We’re halfway through the LCS period, and the offseason kicks off in earnest just after the World Series. So, it’s coming …

  • Paul Sullivan interviewed Alfonso Soriano earlier this week, and the outfielder reiterated his desire to remain that: an outfielder. “People see [my success at DH last year], but they don’t [consider] it was only six-eight games I batted DH,” he said. “I don’t know what I could do the whole season. To me, playing DH is boring. You only play like half [the game]. I always play defense and offense, so I’d always have to work hard on my mind – ‘Now I’m an offense guy only.'” So, does this mean Soriano would unequivocally turn down a trade to an AL team looking for a DH? Eh. I mean, maybe; but most players, even those in the twilight of their career, resist becoming a full-time DH. They always say things like this (and, in Soriano’s case, remember when he said he wouldn’t move off of second base?). Further, Soriano is coming off a solid season defensively, so maybe this isn’t even an issue? Maybe Soriano wouldn’t be asked to be a full-time DH anywhere (half-time, perhaps?), and maybe he’d be open to DH’ing from time to time.
  • Phil Rogers says Matt Garza is going to be shopped as soon as he’s healthy, though I’d imagine that’s more in the way of educated speculation, rather than something Rogers has heard (at least in the last week). The story with Garza remains the same: no team is going to make the kind of offer the Cubs will be willing to accept until he pitches, which will come in Spring Training at the earliest. Rogers contorts the discussion into one about Alfonso Soriano going to the Rays for Chris Archer, which is simply not going to happen.
  • Bruce Levine chatted this week, and offered his thoughts … (1) Trading Alfonso Soriano for Alex Rodriguez (contracts, straight-up) would be foolish; (2) notwithstanding his quotes in the Tribune article above, Bruce says Soriano “would be happy to cooperate with a trade for the first time” this offseason; (3) power will come eventually for Josh Vitters; (4) Bruce lists a number of pitchers in whom the Cubs might have interest this Winter: Shaun Marcum, Joe Blanton, Jeff Francis, Francisco Liriano, Brandon McCarthy, and Daisuke Matsuzaka; (5) the names at third base on the free agent market, as we know, are ugly; (6) the expectation right now is that Matt Garza will start 2013 with the Cubs; (7) if the Cubs deal Soriano, they might consider Melky Cabrera on a short-term deal (I could be mis-remembering, but I’m fairly certain Bruce said in a recent chat that the Cubs would not consider Cabrera – wonder if he heard something in the interim); and (8) Jeff Keppinger would make for a nice utility player for the Cubs, but that’s true of pretty much every team.
  • MLBTR offers a 10,000-foot view of the Cubs’ offseason outlook. Nothing terribly new, but it’s always helpful to get an outside perspective.
  • If you think all of those minor league free agent signings you hear about are worthless, take a look at Baseball America’s list of the most impactful minor league free agent signings from 2012. Superstars? No. Useful pieces on competitive teams? Absolutely. Then again, seemingly no team took on more cast-offs than the Cubs last year, and few, if any, worked out terribly well. Better luck next year?
  • Before you ask: Sure, the Cubs might have interest in Alex Rodriguez … if the Yankees made him a $2 million per year player by eating almost all of his contract. But that’s true of virtually every team in baseball. And, for ARod’s part, why would he accept a trade to the Cubs? He wouldn’t. In other words, it’s a non-starter.
  • Rizzo 44

    Why would the Cubs want ARod anyway? He is a pest in my eyes. He doesn’t get his way he acts like a little kid. He only went to the Yankees for the money from the team and the City. I want to see the Cubs makes some big bold moves. Theo is the guy I wanted to run the team, but he hasn’t had much luck pulling off big deals. I feel like to be a Great GM/President you have to have some Balls. This is going to be a long process if we wait to long on talent that isn’t proven in the MLB. I’m not saying Theo can’t do it I’m saying 2013 better be an imporvement. Trades to be made and the FA’s signed this offseason will prove a lot.

    • http://www.viewfromthebleachers.com Norm

      “He doesn’t get his way he acts like a little kid.”
      He was a better defensive shortstop than Jeter when he arrived in NY and gladly gave up becoming known as the greatest shortstop in the history of the game to move to 3B. And what did he do this week when he was benched? Act like a little kid? Why don’t we knock Jeter for not taking one for the team and not switching positions?

