The day after the Chicago Cubs dismissed their third base coach, Ryne Sandberg is being promoted from his AAA managerial gig to a big league third base coach job.

But not with the Cubs.

He’ll be holding that job for the Philadelphia Phillies, the team for whom he’s been managing at AAA for the last couple years. The team announced the news today.

Strictly speaking, this is Cubs news only in the most tangential sense – Sandberg is a Cubs legend, was a Cubs minor league manager, and then was a Cubs outcast. He’s thought by many to be the successor to Charlie Manuel in Philadelphia. I say good for him on both counts, and I wish him very well.

  • CubfaninPhilly

    Congratulations to Ryno! I’ll enjoy seeing my hero on the field at CBP next summer when the Cubs sweep the Phillies!

  • justinjabs

    Good. In the wake of the Pat firing, better that the Phillies get this out of the way now so Cubs fans don’t have to endure weeks of “RYNO!!1!” beggings and speculation.

    I kind of get the Pat thing. I always thought we was pretty good. Especially hearing stuff from Barney. Hopefully they hang on to Lester.

  • cubs1967

    congrats to my man; Ryne Sandberg! a class act always who unfortunately thanks to our incompetent owner is not part of cubs management. ricketts has allowed this divide to continue by letting 2 clueless GMs (JH and Theo) not hire him—and how much of this is all about ego and now wanting a classy legend in your house. really a disgrace.

    contrats to team theo too……….for having 2 major market teams finish last that Theo was the main decision maker for both. not only has theo not made the playoffs 3 straight years; and 4 is looming, his red sox were the biggest choke artists of all time last year which carried over to the mess this year.

    (Jed too has a great resume of 2 years as GM; 2 last place teams).

    great article today by gordon wittenmeyer of the sun-times; read it for those who need to be enlightend on the ricketts/team theo plan as it calls out all of the things those of us who don’t walk around with theo rose colored glasses on ……….have screamed about; that losing on purpose is not the way and a major market like the cubs has NEVER tanked seasons and called it the “right way”. EVER!……….

    when the payroll ends up around 90M next year; and it will; sure as I said all offseason this was a 100 loss team; then maybe fans will start to wake up and realize waiting till 2016 or even 2015 if almora-baez-soler are all way ahead of the curve make it to the majors is NOT acceptable.

    win or go home. this is not horseshoes; no points for 2nd best or 31 best.

    104 yrs and counting…………..with momentum.!

    • AP

      If you’re going to blame Theo’s decisions of prior years for the failure of the Red Sox this year, then you have to blame Hendry’s decisions of prior years for the Cubs this year, not Theo. By the same logic, Hoyer having spent 2 years as a GM means that at least the first year of his tenure should be “blamed” on the prior GM. You can’t have it both ways.

      • cubs1967

        no- I can blame Theo cuz he came here as a god so any god should be able to undo a JH legacy-right?……….and JH picked Quade (horrid) and only lost 91 games; Theo made the team 10 games worst. (and lowered payroll and traded marshall and wanted stewart)………so yes he is responsible for making things worse and not even trying to make better……….and plans on letting it be worse for several more years which is a trend. (and remember over 1/2 the team was new-Theo’s new-not JH).

        • DocPeterWimsey

          Um, Theo is his name, not his state of being.

      • Kyle

        So long as Epstein takes the blame for at least one of those terrible teams, I’m happy.

    • Sweetjamesjones

      The world is ending. Oh. My. God.

      • Cyranojoe


    • Stinky Pete

      How are you SO sure Sandberg is a great manager? That he is the right guy for this team?

    • baldtaxguy

      I’m beginning to understand that you don’t believe the words you are tapping out. Its not holding together anymore and you are clearly responding really to nothing, just trotting it out for reaction. You’re point has infinitely been made – I’d keep it to yourself for a while so that it doesn’t lose the relevancy that you hope it has.

      • AB

        what do you mean…………..he does not…………………..understand……….the words he ………… typing………………out

      • Cyranojoe

        These guys are putting on a clinic for what a real internet tr0ll should be like. Lousy grammar, lousy logic built around one or two potentially interesting ideas, etc. It’s sad.

        • Cubs1967

          troll-you should check a mirror!

          • TWC

            translation: “neener-neener-neener! I know you are but what am I?”

            • Picklenose

              Thomas, I don’t always agree with all your points, but I do love the way you cut through some of the crap posts and call them for what they are. Thanks for for the laughs, and busting.

    • CM

      Yeah, it would have been a fabulous idea to hand a Cub legend a 100 loss team. Fans would have loved that.

      • Cyranojoe

        Ding ding ding! Bingo.

    • Carew

      You do know it doesn’t help when a lot of the team are rookies or second year guys with the veterans being crap…at some point you gotta blame the players, the veterans anyway…with the only exception being Soriano really

  • Troy

    I can’t help but wonder if Sandberg getting big league experience in Philadelphia may land back where he belongs in Chicago in 2014 or 2015. It’s hard to see him in a non cubs uniform.

  • DaBearsMan

    I’m think Sveum will be gone sometime during or after 2014. That’s when Ryno comes back and leads the youngsters back to the playoffs.

    • Leo L

      i dont see Ryno and Theo meshing. unfurtunate this is.

