There’s little need to re-hash what will forever be known as the Ryan Dempster Trade Saga of 2012. He screwed up a little bit, there was a bunch of bad luck and timing, and the Cubs did the best they could with a bad situation. It was all unfortunate, and I’ve pretty much said my piece.

Dempster, 35, is coming off a solid season, split between the Cubs and Rangers, and is likely to command a multiyear deal on the free agent market. While he was an imperfect fit for the Cubs long-term before the trade deadline ugliness, he is probably even more so now. In other words, I don’t reckon we’ll be seeing Dempster in Cubbie blue again.

And it’s possible that Dempster, himself, is happy about that. When discussing his time with the Rangers this season, Dempster may have taken a subtle shot at the Cubs last Friday.

“I had nothing but a great time other than today,” Dempster told reporters after his Rangers bowed out to the Orioles in the Wild Card playoff game last week. “It’s been an awesome experience here, not only how they treat you as a baseball player, but as a human. It’s a first-class organization and a great place to play.”

Is it possible Dempster intended only to compliment the Rangers, and not to imply any relative merits with respect his immediately preceding team? Maybe.

But that “as a human” bit suggests that, at some point in his professional career, Dempster has felt like he was treated as something less than that. Perhaps as … “an asset”? It seems a strange thing to say if you’re not trying to subtly emphasize something else. (And, I’m not saying his comments have anything to do with what I wrote about The Saga, but if you read my final thoughts on what happened, you may have an even better idea of why when I read his quote, I immediately think he’s back-handing the Cubs.)

We know that, for his part, Dempster wasn’t happy with the way things shook out in Chicago (i.e., that he was made out to be the villain of The Saga, whether that was accurate or not). I’m sure he’s still a little touchy about the subject, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all for him to want to get a little bit of that out.

Whatever the case, I don’t think we’ll hear too many Dempster-to-the-Cubs rumors this offseason, as much as the righty might still love Chicago.

  • Tim

    i think you are reading into it a little too much. his days with the cubs have been over for a while no need to bring it up, especially considering the collapse the rangers had over the last 2 weeks or so.

    • terencemann

      I agree. It sounds more like he’s leaving his options open and he wants to make sure the Rangers know he’s interested to talk to them. It wouldn’t make sense for him to just give all the leverage to a single team. It’s nice to have BN to be a place where I can find these kind of quotes in one place rather than monitoring every news source in Dallas and Chicago, though.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    If you don’t say things to be the popular guy, that you don’t intend on following through with, this is what happens… If he said in the beginning what he was truly thinking, none of this would have happened.

  • Tim

    bottom line is he knows that texas is going to throw some money around and he might be able to get a multi year contract from them, so he is going to talk it up how much he loved it there in texas.

  • JC

    That’s just Dempster. He’s a class act. I think your reading into this way too much. He’s also trying to land somewhere next season and has to say stuff like.

  • TWC

    Man, that was a fun couple of weeks to be a Cubs fan. Well, fun-ish. Kinda. Kept us on task, at least.

    Also, Ace, I really enjoyed our discussion on that original post.

  • fortyonenorth

    I’m awestruck at how clueless baseball players (in general) and Ryan Dempster (in particular) seem to be. If Dempster represented something more than an “asset” to the city of Chicago and its fans, then great. But, to the ballclub, that’s all he was. Plain and simple. My landlord and I can go out for a beer, but if I breach my lease, they sue my ass. This is a business, boys. If you want to play games, try the sandlot.

    Oh, and by the way, I wonder if Josh Hamilton is getting the same warm and fuzzy feeling from the Rangers.

    • Spencer
      • ETS

        Eh, it may have actually been the best idea to wait till the off season.

        It had a noticeable impact on his production. The pros of quitting chew are increased overall health. How big of hit would have Hamilton’s long term overall health taken if he had waited till the off season to stop? My guess is the impact is negligible. How big of hit did his game take? Again, it was noticeable.

    • Stinky Pete

      I’m awestruck at how clueless baseball players (in general) and Ryan Dempster (in particular) seem
      to be.