      “He only went to the Yankees for the money from the team and the City.”
      1) He already got that money from TEX. Money had nothing to do with going to NYY.
      2) EVERY players goes where the money takes them.

      • Rizzo 44

        Thats BS. Jeter didnt cheat to get to be where he is. And the fact is he isn’t going to be the greatest SS of all time and wouldn’t have even if he would have stayed at SS. He can’t stay healthy. Thats what happens when you get off the pill DA. Yes little kid and yes he went to the Yankees because of a trade but he stayed with the Yankees because he got a raise for what? He may go down with the most HR’s of all time but he cheated and thats that. Jeter is an example of someone wanting to win and playing for less money. Everyone loves Jeter can’t say the same for ARod.

        • Chet Masterson

          Jeter didnt cheat to get to be where he is

          That you know of.

          What makes you so certain Jeter, or Player X wasn’t on PEDs and just didn’t get caught?

          Hell, Manny Alexander was on the juice!

          Not trying to get all Joe McCarthy on him, because that’s not my point. My point is that maybe you should give A-Rod a pass on the PEDs because – well – he likely had a lot of company you and I will never know of.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Obviously, we don’t know that Jeter didn’t take PEDs. Indeed, it’s very improbable that he didn’t use amphetamines and other drugs that basically were dispensed in the clubhouse. However, Jeter has the reputation for being pretty “lazy” in the sense that he does not work out extensively between games or in the off-season. In contrast, most of the guys busted for PEDs were absolute workout maniacs, well-known for spending a lot of time in the weight room, etc. (ARod once wound up missing several games for breaking a stationary runner, resulting in him smashing into the front of the machine!)

            That’s simply a correlation argument, but it’s about as good as we’ve got.

            • Carne Harris

              You know, I heard exactly the opposite once from a coach or a manager. He said he could tell the PED guys because they were the ones who were lazy about working out but their size and power numbers still increased. Now I don’t know which to believe. It’s a hubba bubba nightmare.

              • DocPeterWimsey

                Muscle growth from steroids or any other source does not work that way. People who take steroids for medical reasons (cancer, breathing problems, etc.) do not wind up with athletic physiques. They just put on muscle mass and get sort of big and puffy (and angry). Athletes do not want that: different athletes want to concentrate muscle growth in different areas. For example, if running speed is important, they want to minimize unimportant muscle development.

                So, it’s very important that you keep doing exercises that develop the muscles you are using. The muscle growth induced by steroids (or other muscle-growth inducing chemicals, including the ones we make naturally) then gets concentrated. Otherwise, you just get sort of massive, and probably are in much more danger of hurting yourself than anything else.

                (Professional body builders take or took steroids all the time, and weight-lifting and related exercises were still critical to their regimen.)

                • gutshot5820

                  Doc, although I respect your knowledge in some areas of baseball, you are sticking your supposed intelligence onto steroids too. You obviously have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

                  • DocPeterWimsey

                    Everything that I wrote is correct.

                  • Drew7

                    What about his response indicates that?

                    I like how it’s supposedly *obvious* he has no idea what he’s talking about, yet you don’t offer up a reason why.

                  • cubchymyst

                    The advantage to steroids is that they allow you to workout harder for longer and recover faster. The massive gains are not seen without working out.

                  • hansman1982

                    Agree…steroids prescribed by doctors for injuries, breathing, etc… are anti-inflammatory, really no different than taking an Ibuprofin (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID)). They in no way contribute to increased muscle mass.

                    • hansman1982

                      I reread the response…I don’t agree, per se, just that, well…read my response AFTER agree

                    • DocPeterWimsey

                      My grandmother put on a bit of mass when she was on steroids for emphysema 20+ years ago. They might well use different steroids in other cases: for example, cortisone is a steroid and that works purely as an anti-inflammatory drug insofar as I know.

                      Steroids used on cancer patients will also increase muscle mass, assuming that the other cancer treatments do not cause major weight loss. (That depends on the cancer and how individuals respond to chemo.) The untoned muscle that some people gain is really tough for them to lose after cancer: you lose muscle after fat, after all, so you wind up with flabby muscle. Sometimes the doctors will even warn you about that in advance! (And, yes, there are people vain enough that it matters, it seems….)

