John Kruk for Color Man? And Other Bullets

The Giants staved off elimination for at least one more game, downing the Cardinals 5-0. They’ll play again on Sunday back in San Francisco. Thank you, Barry Zito.

  • A non-former Cub suggestion for Cubs color man? John Kruk, says Dave Wischnowsky. Kruk, whose on-air skills have always been good, has grown in his baseball accumen in recent years (he used to be a standard “the team with more heart wins” kind of guy, but it’s gotten a little better), and he’s fun says Dave. Not sure what I think about Kruk, but I do think we’re getting too locked into the idea that the next guy has to have some connection to the Cubs. Bob Brenly didn’t (other than a very brief radio stint back in the early 90′s).
  • The Ricketts family gets some love for its charitable work in Chicago from one of the heads of those charities. The letter comes in response to the nasty Rick Telander column last week, shredding the Cubs for their charitable causes.
  • Doug Padilla looks at right field for the Cubs in 2012 and 2013, and notes what a dead zone it was for production (relative to the rest of the league) in 2012. It’s a bummer to see how far down the totem pole the Cubs were in right field, because David DeJesus spent so much time there, and it felt like he was having a solid year. The truth is, his numbers play very well in center field, but not so well in right. At present, he’s going to be playing one of those positions to open 2013, and it’ll depend on which – if any – outfielders the Cubs acquire this offseason.
  • Vine Line does another player profile, this of James Russell, and it’s damn good (it goes into depth on his pitch mix against lefties versus righties, and his lack of a platoon split this year). I want to know who is writing these things so I can pass along appropriate plaudits. Good work, Mystery Writer.
  • A Ryne Sandberg profile that has almost no connection whatsoever to the Cubs. Maybe that’s how it should be for now. Sandberg, you may recall, was recently promoted to the third base coach job in Philadelphia, and is expected to take over as manager there after 2013 when Charlie Manuel’s contract expires.
  • Kane County Cougars tickets go on sale this morning, and folks were already lining up to get them last night. Think Chicago-area fans are excited to have the Cubs’ A-ball affiliate nearby?
  • I love that Ian Stewart is open, accessible, and candid on Twitter. He might well be the *most* open, accessible, and candid Cubs player I’ve ever seen on Twitter. But there are reasons why folks are usually more guarded – the primary of which is so that you don’t have conversations like this that are now a part of the Internet forever. I’m not sure I care for much of any of that, Ian – and, no, people using hurtful words to each other doesn’t simply have to be “how life is and will be.” Change always has to start somewhere.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

132 responses to “John Kruk for Color Man? And Other Bullets”

  1. Carew

    I know it doesnt mean much to us but I thought it was interesting…Heath Bell to the D’Backs, Chris Young to the A’s, and a minor leaguer to the Marlins

    1. calicubsfan007

      @Carew: That doesn’t surprise me. Bell was becoming a clubhouse cancer. Granted, he argued with the egomaniac Guillen, but still. Young, who was great a few years ago, was becoming a headache in terms of salary for the Dbacks. I have watched the Dbacks very closely over the past few years. Apparently, Beane sees something in him, maybe as a bounce back candidate. Just the fact that both the Dbacks and the Marlins were able to get rid of these guys makes both these teams winners. The Dbacks are trying to have a backup plan for Putz, who has had injury issues as of late. My guess is that Bell will be a setup/ emergency closer/ trade bait at the deadline kind of guy. They technically got Bell for free, Young was worth very little to nothing to the Dbacks now a days.

  2. Roland Perrelli

    It is to bad this is not two years from now Ryan Dempster will be great in a TV booth. That would be sufficient to get over last trade deadline. But alas it is not so the kid in me that grew up listening and learning from Steve Stone would like to have him back

    1. Dougy D


      I also learned a bit about baseball growing up watching WGN with Stone and Caray. I think that Chip Caray drove him away and I think that I am fine with him not returning. His demeanor is a bit different now than it was then.

      I would be totally fine with Kruk (Kurk spelled backwards) in the booth. He is a fun and knowledgeable guy to listen to. Mitch Williams would also be great, but I think think that the organization would be scared of what he would have to say (too blunt).

      Twitter is for twits.

      1. calicubsfan007

        @Dougy: Kruk seems to love the cliches sometimes, it gets kind of annoying. But, I guess he would be better than Glanville though.

      2. Tommy

        I thought that Dusty Baker got Steve Stone run out of town because of the way he always questioned his management moves?

        1. desertrat

          That was my impression as well.

        2. Roland Perrelli

          Tommy I believe you are correct Dusty and a few of the players at the time.