      Because he makes comments on your life when he doesn’t know the whole story?


      • DocPeterWimsey

        Because he makes comments on your life when he doesn’t know the whole story?

        You’ve never hacked into the MLB player discussion groups. They are something like this….

        PLAYER A: is a lazy sack of feces who doesn’t hustle enough mentally to get WAR.

        PLAYER B: Well, in fairness, WAR a bit abstract: and getting these kind of abstractions is a mental tool that, well, you have or you don’t.

        PLAYER A: B – Have you ever *read* a math book? It’s all there if you just apply yourself. What it comes down to is that only cares about “his” stats: RBI and fielding percentage. He doesn’t care about the *team.*

        PLAYER C: U 2 sux.

        SELIG: I’m closing this thread….

        • DocPeterWimsey

          Argh! It should read:
          FAN A is a lazy sack of feces who doesn’t hustle enough mentally to get WAR….


          FAN A only cares about “his” stats.

          (I used arrow brackets foolishly….)

          • Stinky Pete

            I used arrow brackets foolishly….

            Hence I will make random hasty judgments about you. =-)

            • DocPeterWimsey

              Obviously, I choked in the clutch. Or I didn’t hustle. What does my body language tell you?

              • DarthHater

                We still think you’re scrappy, Doc.

              • Stinky Pete

                That you’re more of a prick than Jay Cutler? Because I can judge you by that too!

                • Mick

                  Well, there’s two sides to Jay. You have that side and then there’s this

                  • Ogyu

                    I hear he’s also forming a soul-funk group called: “Smokin’ Jay Cutler and the Knockdowns.”

  • Spencer

    whomp whomp. time to move on.

  • Frank

    Perhaps the fans of a team that’s been in playoff contention the past 4 years with back to back pennants tend to cheer more than those of a team that’s been awful since October 2008 and won their last pennant around the end of World War II.

    • King Jeff

      Tell that to Josh Hamilton.

  • chester

    He could have helped out the cubs and then come back to finish his career in chicago and be an icon like Kerry.

    I don’t want anything to do with him anymore.

  • Tommy

    I think what you’ve read between the lines is very likely. It does seem odd to mention that you were treated like a ‘human’, unless at some point in your recent past you felt you were treated that way. Very intuitive.

  • Big Joe

    You’re looking way too far into it. That was a compliment to the Rangers, not a shot at the Cubs.

  • Polar Bear

    I think the only way we will see Dempster in “Chicago” any time soon is if that turns out to be the name of his new nanny.

    How is that for back-handed. What…too soon???

    • JayAndersonJr

      I like it.

    • DarthHater

      Well done, P.B.

  • BD

    I always said, he was entitled to do what he wanted with his no trade rights. However, I believe he shouldn’t have said the bits about helping the team if he wasn’t really interested in putting that as first priority. So he won’t be back.

    However, since he has a love for Chicago, I could see him as a Sox target.

  • Master Dan

    Haha, nice try Brett. Your just over analyzing a little bit. :)

    • Mike Foster

      +1….looking to build traffic?

      • Brett

        Still not sure why you read a site that you so frequently dislike…

        But since you asked – I read Dempster’s quote how I read it. And given everything that’s happened, that’s a pretty legit story. Writing bs just to stir up traffic has (pretty obviously) never been my thing.

        • Brett

          Though I guess I should add: on some level, of course the post is designed to generate traffic. Every post is. That’s the point of the site. So, fair enough, I suppose.

          • JayAndersonJr

            You mean a guy who owns a news/rumor/team specific, blog/website, for profit, I assume, wrote an article on said site in an attempt to build traffic, while actually making a opinionated, though valid, rather right or not, observation. Wow, the nerves of that guy named Brett. What an Idiot. ;/)

  • King Jeff

    Let’s see how he feels about Texas after his contract is resolved. Texas doesn’t exactly have a strong track record of paying top dollar to retain free agent pitchers.

  • EQ76

    Maybe Demp signs with the White Sux.. that would be the ultimate villain ending to this whole story.