                • Carne Harris

                  I don’t think his point was that they got big without working out. I think his point was they got bigger than the clean guys while working out less. Wish I could remember who said it.

        • Tommy

          [quote]Everyone loves Jeter can’t say the same for ARod.[/quote]

          I don’t love Jeter, so your numbers are off.

  • gblan014

    What about if we take Rodriguez off the Yankees’ hands, along with his entire contract, but the Yankees have to give us a few (2? 3? 8?) of their top prospects along with him. We have a hole at third, money to burn (or so it would seem), and need prospects. We send a token piece or two the other way to make it more like a “trade”.

    Of course, open the debate about whether the Yankees have enough good prospects left that could make this work.

  • Cubbie Blues

    would be happy to cooperate with a trade for the first time

    Does this mean that he would be happy about it or that he would actually cooperate? I realize he has turned down two trades in the past, but I always figured he was being honest that he only wanted to be on the east coast. Is he finally ready to go to any contender?

  • CubFan Paul

    Soriano plus $34M to the Braves for Delgado or Teheran.

  • Mick

    My 5 offseason trades:

    Trade 1:
    Soriano, $28M, and Campana to the Braves for Randall Delgado

    Trade 2:
    Marmol, Barney, and Vitters to the Angels for Wells, Bourjos, and Maronde

    Trade 3:
    Garza to the Rangers for Olt

    Trade 4:
    DeJesus to the Giants for Zito and Surkamp

    Trade 5:
    Bryan LaHair to the Rays for Parker Markel

    • CubFan Paul

      The cubs match up well with the Braves for some reason (Vizcaiano & the almost Delgado deal). I think Theo&Co will get it done again and get Delgado (again) or Teheran.

      • Mick

        It’s crazy how much pitching the Braves actually have. Along with Medlan, Minor, Hanson, Beachy, Hudson, Maholm, Delgado, and Jurrjens they’ve also got really advanced SP’s in their top-10 prospects. I’m going out on a limb here and saying top to bottom, the Braves have the deepest pitching in all of baseball. Delgado should be expendable since they don’t really have a spot in the rotation for the next 2 years and they’ve got even better prospects coming up 2 or 3 years down the road. Teheran, not so expendable, there’s no chance we pry him loose.

        • CubFan Paul

          Teheran is not that much younger than Delgado. They’re both ticketed for AAA again. In the right deal both might be very available.

        • Matty V

          I’d like to see if the Cubs could get Martin Prado along with some pitching from the Braves? He’d be an upgrade at 3B without having to give up a ton to get him.

          • Matty V

            Sorry, that first sentence wasn’t meant to be a question.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            The Braves need a 3rd baseman now (or a 2nd baseman if Uggla moves to 3rd). So, Prado probably is very much in their plans.

            • Matty V

              You’re right. I forgot about Chipper’s retirement.

              • THEOlogical

                I live down here in the South. Atlanta was happy to trade Prado with JJ last year, Prado will not go at all this off season. He was their MVP. I doubt they trade both Teheran and Delgado, Beachy got hurt and luckily Medlen pulled off a magic act for them, they won’t want to make a mistake and let both of their MLB ready pitchers go. I do believe we are most suited for their tradeable players though.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        I think Theo&Co will get it done again and get Delgado (again) or Teheran.

        Not for Sori and Campana, though.

        • ETS

          Maybe for sori and campy (and something(s) else)

    • Jeremy

      Garza to the Rangers for just Olt? That doesn’t make much sense to me, no offense. Garza is more valuable then just Olt. Now throw Martin Perez or Derek Holland in there and it’s more interesting but then again teams won’t trade for Garza until he pitches again which is likely ST.

      A team I really like as a trade partner for Garza in the offseason though if some team decides to take the risk is Toronto. They have quite a few nice young arms and most likely would put quite a bit of value in the comp pick they would get for him if they don’t extend him.

      I do like LaHair for Parker Markel. Markel has a good heavy fastball that I love.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        I would tend to think the opposite: Olt has a very high probability of becoming a high OBP, high slugging player who can play a skill position (3rd). One year of a very good pitcher simply is not worth that. Last I read, the Rangers current plans are tied up in what they will do with Young and Kinsler next year, but Olt almost certainly will be starting somewhere for them.