      Unexpected this is. And unfortunate.
      Unfortunate that I know the truth?
      No! Unfortunate that you rushed to face him… that incomplete was your training. That… not ready for the burden were you.

      • scorardpaul

        Leo what the f are you talking about

        • Sweetjamesjones

          That would be a Yoda quote…

        • MightyBear

          Donnie you’re out of your element. Here’ Leo’s point dude, he’s talking like Yoda in the empire strikes back. Personally I think its the other Lebowski.

      • Rick

        I didn’t know Yoda knew so much about baseball.

    • Cyranojoe

      It’s a nice idea. But it’s probably true, Ryno and Theo don’t have very similar philosophies. My impression is that Ryno kind of disses modern baseball statistics pretty hard, sadly. That’s not to say that he doesn’t get it done with his own approach — he’s been pretty successful in the minors — but…

      • Drew7

        It’s not his view on modern stats as much as his Mauch-ian management style – bunts, “giving yourself up”, and playing for one run – that doesn’t fit with the FO.

        • Picklenose

          Drew, doesn’t Sveum preach the same ideas as Ryno, bunt, move the runners over, etc? Or is that because that is often the only way this team could hope to win?

          • Drew7

            You’re right on that, but I do feel we saw a lot less of that as the year went along (remember Castro’s bunt – as the #3 hitter – w/ runners on 1st and 2nd with nobody out? Very Ryno-esque), and I have a feeling that might have been due to a chat with the bosses.

            I don’t think you are wrong, though. Sveum had some very “old-school” lineups throughout the year (Mather & Barney should *never* see the top of the order, ever), and I’m still not sure he’s a perfect fit, either.

            • Picklenose

              I am pretty sure you are right about Barney, and absolutely sure that Mather should never see the top of the order (or even the order, as much as I was pulling for him out of spring training.)
              It is kind of a shame for me, I really enjoy small ball or old school style when it is done well. However, the conventional wisdom says Wrigley is a long ball park. Is that still true though? The wind tends to blow away from the lake at night, which would make the wind blow in more in night games.

  • Troy

    Not to say most managers don’t want to win. I think your competitive drive takes over at some point. But for Ryno it’s personal. He wants the cubs to win as much if not more than a fan would. He’s lived being a cub for so long he wants to be a part of the special team that wins it all. Just like he was part of the 84 team that was so special that probably should have won it all.

  • MightyBear

    I’m glad for Sandberg. I hope he gets a chance to manage. I think he will do well. I wish it was with the Cubs but it won’t be. It sure won’t be in a couple of years as Theo won’t hire him to manage the Cubs.

  • Stinky Pete

    Good for Ryno. Obviously one of my favorites growing up. BUT I just don’t get the obsession with making him a Cub now. He was a great player but that doesn’t mean he will do well managing/coaching. I refer to Mitch Hedberg to make my point:

    When you’re in Hollywood and you’re a comedian, everybody wants you to do things besides comedy. They say, ‘OK, you’re a stand-up comedian — can you act? Can you write? Write us a script?’… It’s as though if I were a cook and I worked my ass off to become a good cook, they said, ‘All right, you’re a cook — can you farm?’

    That said, I hope Ryno all the best and great success against thirteen other teams in the NL.

    • beerhelps

      RIP Mitch Hedburg….

      • Brett

        God I miss him …

    • Cyranojoe

      The thing is, Ryno’s had some pretty heady success as a manager in the minors. Doesn’t mean he’ll cut it in the majors, but his teams have won by and large, and he’s earned some decent accolades, including 2010 Manager of the Year in the PCL and Baseball America’s 2011 Minor League Manager of the Year. His approach seems more hard-nosed and gut-based than TheoJed’s analytical approach, but I think a lot of folks with a romantic spirit for baseball can’t help but hope/wish the two sides could mesh and come out stronger for it.

  • notcubbiewubbie

    good for ryno f you jim (total loser) hendry

  • leroy

    Congratulations to one of my boyhood heroes. I am proud of you Ryno—your almost there.

  • RWakild

    Good for my favorite Cub, Ryne Sandberg. He did very good at Iowa with inferior talent and I believe will prove out to be great at the major league level.

  • Kyle

    I had kind of hoped Sandberg had been hired to be the manager after last year just so that fans could turn on him we could get him out of the way. I’m glad it didn’t happen, because the fans are taking the losing better than I expected.

  • cubzfan23

    Congrats to Sandberg, my alltime fav player… but of course its not with chicago… why would the cubs not of wanted someone like him coaching… Big mistake Chicago

  • Big Joe

    I see that Ryno worship is still alive and well. Very good player in his time…what, 20 years ago? Let it go. I understand that every woman 40 and over is still in love with him. I understand every man 40 and over believes him to be SO MUCH more than he really was. He’s not the right guy for the job, at this stage in his managerial development. Why can’t fans understand that?

    • Cyranojoe

      Would you be interested in the 2010 Manager of the Year in the PCL and Baseball America‚Äôs 2011 Minor League Manager of the Year? If you’re looking for a coach who’s been garnering praise, that’s not too shabby a place to start. That said, I don’t see much of anybody in this thread begging and pleading for Ryno to get the Cubs gig, so I’m not sure who you’re accusing of worship. Unless it’s the troll post to which you’re indirectly replying?

  • Carne Harris

    Ryne Sandberg, the best kept secret douchebag of them all. Hope he’s never a Cub again.