.

    • SoCal Cubs Fan

      I’m sorry but isn’t this what happens in business! People with new ideas are brought in and management makes assements on all employees to ensure that the new agenda is not only being maintained but grown at the proper rate. The employees that can’t/won’t get with the program are let go.

    • hansman1982

      What do you think this is…UNICEF?

  • Curt

    no I don’t think it’s UNICEF but I think you can do things in a decent way and just bc most big buisness does things this does not make it right. and I’m not saying that this is what’s going on with the cubs it does appear that way, but km not there I just would hope that the ppl let go are done so decently.