        • Mick

          That’s why it’s just Olt for Garza. Texas needs to strike while the iron is hot and a they’re sorely lacking top of the rotation starting pitching. Keep in mind that Texas will also get a first-round draft choice if they make Garza a qualifying offer after the 2013 season.

          The Cubs are taking on a lot of risk too. Netting only one prospect in the deal puts all of their eggs in one basket. Olt didn’t exactly light MLB on fire in his cup of coffee going 5-32 with a double.

          • JR

            I would be shocked if Garza could get Olt. Garza’s value is probably 25% of what it was before the deadline, and his elbow has acted up big time the last 2 years. I get that the Rangers are made to win now, but thats a pretty steep price for an expensive pitcher, with only 1 yr left, and elbow drama.

            • Jeremy

              He was on the DL for a bone bruise in 2011 which was also his best year as a pitcher. He didn’t miss significant time considering he pitched 31 games that year.

              The injury this year is the first major injury he has had. His value may have dropped some but TORPs of Garza quality are in demand right now. His value may have dropped some and he most likely won’t get traded until after ST if he does at all, but the assumption that he won’t be able to get quality top prospects in the offseason or at the deadline (with a solid start to 2013) is wrong. Trading Garza for just Olt doesn’t reflect Garza’s value to a team at all and he’s much more valuable then a just a rookie 3b.

              • Pat

                But he’s not more valuable than Olt. Garza is arb 4 and is going to get paid about 80 percent of his actual value, so what his contract is worth is the difference between what he gets paid and the value he provides, about three million.

                6 years of cost control at premium position, and I think third has moved into that category recently, is worth more than that.

                • Mick

                  But how does Olt fit into Texas’ championship window and you can’t really count Olt as a 3B because he wouldn’t play 3B in Texas for 3 or 4 years because he’ll never replace Beltre defensively. Especially if Texas can’t sign Greinke, Haren, or Sanchez they’ll need to trade for a top of the rotation SP. What other options are out there?

                  • JR

                    I agree about there not being a good place for Olt in Texas. Same with Castellanos in Detroit. I just think that if he was on the market teams such as Seattle, Atlanta, and Arizona, could blow any Cubs offer of Garza out of the water with pitching.

                    • DocPeter Wimsey

                      Olt will be somewhere on the infield next year for the Rangers: they will have an opening at first and possibly second if the opt to move Kinsler to CF.

                      Castellanos will be at 3rd soon with Miggy or Prince DHing and the other at first.

                • Jeremy

                  What? How is a rookie 3rd baseman more valuable then a borderline #1/ #2 pitcher. Garza is much more valuable then Olt. Pitching is by far the most important part of a championship team and 3rd is not a premium position.The only thing holding reams back from trading for him is he needs to prove he’s healthy, that’s it. I agree he lost some value when he got hurt, and the fact that he only has one year of control but he hasn’t lost as much value as the Cubs fan base seems to think.

                  • Kyle

                    Well, for one thing your pitcher is both hurt and on the last year of his contract.

                    • Pat

                      Also, last we saw, completely incapable of throwing the ball to first base.

            • Mick

              If Garza is the picture of health throughout Spring Training, maintains his velocity or improves upon it I could definitely see him getting traded before the season begins. Again, the acquiring team will have first opportunity to re-sign him after the season and recieve a 1st round draft choice.

              • sclem21

                ‘Castellanos will be at 3rd soon with Miggy or Prince DHing and the other at first.’

                Castellanos is playing RF/LF in the AFL right now, pretty sure they are going to be stubborn and leave Miggy at 3B.

      • Mick

        Imagine the scenario if we had Olt and Rizzo at the corners and batting 3rd and 4th for the next 6+ years. I’d give up a little more than Garza for that.

        I liked Toronto’s SP depth last offseason but haven’t followed too much of how they progressed this year. I’d probably do Garza for D’Arnaud straight up too.

        • JR

          That would be great. I love Olt, as I am sure everyone in mlb does. I just think Garza’s value has been hit so bad, that it may take a lot more than him to get a player of that caliber. Garza just has so many questions..