        3. Dougy D

          That may be. I just couldn’t stand Chip and figured that Stone got sick of being around him all of the time :-)

  3. Andrew

    Hey Brett really appreciate you taking a stand against offensive word usage, so would appreciate it if you read this to know why the word lame is offensive when used in a negative way like gay.

    1. ottoCub

      This is exactly the point I was making earlier today when I noted that “gay” is an offensive word, and that “lame” is equally offensive. These are both words that are used in casual slang to describe situations or people in a negative way. It is true that they both have many meanings (“gay” can mean joyous, “lame” has, over time, taken on the meaning of ineffectual, as in a “lame argument”) But they are both words that can be very offensive when used to describe things in a negative way.

      To address calicubsfan007 (below) – This is a public forum, so you you always assume you are writing in front of someone who could be offended by your language, such as a disabled person. And nobody is punishing you, they are simply asking you to be considerate of your language.

  4. calicubsfan007

    I’m sorry, but I am curious about this, can’t anything be taken offensively? I understand not using certain words in front of some people, i.e. I would never say “lame” in front of a disabled person. It just seems to be an infringement on free speech when we are using a certain term with the intent of not being offensive, yet we are punished for it. Where is the line exactly?

    1. calicubsfan007

      And when I say this, I am not saying that it is okay to say whatever you want. I am saying that it seems like there are fewer and fewer words that don’t have any sort of negative connotation. I think that seriously infringes on the first amendment. And I do understand that, since this is your site Brett, it is your rules. I will abide by your rules. I just have to wonder why are so many sensitive words? It is ridiculous!

      1. Andrew

        The first ammendment is not an invitation to say whatever you want without worrying about offending someone. Obviously you *can* say whatever you want, but it’s a question of whether you should say it. The things we say define the kind of society we live in. I don’t want to live in a society where if me or my child or family member or friend is gay or disabled, their identity is automatically conflated with being an inferior member of the world. So use objective words.

        1. calicubsfan007

          @Andrew: Fair enough. It just seems like there is no line, per se. I don’t like the feeling of always worrying about which word to use. But I also don’t like anyone being treated or feeling like a second class human being. Good point there.

          1. Her Seop Chode

            Mrs. Choi always told me if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If its really that hard to not be offensive don’t talk.

            1. calicubsfan007

              @Her Seop Chode: I am sorry, but I think you misunderstood what I meant. I mean that people shouldn’t be afraid to talk because they have a fear that they will be offending someone. My fault though, I really didn’t make that clear. Sorry about that. (=

        2. calicubsfan007

          And Andrew, I also refined what I meant with the first amendment in my comment under my initial post. I know you shouldn’t just fling out vile words just because you can. Please don’t take this as me being antagonistic, I just enjoy understanding people’s differing definitions of what the “line” is.

        3. Pat

          What happened to sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me?

          People act like they have a right not to ever be offended. You don’t want to be offended? grow a pair and realize that people have a right to their opinions, and sometimes you might be offended by those opinions. Deal with it. I can’t believe what a society of wusses we’ve turned into.

          As far as the word gay, I’m sorry, but if you usurp a word that already has an existing meaning, and then get pissed that someone later gave it yet another meaning, then you are a complete hypocrite.

          1. Patrick W.

            This would be applicable if the person using the word ‘gay’ meant it to be in the original usage, not in the now pejorative meaning it has come to take. The idea is to call somebody gay as an insult, because it’s bad to be ‘gay‘ and that’s just not okay. People don’t feel like they don’t have a right to never be offended. They feel they have a right to point out when they are offended. Standing up to offensive language is the very epitome of “growing a pair” in that it’s so, so, so much easier to do what you want them to do, just quietly take it and not stand up for themselves. They are fighting back. That’s not wuss work, that’s brave. A society of wusses would just shut up and put up with it. A society of brave and courageous citizens stand up for what they believe, take the fight to the offensive, identify themselves as not just taking it the way you want them to.

  5. terencem

    How about John Kruk for analyst/hitting coach? He never hit a lot of homers but I think Jackson/Vitters/Castro could all learn a few things from him.

  6. Mr. Gonzo

    As long as Kruk brings back his overuse of the phrase “filthy” again I’m all for him. He will need to build out a nice portfolio of catch phrases though, like “erroneous!” “too much butter” or “all up in the mouth”.

  7. DarthHater

    I would have thought Stewart’s on-the-field play was offensive enough for anybody, without worrying about this Twitter activity.

    1. DarthHater

      *his* Twitter activity [please give us an edit button, Brett] :-)

      1. Her Seop Chode

        I can’t exspess enough how ready I am for him to go away.