  • scorecardpaul

    F dempster

  • ssckelley

    So he felt like an asset in his final days with the Cubs…..big whippity do! I can think of 69 million reasons why he should be thankful for his days in Chicago. After he had Tommy John surgery back in 2003 there were not many teams beating the door down for his services but the Cubs signed him, rehabbed him, and gave him a chance. Then when it was obvious the Cubs were not going anywhere they gave him an opportunity to finish the final year of his contract with a contending team. He should have nothing but great things to say about Chicago and the ball club.

  • Cizzle

    Do you think maybe he’s refering to the Dodgers and not the Cubs? It’s pretty obvious the Dodger brass didn’t think much of him, certainly not as much as the Cubs F.O. did. I’m sure they both at least saw him as “human” though…
    However, if he is backhanding the Cubs, screw him. He’s a career .500 pitcher with a 4.3 ERA & 1.4 WHIP. He had one sub-4 ERA season before he arrived in Chicago, and posted a 5+ ERA when he left. I think he better thank his lucky stars he had any tenure at all in Chi-town, or he would have made $60+ Mill less than he actually did.

  • Stu

    Sounds like Demp needs to look in the mirror a little bit. The Cubs gave him the opportunity that he has now, gave him great money, no trade clause, etc. He didn’t pitch the Cubs to the World Series (and not Texas either).

    Go ahead and take your great money for PAST performance and f@@@ off.

  • JR

    Ryan Dempster apparently took a not so subtle shot at his nanny too. Which is why this mess was created..

  • notcubbiewubbie

    ryan dempster overated overpaid 500 pitcher with a career era over 4 also as shown again to all the cubbiewubbies a world class CHOKER!!!!!!!!!! hey demp your buttboy hendry isn’t here anymore see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JR

      You forgot only pitches well in contract years, overrated red beard, ridiculous glove twirling, sometimes funny dude.

    • TWC

      Cite mostly irrelevant stats (wins & ERA), and make a gay joke.

      Stay classy, kid. And grow up.

  • Stu

    I have to be on the Cubs side with this one. So what if he doesn’t have love for the Cubs?

    Brett, do you live in a fantasy world in which you believe these guys should love the Cubs because they played in Wrigley Field or something?

    The Cubs owe him nothing, the fans owe him nothing. Maybe the problem is that fans think that these guys are “one of us” because we cheered him on, etc.

    • Brett

      Huh? I have no idea where you’re getting any of that.

  • Randy

    I agree Stu. How bout a better topic to talk about. Dempster is old news.

    • JR

      Well, it’s not like Brett has a lot of Cubs relevant stuff to write about this time of year after a 101 loss yr. Dempster sucks..

  • baldtaxguy

    Dempster is not credible. It doesn’t matter what he says – he’s dead to me.

  • fearbobafett

    Boo Hoo Ryan if you were taking a shot at the Cubs.
    As much as i am ticked that he screwed us at the deadline, i am not convinced that he was actually taking a shot at the organization. If he was UP YOURS as you are as much to blame for 2011 as anyone, leading the charge to keep that fool Quade around.

  • Jason

    I think you read too much into that Brett…Dempster has always been a good guy…I don’t think he meant any ill will to our beloved Cubbies.

  • BluBlud

    Damn, forgot to change my name on this computer.

  • Cyranojoe

    I think it’s likely the Rangers made a point of personalizing their interactions with Demp and their other players. It fits with what I’ve heard before. So he’s more likely, IMHO, echoing things they’ve said to him about how they want to treat their players like more than just assets, etc. It’s a family, blah blah blah. If he is taking a shot at the Cubs, it’s secondary to his purpose of complimenting the Rangers in hopes of extending his stay (or making himself look like a good team guy), anyway.

    I have way more anger for other players who shall remain nameless, or maybe my tension is reserved for the current playoff game at the moment… gah!

  • Stevie B

    Oh my. Brett . you sure upset some folks.

    I’m drinking a taking pills…all this anger is confusing me.