        • JR

          One guy I think makes some sense in a deal with Garza is Drabek from Toronto. He just had Tommy John this year (Vizcaino style), and looked solid in what I saw from him in the Show. I am afraid that he may be the type of players/players the Cubs have to get for Garza now, considering everything.

          • Jeremy

            If Kyle Drabek is the only thing they can get in return for Garza, then they are better off keeping him.

            • JR

              I am just saying Drabek could be a piece for Garza. I wasn’t suggesting straight up. I stil believe that if the Rangers wanted to move Olt for pitching they could do much better than a year of $12 million Garza.

              • Jeremy

                Ahh my bad that was a missunderstanding. I could live with Drabek being a piece but they would have to get one of their young arms as well (one of Syndergaard, Sanchez, Norris and Nicolino).

    • Ed

      Trade 1:
      Soriano, $28M, and Campana to the Braves for Randall Delgado
      – I suggested this trade in an article a couple days ago minus Campana (I just don’t think major league teams view him as an everyday center fielder) they’ll have to throw something else a little more valueable at them than Tony.

      Trade 2
      Marmol, Barney, and Vitters to the Angels for Wells, Bourjos, and Maronde
      – I no advantages for the Angels to make this trade other than shedding Wells contract. They have Kendrick at second, Rondey will probably be back as their closer, and have so many bats theyre rotating at third as it is.

      Trade 3:
      Garza to the Rangers for Olt
      -While this would be an amazing trade for the Cubs, I again dont see the advantage it gives the Rangers to give up their second best prospect when they have money to spend on he FA market (assuming they do not re-sign Hamilton) and with n clear cut first baseman next year (Young had a down year and I’m not sure if they’re sold on Moreland)

      Trade 4:
      DeJesus to the Giants for Zito and Surkamp

      – Of all the proposed trades this seems te most reasonable. Only problem here is I’m still trying to figure out why the Giants didn’t trade for DeJesus this off season.

      Trade 5:
      Bryan LaHair to the Rays for Parker Markel

      – Again I don’t see a fit here. Bryan Lahair had a great FIRST HALF of the season, and then tailed off, his playing time decreased with rizzo and jackson coming up, i’ll give you that but he also was fgured out quickly. The American league has bettr pitchers than the nation league I can’t see the Rays believeing (esecially at a high price such as Markel) that he’ll rebound in the AL west. Parker Markel is way to good a prospect for LaHair.

      If all these trades did happen though, the ubs would be better off, however I just dont see them as realistic.

      • Ed

        Screwed up the quotes, my bad.

        • Ed

          And some typos, getting use to the format…

      • Mick

        “I suggested this trade in an article a couple days ago minus Campana (I just don’t think major league teams view him as an everyday center fielder) they’ll have to throw something else a little more valuable at them than Tony.”

        I wasn’t thinking Campana would be there starting CF just a reserve since the Braves have zero bench players with all of their departures. Value wise, I think the trade matches up pretty well since the Braves were going to give us Delgado for just 3 months of Dempster.

        “I (see) no advantages for the Angels to make this trade other than shedding Wells contract. They have Kendrick at second, Rodney will probably be back as their closer, and have so many bats they’re rotating at third as it is.”

        Exactly, shedding $20 million from payroll gives the Angels that much more money to sign the players they actually do need. I’m aware they have Kendrick at 2B, Barney would serve as depth or if in case they don’t re-sign Aybar. Finally, they don’t have Rodney, he was the Rays’ closer this past season and saved 48 games for them.

        “While this would be an amazing trade for the Cubs, I again don’t see the advantage it gives the Rangers to give up their second best prospect when they have money to spend on the FA market (assuming they do not re-sign Hamilton) and with no clear cut first baseman next year (Young had a down year and I’m not sure if they’re sold on Moreland)”

        I agree with everything you said about the Rangers and this trade.

        Of all the proposed trades this seems the most reasonable. Only problem here is I’m still trying to figure out why the Giants didn’t trade for DeJesus this off season.
        The Giants couldn’t have traded for DeJesus last offseason, he was a free agent. I think the reason why they didn’t sign him was because their payroll was maxed and they already had left-handed bats like Aubrey Huff and Brandon Belt that he would have fought for time with.

