A Friendly Reminder: BN Elsewhere

Periodically, and as part of a fiendish plot to control the Cublogoverse, I like to remind you that Bleacher Nation, proper, is not the only place you can consume BN-related content.

Primarily, I refer to Twitter and Facebook, which are both swell.

Here is BN on Twitter, which you should follow. I tweet many things that don’t wind up here on the site, and am sometimes marginally cute and clever there – when the 140 character limitation allows it. Furthermore, I tweet the newest BN articles when they’re available, so it’s a handy way to remember that, “hey, I need to check back in at my favoritest site in the world!”

Here is BN on Facebook, which you should “like.” I post a variety of things that don’t wind up here on the site, including pictures and what-have-you. Furthermore, I post the newest BN articles when they’re available, so it’s a handy way to remember that, “hey, I need to check back in at my favoritest site in the world … hey! My neighbor’s baby is really cute! And she scored 500 pigs on Farmville? Rad!”

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

47 responses to “A Friendly Reminder: BN Elsewhere”

  1. ihop

    Cool story bro

    1. MikeW


  2. Mick

    Brett, have you ever thought about beefing up your “Cubs Resources” page to include a Cubs’ contract breakdown similar to Cot’s Baseball Contracts, a top-50 Cubs’ for Cubs’ prospects sort of like a Mel Kiper’s Big Board, updated 40-man and 25-man rosters, list of Rule 5 draft eligibles, etc. I’m not sure if your goal is “hits” but stuff like this might add some site traffic.

  3. Spencer

    Pimp the message board. it’s slow lately.

    1. Dave

      I haven’t been on the boards (or in the comments) in quite a while, nothing to do with quality, the BN board, in my experience, is a great place, it’s just life being super busy. But I agree, it wouldn’t hurt to advertise the boards. Unless they’ve started to suck.

      1. Cubbie Blues

        Haven’t sucked. Just not much activity. I attribute it to the poor season.

        1. TWC

          I blame MichiganGoat for that.

          1. hansman1982

            I blame hippies everywhere for it…

          2. Cubbie Blues

            Blame him for which? The inactivity, or the poor season? I can see the argument both ways.

            1. TWC

              Blame him for which? The inactivity, or the poor season?


          3. MichiganGoat

            Yeah I take the blame for this season, let the debate begin. Did I purposely tank the season because I was exhausted from my previous role as BostonGoat? Am I just lining my pockets with cash while I try to get other to pay for my kitchen remodel? Have already given up on next season? Am I more concerned with the farm than I am with product on the field? Discuss amongst yourselves.

            1. hansman1982

              Wait…can I claim that you are saying that you are dumb and/or an evil genius or will I get clubbed into a hole in the ground for that?

              The only problem with your whole theory is that baby Goat is just a couple of really crappy pairs of underwear away from being wholly self-sufficient so I don’t know why you are so hell bent on claiming that for an excuse…

              1. MichiganGoat

                MG Jr. is my prospect and I’m building for the future by developing top talent vs. overpaying for FA children that will only become a burden at the end of their contract. I want to pay for future performance not past performance. I have years to develop my home grown talent and then I will have affordable controlled players for when the Goats are ready to dominate.

                1. hansman1982

                  When has anyone ever had success with that method? Every parent that has ever tried to grow their own stable of children through method has failed…just look at your neighbors…

                  Nope…what you need to do is go out and start adopting foster children so you can parent them NOW…you are a big time parent – this is what you should be doing, not raising children from the womb…dealing with diapers and spit-up is beneath you!

  4. The Show

    edit button?

    1. TWC

      You have to pay extra for that privilege.

  5. Caleb

    “Also, BN is available here, at my house, where I say Cubs related things to myself and my family that don’t make it in print anywhere else. Finally, feel free to link yourself to BN telepathically where you can hear my unfiltered Cubs thoughts before they get translated into uber thoughtful, lawyerly, reasonable posts on the main site. Want to know how I REALLY feel about Soriano’s contract? Wrigley renovations? Political arguments on the site? Link up!”

    BN: now available EVERYWHERE!!

    1. Dave

      Don’t forget to sign up for Bleacher Nation Cubs Facts. Every hour on the hour you will be texted a new fact about the Chicago Cubs. Such as:

      Dick Tidrow’s mustache built the bleachers
      Brant Brown contracted herpes from a toilet seat at the old Riverfront Stadium

  6. Jim

    Do I get bonus points if I check all three hourly?

  7. SkipDog

    And then there is the Buffalo News website, which has no Cubs content but has shamelessly stolen your BN identity and used it in a bunch of bad puns (“BN informed” “BN current”) to promote its online subscriptions.

    1. hansman1982

      Or maybe Brett is just that damn good that while he runs this site he also reports on all of the news in Buffalo and the”BN thing” is his “signature”…