  8. Mike F

    The Marlins traded Bell in a 3 team deal. Makes Marmol a certainty to be move this season when you look at what Miami got back and only paid 8 million of the remaining salary. I think when you look at the return and consider Marmols age and the way he pitched, there’s very little doubt he’s got a lot of value especially if the Cubs aren’t intending to compete this season which all indications are they aren’t.

  9. Cubs1967

    once gain our GM/Pres tandem is asleep at the wheel while Beane in Oakland proves why a movie was made about him…….
    so heath bell brought back chris young; he of the 11.7 WAR the last 3 yrs; upper end of NL OF…… we could not of moved Marmol for him….

    do we need OF? yes
    and just like Cespedes; buy low; sell high, if Young does good……but NO becuz Young is 29 and anyone over 28 is a goner on this team.
    so can’t wait to see Dejesus again………..yipee !!

    104 yrs and counting………..

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      so heath bell brought back chris young; he of the 11.7 WAR the last 3 yrs; upper end of NL OF…… we could not of moved Marmol for him….

      Marmol is not worth as much as Bell: Marmol walks way more guys than Bell and Marmol gives up more flyballs than Bell. Bell’s “bad year” was a combination of bad luck and Guillen’s hysterics: his raw numbers were just as good as they had been the prior few seasons.

      So, this is akin to seeing someone get a $10 bargain and telling the person with only $5 that he blew it not buying the item.

      1. calicubsfan007

        @Doc: Who would be a good closer metrics-wise for the Cubs?

        1. DocPeterWimsey

          Off the top of my head, I don’t know: closers pitch so few innings each year and managers bench them based on such small sample sizes that it’s really tough to say who’s “good” and who’s bad from the classic statistics.

          That said, I’d want somebody who, over the last 3 years, has a high GB:FB ratio and not just a low BB:K ratio, but a low BB frequency period. In all honesty, I’m not sure who that is. Heck, there’s a good chance he’s a setup guy because he doesn’t have glitzy K numbers!

          1. calicubsfan007

            @Doc: Fair point. Closers are such flavors of the week. They seem to flare out so quickly. Guys like Hoffman and Rivera are exceptions to the rule. People always are looking for the next big thing.

    2. DarthHater

      Yea, not dealing for an outfielder who’s pushing 30, makes $8.5 million next year, and has a career batting line of .231/.311/.434 really has to go down as one of the great failures of Cubs history. Moron.

      1. Andrew

        That’s a pretty good batting line for a player with as much speed and defensive value as Chris Young has. He’s not a superb player but he is a player that has been more valuable than his contract was and should continue to provide more value for several years to come. It would have been a good move if the cubs had made it and improved the team overall in my opinion but not a a franchise changing one

        1. DarthHater

          It would have been an okay move, but not pursuing it hardly justifies a lot of hyperventilating and ham-fisted keyboard pounding about Theo and Jed being asleep.

      2. Cubs1967

        Name calling….. Cool…..when does recess begin and is your mom hot?

        1. Carew

          Recess was about 9 hours ago…i played pick-up football

          1. calicubsfan007

            @Carew: I hope that it was tackle football. Touch football is for wimps who are afraid to get hit. (=

            1. Carew

              haha of course man. Tackle is always the way to go

              1. calicubsfan007

                @Carew: Heck yes! And hey hombre, its been a while!

      3. Cubs1967

        cool-name calling………my turn, dumbass.

        which number is higher?………12.0 or 3.9?……..i’ll wait while you decide…cue the jeopardy music.

        yes-, dumbass 12.0 is higher and that’s young’s 3 yr WAR total. the other’s is marmol; who is also pushing 30……….

        so again, what was your point?…………i know prob. dejesus….that’s the answer-right….he of the 6.5 WAR for last 3 yrs…………1/2 of young…….who you don’t want.

        sticks and stones may break my bones, but dumbass cannot hurt me.

        104 yrs and counting…..

        1. DarthHater

          Nobody’s going to trade for Marmol, unless they’re even more imbecilic than you, which seems highly unlikely. More to the point, the fact that there are players in all of baseball who are better than a given Cubs player, does not justify a lot of relentless, nauseatingly tiresome whining about the failure of the Cubs FO to make whatever imaginary trade you managed to pull off in some computer game.

          1. Carew

            I pulled off a Brett Jackson, Casey Coleman, and “prospect” for Mike Trout in MLB 2K12…think that could happen this offseason?

    3. MichiganGoat

      Everyone of these comments make the teacher me cry.

      1. calicubsfan007

        Hey Michigan. Here is a pic that makes you feel better, I hope. I miss Sweet Lou. 1999.lou-piniella.001160003.jpg

        1. 100 Years of Tears

          Sweet Lou and those sweet shoes!!! Are those orthotics? Oh yeah.