        “Again I don’t see a fit here. Bryan LaHair had a great FIRST HALF of the season, and then tailed off, his playing time decreased with Rizzo and Jackson coming up, I’ll give you that but he also was figured out quickly. The American league has better pitchers than the nation league I can’t see the Rays believing (especially at a high price such as Markel) that he’ll rebound in the AL west. Parker Markel is way too good a prospect for LaHair.”

        The fit with the Rays is that he’d get more playing time, fill their need for a power bat, he gets paid the minimum, has 6 more years of team control and all they’re giving up is a prospect outside of their top-10 who won’t sniff the majors for at least 3 seasons. I disagree that the AL has better pitchers. I actually don’t care what or who we trade LaHair for, we could sell him to the Japanese league for all I care but I don’t think the front office should bring him back. The last thing we need is a sub-.200 hitter bitching about playing time.

  • Zogie

    I know the cubs will be looking for pitching this offseason, but I would like for them to look for a back-up catcher, CF, and 3B in the offseason. I really like David Ross (C), Marco Scutaro (IF), and Angel Pagan (CF). I would like to see Marco Scutaro at 3B. He started 15 games there this season. He is not know for great defense, but his approach at the plate is great. The cubs would finally have a #2 hitter. David Ross is an excellent defensive catcher and hits righties well. Castillo crushes lefties and he could learn from Ross. Angel Pagan would bring in his toughness and speed.

  • ETS

    I agree sori. DHs are boring.

  • fortyonenorth

    “And, for ARod’s part, why would he accept a trade to the Cubs?”

    Because Chicago chicks are hands-down hotter than NY chicks.

    • DarthHater

      Now you’re thinking. Throw in a free date with each series’ She-View girl and A-Rod might even waive a big chunk of his salary.

  • Brent

    You know, if Jim Hendry was still our GM, we would all be really worried he might actually try to trade for A-Rod and his unmovable contract and rapidly deteriorating skills.

  • Fishin Phil

    How Phil Rogers continues to draw a paycheck is one of the great mysteries of life.

  • Shawn

    So as usualy – Bruce offered absolutely nothing and even contradicted himself…pretty par for that course

  • JR

    How does Levine know if Soriano “would be happy to cooperate with a trade for the first time”?? He meet up with him and some co-eds for drinks or something? Even if Soriano said that, I still would think he has a very limited list.

  • Matty V

    I say “no thank you” to Marcum, Francis and Dice-K. They’d spend more time on the DL than the pitching mound. I’d be intrigued by Lirano and McCarthy, and to a lesser extent Blanton. Liriano seems like a good bounce back candidate that Theo/Jed are on the lookout for. McCarthy may have finally started to figure it out. Blanton is an unspectacular innings eater, which would be nice to have on a team that probably still won’t be very good.

    • AB

      McCarthy has spent more time on the DL than the first three guys you’re not interested in.

      • Matty V

        You’re right on 2 out of 3. Dice-K (82) by far has pitched way fewer innings than McCarthy (281) the last 2 seasons. Francis (296) and Marcum (324) have pitched more than McCarthy. I think the only reason I didn’t include him in the “no thank you” section is that he’s slightly younger than the other three.

  • Stevie B

    Is it spring training yet….??

  • ssckelley

    Say no to ARod along with the circus that follows him. As I stated in another thread I would rather see the Cubs sign Chavez if he is healthy.

  • Don

    Why all this talk about trading Garza? Sign him to a long-term contract and build your starting pitching around Garza and Smaj. Garza is not 30 yet and is in the prime of his career. It would be hard to upgrade from Garza in any trade return.

  • http://www.opportunity.org Seamhead

    Garza is the only tradeable asset the Cubs’ have that could bring some quality pitching in return. This is our one shot to fill some of that huge pitching void at AA and above, so we better not blow it.

  • Rocky Top Cub

    maybe I missed this earlier… but why would we not go after Rolen?

    • Pat

      I believe the thinking is that Rolen would not want to spend the last couple of years of his career on a rebuilding team, which is probably true.

    • Rocky Top Cub

      Keppinger is not a bad option because he gets on base. And maybe Rolen at this point in his career wouldnt want the Cubs…. I just don’t see who will give him a shot at starting with his diminished skills and all.

  • Dustin S

    I was reading the rumors about ARod to Miami yesterday and it wasn’t til then when I was catching up on his situation that I realized 1) he has 5 full years left at an insane amount per year and 2) how bad his over the baseball hill slide has hit him over the last year or two. I’m sure the Yankees would love to dump him but I don’t see it making sense anywhere other than maybe Texas or Miami. Even then it would be more as a fan interest boost than a baseball move. Not that he’s horrible already, but his current talent level already has fallen way below his salary. I’d be surprised if he even finishes that contract before being forced to retire. There also isn’t really another bad contract close to as large as his for them to swap for. Although the Angels might have the same problem in 4 or 5 years with Pujols.

    If ARod is brought up by Chicago media, it’s just a cheap easy headline grab and not anything remotely possible for more reasons than to count. Brett and the BN’ers all know this, I just think it’s crummy when some of the lesser skilled media writers come up with crazy ideas like this just to stir up talk.

    • Rocky Top Cub

      you are right when you say he will retire before he finishes his contract

  • Rocky Top Cub

    If the Cubs do go with a keppinger like option, I think the FO will need to spend a little more on a power hitting RF… would love to see Hamilton or Young but thats probably a pipe dream.

  • http://bleachernation.com ramy16

    Just aheads up guys Rafael Soriano opted out of his contract with the Yankees! There will be a number of teams lining up to sign this guy! Theo/Jed lets gets this guy! If we do this. .. Lets trade Marmol and his walk rate.. Hes going to 13 mil this year from the Cubs! I think Soriano could be had for a 3/36 mil deal

    • MichiganGoat

      Why would we spend FA money on a closer when we have so many other needs that we should spend money on, signing a FA closer is horrible investment.

  • http://bleachernation.com ramy16

    No way goat! Who do you propose to close games? Marmol?? Ok lets have load the bases only for us lose no way Soriano is prooven

    • MichiganGoat

      We actually need to have a team that can give a closer a lead to close. Why sign a closer to a sh

    • MichiganGoat

      We actually need to have a team that can give a closer a lead to close. Why sign a closer to a short contract when we won’t be good in the short term. Closers are a horrible investment they have a short shelf life and aren’t worth the cost. If you are in championship mode then maybe, but if you’re rebuilding its a stupid investment for a position that is overrated and not worth a FA contract.

      • mysterious4th

        I am 100% with you there michigangoat! Closers make their money pitching at the end of the game with a lead and keeping it. Why would we pay “closer” type money to a guy that’s not able to do his job? If we aren’t not going to compete next year we might as well just use a mix of relief guys and save that money for the 2014 or 2015 season when we expect to be in the mix for the divison or wild card and use a closer in the role he is paid for. By then maybe we can trade marmol for a bag of sunflower seeds and a bat boy. Come 2014 or 2015 I think we will find our closer in our system. Maybe russell will be that guy? Or one of the kids that’s down in AA or AAA now. This is when I kind of regret sending Carpenter to the red sox, he’ll make a decent closer in the future (after he finds his command)

  • mudge

    A closer is not a luxury. Every team needs a closer.

  • http://Bleachernation.com Ramy16

    Your point is valid Goat.. However how many times have we’ve gone into 8th or 9th inning only to lose because a). The middle reliever couldn’t or b) the closer can’t close game.. A good closer is very nessesary!

    • Brittney

      out of every MLB team name a closer who dominated for more then 2 years? Closers are not the players you sign long term. 2 MAYBE 3 years at a max. Valverde for detroit was just laying it down last year and teams knew if you faced him, theres a good chance you’d be walking back to the dugout unhappy. but this year they’ve taken him from the closer rold for the playoffs because he isn’t as reliable. closers are good for a few years and then it seems then the players learn them way too well for them to be as effective. Mo with the yanks is one of the best at closing, but even over the last 2-3years he’s slowly been coming down a few notches.

      A closer is nice to have if you can find one that can be called on and is effective almost every time he’s out there. But I would rather see the cubs get several effective guys out there in the ‘pen and let the live game situation decide who is going to close it out. Id rather have guys in the pen that are good at getting both right and left handed hitters out and not have to call on a “lefty specialist” and use him for one out. Id like to see more james russell types where he can work against both. IMO

  • die hard

    If Yankees ate enough of ARods salary so remaining is equal to remaining on Soriano, would make trade in a heartbeat…he could play Left and would be upgrade on Defense for several years

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