      2. 100 Years of Tears

        I’m with you, Goat… it’s Saturday night. Why do I feel like I’m surrounded by freshmen? Go away!!! I don’t want to see you until Monday morning!!!

    4. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      God, I am tired of this guys rhetoric.

  10. Mike F

    I was wrong, Miami got the 22 year old SS, BB I think got young. Miami still got Salary cap relief though. Anyway you figure it, Marmol is a better bet, lower ERA, they have him only 1 year left, and they helped him back to a good place. Pretty pivotal, there’s not much need to pay him 9 M for a year, if he’s a not a long term piece on a team that wouldn’t be competing.

  11. die hard

    The Sarge, Gary Matthews, may want a change of scenery…worth a phone call, Mr. Ricketts

  12. desertrat

    For next color announcer for the Cubs, I vote for DocPeterWimsey!!

    1. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      Hell, I want Cubs1967 so everyone can see just how idiotic most of his recurring comments are.

      1. Cubs1967

        That is your best comment ever! …. But I’m not an idiotic….

        1. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

          Since reading apprehension isn’t a strong suit I will keep it simple. I would never think you are an idiot. With you we would have won a WS this year. Theo is just doing his boy wonder gimmick in hopes of not letting the Cubs be a contender until 2019. Cubs1967 would have made us an instantaneous contender with all of those Free Agents and Trades. Hell you would have landed us Justin Verlander and Miggy for Soriano. Then you would have got us Mike Trout for Marmol. But, the big trade would be Strasburg and Harper for Soto. Trust me, I would never think you are an idiot. I think Tom is for not hiring you instead.

          1. DarthHater

            I would never think he’s an idiot, either. That would be an insult to idiots.

    2. calicubsfan007

      @desertrat: I second the Doc vote!

  13. calicubsfan007

    Where is a good place to join a fantasy baseball league? I have a fantasy football league, and I am doing pretty well. I want to try my hand at baseball.

  14. Huey Lewis

    Maybe I’m just a “jerk” but Ian Stewart is not cool dudes. Yes, now that I learned his left his teammates to be near his pregnant wife, I don’t hold that against him. Now, because I am a professor I occasionally be a bit rigid. A few months back Stewart made a whopper of a grammatical error. I made a joke, but it was mild. Stewart called me a nerd (true). I apologized to him and he unleashed some not for print names. It wasn’t nice either way. I still read his tweets which are inane. I should also say as a season ticket holder that I cheered for him some games (on my feet) and people around me told me I was an idiot for believing in him. If he comes back next year? I will lead the cheers. But name calling and sounding illiterate do not make someone cool, honest, or open. I’ll keep my elitist mouth shut, but it was not cool explaining his tweets to my kids.

  15. Crazyhorse

    Ian Stewart sux gorrila mothballs. No need to bring him back unless Little theo needs a tickle.

  16. Mike F

    you mean he not his left his teammates right?

    1. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      Yeah, I love it when someone calls someone else out for grammar and butchers their rant in the process.

  17. Corey

    Suddenly, I have a hatred for Ian Stewart. I’m not even gay, but that twitter feed I just read makes me think he’s a giant douchebag.

    1. mysterious4th

      After I saw people talking about stewarts twitter I decided to send the link to all of my friends (most of them are lesbians) and we all were scratching our heads. Unsure of what the hell he was trying to accomplish on twitter? Was he trying to make sure the Cubs do NOT bring him back? Now many teams will shy away from a failed prospect coming back from wrist surgery that seems to lack common sense. After the homophobic slur that Escobar had on his eye black, I wonder if MLB will take any action against Stewart? I will lose major respect for the Cubs if they bring Stewart back next season! To think I was 110% about the cubs bringing him back for a 1yr prove it contract (since he would be better then our current options)

      1. Pat

        OK, serious pet peeve here. If I decided to call someone gay, why would you think I am afraid of them. That’s the meaning if you add phobic to something. Stop using that term, it is inaccurate. And why do you say it’s a slur, are you saying that there is something shameful or wrong about being homosexual? Because that’s the only way it can be considered derogatory.

        1. fester30

          Yes, please stop using homophobic. Use bigoted. Stop being inaccurate! Internet forums are for accuracy in grammar and spelling. We’re here to learn, people. Also, make sure you understand someone’s intent when they call someone else gay. If they mean it as a demeaning slur, then it means they think less of gay people, which makes them bigots. Perhaps, however, they mean gay as a compliment. Please take into consideration that Ian Stewart may have meant it as a compliment. It might just be that he loves gay people, and calling someone gay is how he tells someone they are beautiful.

  18. nkniacc13

    So what Arizona OF gets traded next?

  19. Chase S.

    Harold Reynolds